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Time Until World of Speed
El Mirage
Impound Insights
By Dan Warner

My travel to World of Speed and Mike Cook’s Shootout last month prevented an El Mirage Sept. report. The car count was down, 87 counted by registration. Poor, unseasonal, weather on Saturday made have been a factor. The course held up but the event ended when everyone had all the runs they wanted.

Records included only four cars and three bikes. The cars consisted of the H/BGR of Edwall Eyres Moreland, driven by Mark Lintner at 177.965. The Lattin and Gillette American Austin coupe ran in the V4F/VFAlt class posting a 118.955 and driven by Billy Lattin. Tyler Osborn drove the ’37 Ford Tudor of Ferguson & Osborn with Ferguson/Ardun heads to a XXF/BVGC record of 145.689. Gerry Enck brought out his Dodge Dakota PU with a 5 cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel to set the F/DT record 127.434 under the Tracer Racing banner.

The bikes running records were Ralph Hudson on his 650-APS-G entry at 183.582. Ralph also ran his 1000-APS-G Honda to a new 210.592 class record. Derek McLeish rode the Team McLeish Bros. 1000-SCS-F entry to a 1987.834 record.

That about covers it for Sept. 2011. The Oct. meet was much better weather wise although I heard that the course was bad by the time the third round was called. Nice fall temps and little to no wind were experienced by the competitors. The car entries counted for 8 new records and the bikes at three. The still wind in the morning caused some clock problems but the timing crew figured it out.

On the car side, Lattin and Gillette were at it again with their American Austin coupe. This month Billy Lattin ran in the V4F/VGAlt class with an impressive 121.650. Ferguson Racing moved to the dark side by replacing their beloved vintage engines with a small block Chevy. This let DIII, Don Ferguson III, to run two passes at 236, the fastest being 236.700 in B/FS class. Erik Hansson let Ruth Lundring drive again this month. Ruth used a V4F Model B engine the set the V4F/BFL record at 157.405. Pete Prentice drove the J/GC of V & M Racing to break ‘the ton’ with a class record of 102.009. Willie Boelcke changed to B engine this month in his B/GRMR and set a record at 205.510. Willie had a complete film crew from Germany on hand to record the moment. Gerry Enck had the Tracer Racing F/DT out for the second time and bumped last month’s record to 132.737. The famous, see Hot Rod magazine, the Dec.11 issue for details, had Keith Pederson in the seat of the G/BMMP to set the record at 165.669. Keith got his spin pin after the lights when the truck swapped ends an came up on the nose. Team member Cup Cake’s new air dam will need a rebuild. Last of the car records belonged to Miriam Macmillan. She drove her Hondata CRX in the F/BGCC class to a new record of 197.009. Miriam bested husband Doug’s record from a couple of years ago by 4 MPH.

As mentioned three bikes set records. In the 650-APS-G Ralph Hudson ran the new record up tp a speed of 187.829. John Noonan was on the 1000-APSBF bike of Noonan-Tyson Falls racing running a record of 214.505. Riches Nelson Aardema had the electric bike out again after not being able to run at the rained out World Finals event. Dusty Vagedes was in the saddle and upped the APS-Omega record 187.829.

The El Mirage 200 MPH Club held their annual dinner/raffle in the SCTA building on Sat. night. A great turnout and a table loaded with prizes made for a super event that was open to everyone.

The list of updated El Mirage 2011 records follow for a few lines:


10.A Special Construction Category
Unblown Fuel Streamliner - /FS
B Ferguson Racing D. Ferguson III 10/11 236.700
Blown Fuel Lakester - /BFL
V4F Erik Hansson R. Lundring 10/11 157.405

10.B Vintage Category
Blown Fuel Modified Roadster - /BFMR
G Pro Per Racing D. Stringfellow 05/11 172.983
H On Line Racing R. Sights 05/11 165.015
Unblown Fuel Modified Roadster - /FMR
V4F Nelson & Creel E. Nelson 06/11 138.551
Blown Gas Modified Roadster - /BGMR
H On Line Racing B. Sights 06/11 168.233
Unblown Gas Modified Roadster - /GMR
C Lefevers & Jesel K. Lefevers 05/11 213.609
Blown Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster - /BFRMR
C Emmons Special C. M. Emmons 05/11 236.476
Unblown Gas Rear Engine Modified Roadster - /GRMR
B Low Sodium W. Boelcke 10/11 205.510
C Low Sodium W. Boelcke 05/11 201.413
D Vintage Hammer Spl
F. Valdez 05/11 196.588
Blown Fuel Roadster - /BFR
A Cummins Beck Davidson Thornsberry
D. Davidson 06/11 251.553
H Edwall Eyres Moreland
M. Lintner 06/11 184.337
Unblown Fuel Roadster - /FR
C BMR Racing A. Fogliadini 06/11 250.600
Blown Gas Roadster - /BGR
H Edwall Eyres Moreland
M. Lintner 09/11 177.965
Blown Street Roadster - /BSTR
C Vintage Hot Rod D. Cummins 05/11 208.723
G LTD Sights Racing B. Sights 05/11 146.573

Blown Vintage Gas Competition Coupe - /BVGCC
XXF Ferguson & Osborn T. Osborn 06/11 161.169
Unblown Vintage Fuel Altered Coupe - /VFALT
V4F Lattin & Gillette By. Lattin 09/11 118.955
Blown Vintage Gas Altered Coupe - /BVGALT
XXF Ferguson & Osborn T. Osborn 05/11 159.101
Unblown Vintage Gas Altered Coupe - /VGALT
V4F Lattin & Gillett By. Lattin 10/11 121.650
Blown Vintage Gas Coupe - /BVGC
XXF Ferguson & Osborn T. Osborn 09/11 145.689

10.D Modified Category
Blown Fuel Competition Coupe - /BFCC
H Hondata CRX M. Macmillan 06/11 170.721
Blown Gas Competition Coupe - /BGCC
F Hondtat CRX M. Macmillan 10/11 197.009
H Hondata CRX M. Macmillan 05/11 201.666
Unblown Gas Coupe - /GC
J V & M Racing P. Prentice 10/11 102.009
Unblown Gas Modified Sports - /GMS
B Jesel & Cook M. Cook Sr 05/11 220.302
Blown Modified Mid-Mini Pickup - /BMMP
G White Goose Bar Racing
K. Pedersen 10/11 165.669

10.F Diesel Truck Category
Diesel Truck - /DT
F Tracer Racing G. Enck 10/11 132.737

SC-BF Team McLeish/Grether D. McLeish 06/11 65.267

P-P Mercury M. Anderson 05/11 141.988

APS-G Ralph Hudson R. Hudson 10/11 187.829
P-P Honda Racing R. Leclercq 05/11 165.063

A-PG Long Gone MS C. Klimiek 05/11 140.181
SC-PBG MPH Racing H. Meeker 05/11 134.419

A-G Butler, Pflum, Wagner J. Pflum 05/11 186.050
APS-BF Noonan-Tyson Falls Racing J. Noonan 10/11 214.505
APS-F Jim Hoogerhyde J. Hoogerhyde 05/11 203.149
APS-G Ralph Hudson R. Hudson 09/11 210.592
A-VG Jim Robinson J. Robinson 05/11 138.066
P-P Butler, Pflum, Wagner J. Pflum 05/11 196.190
SCS-F Team McLeish Bros D. McLeish 09/11 187.834

A-BG Womack Sandin Tudor P. Womack 05/11 227.870
APS-BF Noonan Noonan Moreland J. Noonan 05/11 239.580
APS-BG Noonan Moreland Dashle J. Noonan 06/11 232 .721
SC-PBF Isley Racing D. Isley 05/11 165.106

APS-Omega Riches Nelson Aardema D. Vagedes 10/11 149.506


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