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Time Until World Finals 2020

SAFETY!  Brake cleaner + heat can kill you

An article from 'Brew Dude' about an encounter with phosgene gas   Writeup / Label on the can

Magnetic Particle Testing of the Speed Demon's Wheels

Doing it right!   Here are a couple PDF's, a writeup and photos.

Driveshaft Safety

A must-read article from CompetitionPlus.com.    Full article / Text-only excerpt

What do I have to do to import a race car to the US?

Here's some info compiled by OZ and Beck Coatswith of Ozco Racing in England....

I'm completely new to landracing at Bonneville. How about an overview of the various events?

We just happen to have one (here.....)

What are the event dates for Land Speed Racing?

Take a look at the calendar page (linked from most Landracing.com pages) for dates for upcoming events.

Where are the Bonneville Salt Flats?

The Bonneville Speedway is located approximately 88 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT right off Interstate 80. Wendover is the closest town to the salt flats for accommodations, food, casinos & night life.

What events are held on the Bonneville Salt Flats?

There are 4 annual events held on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bonneville SpeedWeek in August, BUB International Motorcycle meet and World of Speed in September and World Finals in October.

Where can I get a log book for a racing vehicle?

Log books can be purchased at the event for about $10. This log book holds the information about your vehicle, that you fill out. And also gives a chassis sticker that matches the log book number. This book can be used at El Mirage and ECTA meets also. Every vehicle must have a log book to run at an event.

What type of fuels are used at Bonneville?
Rick Gold of ERC provides a variety of fuels depending on application. Here is a link to his website will all the fuels and data....(more)

What is the SCTA-BNI?

The Parent Corporation is the SCTA, a non-profit volunteer organization. We have only one paid employee; she runs the SCTA/BNI office. Five officers of the SCTA board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms) are nominated by the membership of the association and elected by ballots mailed to all SCTA members annually. Those five elected officers appoint the rest of the board members from those of the general membership that are willing to serve.

To be an SCTA member, one must be a member of one of the affiliated clubs. Each club is entitled to club representatives according to club size and they represent the clubs at the reps/board meetings. All of the rules, policies, etc. are adopted by SCTA board vote. The rep. system advises the board as to the feelings of the clubs / club members. The only thing the SCTA general membership votes on is officers and bylaw changes.

The BNI is a separate corporation under SCTA board control with their own bylaws and subordinate board. The BNI is charged with the responsibility of planning and organizing the Salt events and those logistic matters pertaining. The BNI organizes Bonneville events and then hands the reins over to the SCTA, who conducts the event under their rules.

The SCTA board appoints the BNI officers; all must be SCTA board members and they choose who will serve in what capacity amongst themselves. All decisions made by the BNI board are done by consensus. The BNI makes neither rules nor policy; this is all done by the SCTA board. Being a member of BNI is akin to joining the discount club at a store IE: by joining and helping to support the cause, it gives you the right to participate in the event(s).

Hints for Bonneville...

This list is a must for first time racers or even spectators, and a good re-read for the veterans of the salt....(more)

You need a checklist to race your vehicle on the salt flats, successfully. Here is one that was started by the Land Speed Email list for you to use and modify for your needs.....(more)

Ever wonder what oil is best for your bike?......(more)

TECH: Dr. Mayf's Analyses

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