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Time Until Speed Week 2020
Following is a partial list of changes to be made to Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the 2007 SCTA rulebook. These changes are a result of the SCTA Board of Directors vote at the Dec. 1, 2006 meeting. There were 16 members of the 17 person board present at the meeting. Steve Tollar was at home recovering from recent surgery. President Mike Manghelli would cast a vote only in the case of a deadlock on an item. The final vote for Sections 4, 5 and 7 will done at the Jan. 5, 2007 board meeting.

Words in bold type face indicate changes.

Dan Warner
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Page 7
1. B   CLASSIFICATION:   For _15 _      Against _0_
Proposals for the creation of new classes will discussed at even year rule meetings for implementation in odd year rulebooks only, i.e. 2007, 2009, 2011, etc.

Page 8
1. E   COURSE:      For _15_      Against _0_
New last sentence
All new vehicles shall not exceed 175MPH or a speed as determined by the technical committee on the first run. All new vehicles shall deploy the parachute, if equipped, on the first run. A new vehicle sticker will be endorsed by the starter following the successful completion of the requirement.

Page 10
1. H   RECORD BODY AND CLASS  CERTIFICATION:   For _15_      Against _0_
Add new last paragraph
After a new record has been established and there is a question as to the legality of the vehicle the Board of Directors has the authority to place the record on hold or reverse the record.

1.I   PROTESTS:      For _13_         Against _2_
Clarification of 3rd and 4th sentence, 1st paragraph
All protests require a fee of $100.00.  This fee is refundable if the protest is upheld, if the protest is denied the fee is forfeited to the SCTA Treasurer.   

Page 14
2.A    ENGINES:      For _15_      Against _0_
Insert before last sentence in 1st paragraph:
For any engine to be considered for cubic inch (cc) requirements, the engine shall have contributed to the propulsion of the vehicle.

Page 15
Flathead Vintage Four (V4F)   For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite of engine class description
Flathead Vintage Four (V4F) consists of any pre-1935 originally designed and American made flathead four cylinder automotive production engine, up to 220 cubic inches displacement. The engine shall have been produced as a valve in block engine, with the camshaft in the same location as produced, (in the block). Only flathead type cylinder heads, valve in block, are allowed. No specialty OHV or OHC conversion cylinder heads are allowed.
Page 15
ENGINE CLASS BREAK      For _15_      Against _0_
Adjust the liter equivalent to be the actual size.
   Cubic Inch Displ.   Liter Equiv.
AA   501.00 cid and over   (8.210 liters and over)
A   440.00 thru 500.99 cid   (7.210 to 8.209 L)
B   373.00 thru 439.99 cid   (6.112 to 7.209 L)
C   306.00 thru 372.99 cid   (5.015 to 6.111 L)
D   261.00 thru 305.99 cid   (4.277 to 5.014 L)
E   184.00 thru 260.99 cid   (3.015 to 4.276 L)
F   123.00 thru 183.99cid   (2.016 to 3.014 L)
G   93.00 thru 122.99 cid   (1.524 to 2.015 L)
H   62.00 thru 92.99 cid   (1.016 to 1.523 L)
I   46.00 thru 61.99 cid   (0.754 to 1.015 L)
J   31.00 thru 45.99 cid   (0.508 to 0.753 L)
K   up to 30.99 cid       (0.507 L and under)

Page 15  Vintage Engine Restrictions      For _15_      Against _0_
Add bullet items 3 and 4
   3. Electronic Fuel Injection prohibited
4. Any ignition system may be used.

Page 16               For _15_      Against _0_
Add new sentence to end of paragraph at the top of the page
Cubic inch to liter conversion shall be computed by the formula: ci/61.024 = liter.

Page 20
Delete the following:
A “Grandfather Clause” will cover vehicles competing in a category other than Special Construction or Production with a four-wheel drive system prior to 01/01/93.  These vehicles are:
   #259 F/G Roadster
   Owned by Jim and Chris Hill, Rancho Cordova, CA
   #327 F/G Roadster
   Owned by Gary McArthur, Lomis, CA
   #505 F/G Roadster
   Owned by Nancy Deeds, Burbank, CA
   #774 F/G Roadster
   Owned by Bob Noice, Sun Valley, CA
These vehicles may compete only until 01/01/2007. Prior to 01/01/2007 if one of these vehicles changes ownership it must be converted to two-wheel drive in order to continue in SCTA competition.

Page 21         For _9_      Against _6_
   Delete Paragraph 2.Q.1


Page 22
3.A.3   Driver’s Helmet Support:   For _11_      Against _0_
Rewrite of this section, previously titled (neck collar)
SFI 38.1 spec is for a Hans type device
A helmet support system shall be used in all vehicles.
·   Forward movement: SFI 38.1 systems are encouraged however, they shall be “engineered” as an integral part of the entire restraint system inclusive of the seat, safety harness and roll structure.
·   Lateral Movement: The existing structure shall provide restriction to lateral head movement of less than 2” per side by January 2008.  (See section 3.B.1)
·   Rear Movement: See section 3.C

Page 25            For _14_      Against _0_
Rewrite to reflect the 2” lateral support requirement
A padded head rest shall be installed in all vehicles to prevent whiplash. All drivers shall have the padding within 2” of the back of the helmet.

3.D.1   Seats:            For _14_      Against _0_
Rewrite  paragraph
All vehicles shall use a seat designed for racing. It shall be made of a metal, alloy or composite material (No  “plastic” seats allowed beginning January 2008), securely mounted seat and can have a maximum of 1” padding. Sprung or compressible seats are prohibited.  Seats shall be securely installed and braced to prevent rearward collapse. Seat tracks shall be bolted or pinned to prevent movement.

3.D.2   Seat Belts:         For _15_      Against ___
Rewrite paragraph
Seat belts meeting SFI specification 16.1 quick-release competition type seat belts and shoulder harness, with 3” lap belt, 3” shoulder belts (unless designed to meet the installation requirements of a helmet support system, SFI 38.1) and 2” crotch strap are mandatory in all categories. All seat belt and shoulder harness installations shall be mutually compatible, originally designed to be used with each other.  All belts shall be in good condition, have a manufacturer’s tag with a legible date not more than 5 years old on the label.  It is recommended that seats belts be upgraded every two to three years.

Seat belts and shoulder harnesses should be installed to the manufacturers’ specifications and in compliance with the helmet support system requirements, if used.

Page 23/24
Replace current diagrams, possibly from the SFI Specifications.   Committee to change

Page 24
3.B.1   ROLL CAGES:      For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite 2nd sentence, first paragraph to read:
All roll cage structures shall be designed to protect the driver from any angle, including the bottom and the rear.

Page 27/28
3.D.3   Arm/Leg Restraints:   For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence on page 28 to read:
To meet this requirement it shall be necessary to have arm restraints and a “full” door net or a combination of restraint systems that would be the equivalent to a “full” door net.

Add new next sentence
All door net mounting bars must not be flexible and be attached with a positive locking system, e.g. seat belt hardware.

Page 31
3.0 FLYWHEELS, FLYWHEEL SHIELDS, and BELL HOUSINGS:    For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite section, includes SFI specs for available products
All cars, including rear engine cars, with non-automatic transmissions, shall be equipped as follows:
·   Flywheels – No cast iron/cast aluminum flywheels shall be permitted.
·   Flywheel Shields – Flywheel shields shall be SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 depending on the application, or an SCTA approved flywheel shield, made from ¼” thick steel, providing 3600 coverage and constructed in such a manner to provide retention of flywheel and clutch assembly parts, may be used in the event an after market flywheel shield is not available for the particular engine being used.
On cars where no after market flywheel shield is currently available, and on smaller cars with limited space to install either an SFI or SCTA approved flywheel shield, an SFI Spec 4.1 blanket specifically manufactured to be used as a flywheel blanket (shield) may be used.
·   Bell housings – Cars utilizing bell housing engine mounts only (Corvair, VW, etc.) must provide some additional method of retaining the engine in the car.
Page 32
3.Q   FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS:   For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite the annual inspection requirement, falls into line with other groups
A current inspection/filling certification (no more than 24 months old) for each agent bottle shall be visible to the technical inspector without removing the bottle.

Page 33
Delete the photo and identification info for the Flame Out steel bottles

Page 34
3.S   DRIVE LINES:         For _14_      Against _0_
Rewrite 2nd sentence to read:
In all cars with drive shafts (section 4.II) there shall be provided with a 360 degree metal sling (at least ¼” x 1’), attached securely and mounted in the front 25% of the driveshaft to prevent dropping or excessive whipping in the event of breakage of the driveshaft or universal joints

Page 35
3.U   WINDOWS AND WINDSHIELDS:      For _15_      Against _0_
Rewrite 1st sentence, 3rd paragraph to read:
All vehicles must have all non-laminated safety glass windows and headlights covered with safety film.



Initial look thru the thing that caught my eye the most is the deletion of 2.Q.1

This is the Traction Control paragraph. What is this implying?Huh

I did not see anywhere else where it says you cannot run Traction Control???


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