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Photo Gallery of Meet

Wednesday October 10, 2007

10:14 AM

Buckeye Bullett made another pass turning off after 5 1/2 mile. This run was another test run, they ran without rear body panels.

This last report will conclude my reporting for the private FIA meet. On my way back to Denver.

8:56 AM

Everybody is packed and ready to leave the salt with exception to the Buckeye Bullett. They will be making an attempt here in about an hour. They seem to have a theory on the problem and we will see with this next pass what they do.

After this attempt on the Buckeye Team I will be making my last trip home from the salt for this year. It was a good year on the salt and we will prepare for next year. I will try to visualize next year and see what I can do better. The long trips back to Denver usually lets my mind wounder about next year and go thru this year.

Tuesday October 9th, 2007

3:16 PM

Well last man standing is the Ohio State University team. Poteet/Main streamliner had a couple valves let go, turning them sideways in the cylinder. This ends the meet for them.
Ohio State team have fixed a few problems and are working on one last problem of Hydrogren flow. This is a new problem that arised during this meet. They have the area of problem isolated and are working on a fix for it right now. We might be able to see them run yet today. They have not made a record return yet this meet, and that was due to a State vehicle being run for a FIA record and forms had to be signed. There was an issue of signing these waivers and that has been resolved as of a couple hours ago. So now any run they make they can return on for a FIA record.

2:03 PM

George Poteet just posted a 271 mph mile time and flattened out way before the mile and shut it down.

1:49 PM

Poteet/Main are towing down to floating mountain for a run to the highway on the first leg of an FIA attempt. They are looking for a number in the 380 mph range.

11:50 AM

Buckeye Bullett made another pre planned pass to the 5 mile. There is no return pass intended for this pass. They ended up going 149 mph in the kilo, no other times were given.

10:42 AM

We are just at a standstill until one of the teams is ready to go. Not much going on, each team working on their racers until they are ready to run. There currently is no time frame to run. Just when they are ready. Ill keep updating until somebody runs.

9:51 AM

Poteet/Main streamliner yesterday had a component failure resulting in a slower speed. The front wheel speed sensor broke and with the Motec traction control system when the ECU see's a variance in front to rear wheel speed it will start taking timing out of the vehicle. When that happened exhaust temp skyrocketed and causing high temps in engine bay melting the boost control lines. So they are hard at it to fix the speed sensor, put new header wrap on the exhaust and repair melted boost lines. The first runs were done only at 18 lbs of boost, they are going to up that and plan on running 380 mph today.
Salt getting in the cockpit has also been an issue for the streamliner. They are sealing up all the areas to help prevent that also.

9:00 AM

Plan of running today is Ohio State Team will run approx 10:00 am and Poteet/Main at 12:00 pm.

8:21 AM

Here are two articles the first speaks of all the extrants except Charles Nearburg which is disappointing and the second only speaks of Nish Motorsports team.

8:00 AM

We are down to two competitors for this private FIA meet. Ohio State Buckeye Bullett #2 Hydrogen powered streamliner and Poteet-Main streamliner.
Poteet/Main are working out the bugs on this new streamliner for this year. Their first passes netted some mid 300 mph speeds but some accessory part failures left them without a record the first day. They are working hard this morning to fix those minor details and will be ready to run later today.
Ohio State Buckeye Bullett #2 has had their problems. These problems go back to World Finals a week earlier. During World Finals they had an army of University Students working on the car. The decision to stay and run the FIA meet was a last minute decision and only about 8 students stayed here to run the car. They are a dedicated group and they just wont give up. They have had some problems some minor and some very complex. These are things that happen to every new streamliner. There is always some small bugs to work out. The major problem they are facing has to do with the controllers on the car to deliver power from the fuel cells. Not just something that you take a wrench and tighten some bolts. I'm sure they can get things figured out to make two runs for a record.
Nish Motorsports had an engine failure that left car owner Terry Nish disappointed but not out. Terry is a competitor and he will back next year for another shot at the 1965 Goldenrod record of 409.277 mph.
Charles Nearburg has done an accomplishment that not many, if anybody, can say they did. First time out with the streamliner he purchased from Earl Wooden, he set a FIA record (pending ratification) at 359.245 MPH for the mile. During Speedweek this year Nearburg showed up went thru the license procedures as set out by the SCTA. He proceeded those speed increments by setting two records at the World Finals meet, 350. 728 mph in A/GS, and 348.524 mph in A/FS. These two records sealed the deal for Nearburg who joined an elite club of racers by gaining membership into the 300 mph Chapter of the 200 mph club.
The team stayed in Wendover to attend this meet, and as you know set an FIA record. I can tell you that it would be hard to duplicate that success in just a few short weeks. A dedicated crew, preparation and a salt veteran there on the team to guide you threw the harsh environment of the Bonneville Salt Flats. Way to go Nearburg, the crew and the "Spirit of Rett" streamliner.

October 8th, 2007

6:28 PM

Buckeye Bullett made another pass this one to the five mile, thru the mile was 197.182 mph. This was a pre planned run to the five mile to check systems and will not be making a return run. The record they are after is around 88 mph which is a FIA record which is Catagory A, Group XIV and class III.

6:10 PM

Ohio State this afternoon on the test pass had some minor shifting problems and they are fixing that. The other problem they have encountered is whenever the motor gets to 600 amps it wants to shut down. They are working on a solution to that problem.

Poteet/Main had some issues. First the engine bay and exhaust got so hot is burned the header wrap off the headers. The heat also got to the poly line for boost control and they melted. Tuesday morning they will hard wire all the boost lines just as the other Main/Poteet car was.

5:24 PM

I just got official word from Terry Nish that the NIsh Streamliner was going approx 326 mph at mile 2, when he had catastrophic engine failure during the morning run.

4:37 PM

Poteet returned at 268.406 mph in kilo and 268.381 mph in the mile. Average is 305 mph kilo and 304 mph in the mile.

4:01 PM

The earlier speeds were incorrectly given over the radio. The mile speed was 351.751 mph and the kilo down run speed was 353.4 mph. George stopped at about the 1 mile marker, he got a push back to his pits. The crew started to do their turn around procedures.

3:48 PM

George Poteet just went down at 359 mph. George made it back to the pits. I will get more speeds when we stop.

3:02 PM

Poteet/Main are now towing down to Floating Mountain to do the first leg of the record run.

Ohio State made a run, I have not spoken with them on results of that run yet. They were real slow going thru the four mile and not sure if they made it to the lights.

I also saw not Nish is removing the top canopy to have a look at the engine.

2:24 PM

Well Nish is done for the meet. The canopy never came off the car after the run. You can form your own conclusions on that. There may be some discussion on options.

Charles Nearburg is also finished for the meet. On the return run it didn't sound so healthy.

The Ohio State team is fueling the car and will be making a pass here shortly.

Poteet-Main car made a pass at just over 300 mph and shut down at the 3 mile. They are now ready to make a full FIA attempt pass. They will go after the Ohio State Team makes a pass to the 5 mile.

12:51 PM

Unofficially Nearburg has set a NEW FIA record in their class at 359.245 mph for the mile, and 359.404 mph for the kilo. I do not have their return run speeds to give you at the moment. However this should be a new FIA record, unofficially from this report.

12:35 PM

Nearburg team has already packed parachutes and gotten the engine water changed out and putting panels back on car.

12:30 PM

Nearburg team is doing their turnaround stint on the streamliner, they will be ready in approx 15 minutes.

12:22 PM

Another update is Nearburg posted a 370.151 mph kilo speed and the 370.033 mph mile speed.

12:08 PM

Charles Nearburg posted a mile speed of 370.033 mph and was real late in getting parachutes out. Came by real fast and smoked the brakes pretty good to get it stopped. They are in the 1 hour turn around time when they came thru the lights.

12:03 PM

Charles Nearburg is running on the Danny Boy FIA record in Catagory A, Group II and Class 10. Basically this breakdown is Cat A is anything but production or thrust, Group II is unblown and Class 10 is under 8 liters. The record they are running on is 340.047 mph for the kilo speed, and 340.364 mph for the mile. Just moments away from sending the car.

11:40 AM

Charles Nearburg is getting setup and ready, Poteet-Main streamliner will be after Nearburg and will only make a 3 mile checkout pass and turn out. Ohio State car will be doing the same.

11:11 AM

Problem with Nish Liner will be release later once confirmation has been made. Next up is Charles Nearburg Streamliner, they are also in tow down to Floating Mountain and will come toward the highway.

10:56 AM

Nish first attempt was a well before the clocks running 233.970 mile speed and 234.079 kilo speed. He shut down around the 2 mile marker.

October 8th, 2007 10:26 AM

They are suiting Mike Nish up and getting him in the streamliner now.

October 8th, 2007 10:21 AM

Nish Motorsports streamliner is on the ground ready to make the first pass. Coming from Floating Mountain to the highway on the first leg of their FIA record runs.

October 8th, 2007 9:20 AM

Streamliner and people are getting in places. Initial course drive by the drivers and owners was just done. Things should start happening very soon.

October 8th, 2007 8:08 AM

Body panels are going on the Nish Motorsports Streamliner

October 8th, 2007 7:45 AM

It is a frosty morning on the salt. Terry Nish and crew were out at 4:45 AM warming up the fluids on the car and preparing it for their first pass down the salt this morning. The engines have already been fired once and now are preparing it for the first pass. Estimated time of first pass is approx. 30-35 minutes. Nish team will be running on the Goldenrod record from Nov 12, 1965 mile speed of 409.277 mph and the kilo speed of 409.695 mph. This is in the FIA class of Group II, Class II. Group II is unblown, and class II is over 8 liters. When the Goldenrod set the record in 1965 they did it with four unblown Chrylser engines in the famous streamliner and on wet salt conditions at the time. Nish has a good 11 - 11 1/2 mile track with a single unblown engine.


October 7, 2007 7:18 PM

Ohio State University Buckeye Bullett #2 Test Run Video

October 7, 2007 6:26 PM

Ohio State made a test run for about two miles in first gear only and are looking at the data for confirmation of problem being fixed that hindered them at World Finals.

Monday morning plans are Terry Nish will be on the salt at 5 am to start warming up the fluids on the Nish Motorsports streamliner for the first run of the meet at approx. 8-8:30 AM. Following Nish's runs, will be Charles Nearburg running the #1122 A/GS Streamliner. Poteet-Main will be the third streamliner to go with their new streamliner and then the Ohio State Buckeye Bullett #2 streamliner. We will see how it all goes in the morning. I have a few more videos to compile and will have up tonight.

October 7, 2007 3:08 PM

Well I made it back to Wendover in good time. I was here at 2 pm. Just in time to shoot a video of Nish starting up the Nish Motorsports liner. They will not run today.

The Buckeye Bullett 2 will be making a test pass only to the three mile marker. They have been having a problem with electronics. I will update you on that pass with some video and information.

Here is a video of Nish starting up the liner.
Nish Startup Video

I just got confirmation that the private FIA meet on the Bonneville Salt Flats is a go. The meet is scheduled to start on Monday the 8th and run through the 12th of October. The storm that hit Wendover, Utah last night just passed the salt with only sprinkles of rain. They have a good 12 mile course for the event.

There are four vehicles that are confirmed running as of this time. I do not have exact classes each will be running but will get that information to you. I just left Wendover at 5 am this morning, drove 8 hours to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a wedding that my wife just would not let me out of. I tried everything. I will leave Steamboat Springs at 5 am tomorrow to make it back for the FIA meet to bring you the meet happenings. That should put me into Wendover around 2 pm Sunday. I plan on doing video clips as I just did for World Finals and an hourly reports on the meet.

Nish Motorsports
Charles Nearburg Spirit of Rett #1122
Poteet - Main Speed Deamon
Ohio State Buckeye Bullett #2

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