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Time Until El Mirage

World Finals October 17th-20th, 2001
Wendover UT/NV on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Sponsored by SCTA-BNI



October 20th -Last attempts at records was Saturday. SCTA running the event until noon. Joe Amo made another attempt to break is newly set mark of 223.3 record in the MPS-F 1000cc class failed with transmission problems. Tom Thumb Special could not get the last couple of tenths out of his D/CC. Sportster.org list bike could not obtain the speeds for the record and broke. The Hydrogen Cobra only needed a few tenths to get the record for a hydrogen vehicle, starting problems in the morning, then finally making a run with a turn off before the measured miles. The F1 McLaren still was stuck in the low 190's. Rice Vigent entry lakester with a Hayabusa motor still was in mid 190's. The Progress/Vortech entry set set a record late in the day in the G/BGALT class at 174.xx. Kenny Lyons made a run with his Honda Goldwing motorcycle streamliner at 110 mph. This was a test run, hasn't run the vehicle in awhile due to lack of crew to help with project.
That about wrapped up the meet. Excellent conditions all week long. Everybody who was not there missed the hardest salt conditions in many many years. As SCTA President Mike Manghelli said,"I could not have ordered better weather and conditions."
October 19th - The salt conditions keep getting better by the day. Joe Amo of Rapid City, SD set a new mark in the 1000cc MPS-F motorcycle class. Joe set the record yesterday at 208.8 mph, today Joe went 225 on a qualifying attempt then backed it up with a 221 mph pass, his two way average is 223.338 mph in the class. This makes Joe Amo the fastest 1000cc in ANY motorcycle 1 liter class. He doing some adjusting on his tune up and will attempt more runs tomorrow. There were some questions yesterday on who was running the Wilson-Waters roadster and Greg Waters was doing all the driving and set the new record at 238.8 in the B/FR class. Today the McLaren F1 running a Buick Indy Motor ran 192 mph top speed for this vehicle.
FIA runs today was just Nolan White running his 4wd dual engine streamliner. Yesterday Nolan had a fire and they worked hard and had it back on the salt today for a run of 412 mph for the flying mile, and 416 mph for the flying Kilo. His FIA return run happened with just 45 seconds left on the clock for the mandatory 1 hour turnaround and had motor problems.
New 200 mph club entrants so far this meet are as follows. Dallas Volk running A/GR at 231.045. Mark Bill running the Rocket Ranger C/MMP at 205.208 mph. Lee Silicio running a beatifull Dodge Daytona running the AA/PRO got in at 237.373 mph. Ron Jolliffe running a A/STR at 234 and change. So far Jolliffe's roadster is the fastest unblown street roadster ever. So far the only new motorcycle entry into the 200 mph club was Lee Burkey at 201.
EZ-HOOK streamliner ran a awesome 301 mph pass, but Sam Wheeler blew a tire during the run and will not make any more attempts. Costella/True car streamliner powered by the R1 motor had Mary True at the controls and made a great 245 mph pass, but on the return run they blew a rod thru the cases and will be done for the week. It was a great week for the Costello/True streamliner setting FIA and SCTA-BNI records. Gail Tesinsky running the Burklands old Stude made a 7 cylinder motor and is now retired for this meet. Leslie Danielson got their 73 Mustang qualified for the long course, then dad took over and ran a little bit too much nitrous and holed a piston. Jeff Shipley lost an engine in the pits but ran anyway and ran 221 mph before having a fire. Allen Rice running their H/GL powered by a Hayabusa motor had best run yet at 184 mph. They added a power commander to the vehicle and will be looking for someone with some knowledge on it for advice. Kenny Lyons looked like they were trying to get the old Honda Powered motorcycle streamliner ready for a couple of runs. This vehicle has been ready to go for some time but he is lacking a crew if anybody is interested please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will forward some info to you. He does have a motorcycle for the crew to ride at the events. Hudson Boys 3 cylinder Geo Metro went 148 mph before retiring the motor. But what a great accomplishment for that vehicle. Tom Thumb Specical will Barry Bryant driving still within a couple tenths of a mph of John Becketts record in the D/CC running 228.5 mph range on a 228.6 record. The Hydrogen Cobra was running, first couple of passes during the event were around 60-70 mph, but today they did run a 108 mph pass getting things figured out.
October 18th - Don Vesco entertained the Land Speed Racing world by running an FIA attempt at 458.7 mph with his 4140 lb Turbin Powered streamliner, The Turbinator. He made the backup run just in time of the 1 hour limit set by the FIA and went 458.1 mph blowing a tire thru the measured mile. When I told Don he should join bracket racing, he told me he hated bracket racing. Don broke Donald Campbell's record set in the mid 60's at 403 mph. Don also set the flying kilo record but I did not have the exact numbers yet. Jim and Mary True also made a FIA run. Their down run was 255 mph and returned at 252 mph for a 253.708 mph average. They are running a Yamaha R1 1000cc motor in the Nebulous Theroem II built by Jack Costella. They too also set the flying kilo record but I do not have the number yet. Flatfire also running FIA blew a motor and were in the process of putting another one in the liner for an attempt either Friday or Saturday. Nolan White had his work cut out for him running 350 mph and having a fire. Nolan went back to the hotel and made repairs and will be ready to run tomorrow. Vesco & True are done running FIA during this meet. Nolan White, SPAL a FORD sponsored Ranger Team and Flatfire will be running later this week.
Joe Law ran his Lakester to a 349 mph record just shy of the 350 mph average he wanted. He later in the day qualified again at 355 mph. This is the fastest Lakester or Streamliner ever on gas peroid. Joe Amo with his MPS-F 1000cc Kawasaki ZX10 ran a qualifier yesterday at 206.9 mph and backed it up today with a 210.8 mph run for a new record. Wilson-Waters entry qualified today at 247 mph on a 232 record and backed it up with a 228 mph run with nitrous problems. They qualified today again at 245 mph. Gene Barbee set a new record of 214 mph with their Roadster. A 70's Dodge Daytona running the AA/PRO ran a amazing 236 mph that qualified him for a record. EZ-Hook motorcycle streamliner made a pass at 279.99 on their new turbo motor. Lee Burkey a 74 year land speed racer, got into the 200 mph club on his Suzuki GSXR 1000 dual turbo motorcycle with two consecutive runs of 201 mph in the MPS-BG 1000cc class. Rick Yacoucci with his Hayabusa changed classes and ran in the APS-G class qualified with a speed of 215 mph. He made a backup run of 193 mph with no traction on the course. Even though he set a new record in the class he wasnt too happy with the return run. Tom Thumb Special with Barry driving ran 219 mph and then ran a great 228.5 mph just a couple tenths of the record set by John Beckett from the East Coast Timing Assosiation. Shelly Campbell set another record in the 2000cc APS-BG class at 170 and change. She later tried to qualifiy again and had severe motor problems. Jim and Mary True done with FIA runs, went back to the SCTA-BNI class in the I/FS and ran 248 mph for a qualifier and they backed it up tonight with a 249 mph pass.
October 17th - Warm temps, fast speeds, new records, a new 300 mph chapter member caped the days events at World Finals. Our fast lady on the salt Tanis Hammond went thru the timing traps at 280 mph, not so bad for Tanis, but running on 7 cylinders was ending their World Finals visit. Running this meet we are utilizing the two way run in opposite directions to set records. Here are a few on them that were run today. Rick Yacoucci running his Hayabusa in the MPS-G 1350 cc class ran a qualifier at 219 mph and backed it up with a 221mph pass. Dave Costello running the George Fields A/BFCC ran a qualifier at 302 mph and backed it up with a 308 run for a 305.6 average for a new record and also a new member into the 300 mph chapter. Hudson Boys with their XO/GS set a new record running speeds of 212 mph and 221 mph on a 180 mph record. Sportster.org team with their P/PP 1000cc bike ran 139 mph and 146 mph for a new record of 143 mph. Shelly Campbell running Kenny Lyons A/BG 2000cc bike set another record around 173 mph. Other entries making backup runs tomorrow morning are Team Amo running in the MPS-F 1000cc ran 207 mph. Barbee Boys running B/STR ran 217 mph on their own 210 record. Joe Law also qualified his C/BFL at 349 mph on a 330 mph record. #993 Hudson Boys 3 cylinder 91 Geo Metro running in the I/GCC ran 119 mph which was a qualifier but I do not think they were able to back it up tonight.
FIA runs were as follows. Team Vesco ran a shake down run at 356 mph, and is said to run right away in the morning for a all out pass. Jim and Mary True running the Nebulous Theroem II ran a BNI National attempt at 203 mph. Flatfire will also be making their first FIA attempt in the morning as well as Nolan White.
Other event info EZ-HOOK motorcycle ran a 251 mph attempt before having problems with the retractable landing gear, he made fixes and is ready for the morning. Wilson-Waters B/FR made a shake down pass at 232.1 mph on a 232.7 record. Tom Thumb Special ran a 202 mph run. Dave Haller made a few passes first pass had problems with an oiling system that filled the drivers compartment with smoke, he made repairs and had a 227 pass on a 238 record.
Lots of action going on, again meeting lots of racers. Tom, Betty, and Gene Burkland made a appearance to say hi to other racers. Tom has recovered well from his accident last month and is in great spirits. I hope to have more updates on the days activities tomorrow. Weather has been outstanding.
October 16th - 10 miles of HARD Salt, awesome weather, optional FIA sanctioning and about 50+ entries is what is making up World Finals for 2001. The salt condition is hard, with it being somewhat dusty. The course we are running is the old international or "Hot Rod" Course. One course for the meet. The regular racers will be starting their journey down the salt at the 3 mile marker of the international course, the start of the FIA sanctioned course is around 1 mile behind the access road to the salt. There is FIA sanctioning at this meet with several teams running the International Sanctioning. Don Vesco running the Turbine powered streamliner, Jim and Mary True running the Nebulous Theroem II running a Yamaha R1 motor, Ron Main running the Flatfire Flathead powered streamliner. SPAL technologies was reported to be here running FIA but I did not see them during the inspection day. The course setup for the meet will be if you qualify for a record you will be running in the opposite direction for the backup run this has not been done since 1992. For the ones running FIA Sanctioning it is required that they make a backup run within 2 hours after the first run. I could not clarify. The days activities consisted of pit setup and vehicle inspection. Don Vesco has a photo shoot with the Turbinator I was able to capture 20+ great photos of the vehicle with Don and Team that are displayed on the photo page. Turbo Rick was there with his Hayabusa going after the new Speedweek speed Doug Meyer set in the 1350cc MPS-G at 203.471 mph. Kenny Lyons is racing the a 1650cc APS Honda Goldwing engined powered bike that Shelly Campbell set a few records with during World of Speed. Other entries off the top of the head that were there was the Rasberry Rocket, Wilson & Waters roadster, Ron and Gail Tesinsky, Jeff Shipley with the JAZ Saltwinder, Tanis Hammond with the Hammond Lakester. Tanis was just shy of joining the 300 mph chapter by 4 tenths of a mph. She would have been the first lady into the chapter. There was also two new vehicles on the salt one streamliner running in the XO/BFS and one lakester unkown class. The day starts off early tomorrow for the first day of racing. Stay tuned for more updates nightly, pictures and commentary.

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