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Speed Clubs
Written by Bob   
Wednesday, 20 December 2006 13:46

The epitome of the sport. Do the best you can, set some records and one day you can join one or all of the below clubs that puts your name in the books forever.

BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials 201 mph Club Web site

 The Bonneville 200 mph club. This is a very prestigious club that every racer dreams about becoming a member of. Some spend a lifetime achieving the goal in his or hers land speed racing creation.

The Bonneville 300 mph chapter. This is a very elite bunch of racers. This group has taken speed to the next level.

 The East Coast 200 mph club at Maxton. This is a fairly new club which races several times a year at Maxton, North Carolina. The club is small but is growing fast.

El Mirage 200 MPH Club

The El Mirage 200 mph club, also recognized as the "Dirty 2" club because El Mirage is raced on dirt, and an extended weekend stay there will add some "dirt" to your blood. View the current members of this club.

El Mirage 300 MPH Chapter

El Mirage 300 MPH Chapter.

Muroc 200 MPH Club

Muroc 200 mph Club. This is a very unique club since racing there was denied last year by the government because it is located on the Edward's Air Force Base installation. View the current members of this club....

Lake Gairdner, Australia 200 MPH Club -

Lake Gairdner, Australia 300 MPH Club -

Texas Mile 200 MPH Club -

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