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El Mirage

August 12, 2007 Afternoon #3


Well my protest, which was more of a hunger strike than anything, is now over. My loving husband (aka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) has put me back to work. He resorted to bribery, and I caved.

Here’s the latest and greatest from impound:


- #99, class E/BGC, John Raines – driver. John went 252 mph today, smoking the 214 record he was pursuing. Many of you are already familiar with John’s car, but he updated it this year by including twin turbos.

- #462 Hot Rod Magazine car, Dave Frieberger – driver. Dave ran his car in an open comp coupe class today, with a top speed of 248 mph. Dave will be backing up this record tomorrow morning and plans to switch over to the altered class later in the week.

- #117, class F/GS, Terry Lucas – driver. The existing record in this class is 221 mph. Terry ran 230 mph to take him into impound today.

- #44, class B/BFL, Fred Dannenfelzer – driver. The current record for this class is held by Joe Law at 338 mph. Fred ran 343 mph today, qualifying for impound and taking over the spot of fastest vehicle of the meet so far.

- #623, class XO/BFL, Terry Haines – driver. The existing record in this class is 193 mph. Terry ran a record qualifying time of 205 mph today.

Jon and I took some time to cruise through the pits during the wind-related racing delay this afternoon. We stopped by the George Poteet pits to check up on the Blowfish. Unfortunately, they broke the motor and won’t be running it again this week. They are currently in line with their other vehicle, the Speed Demon, preparing for it’s maiden voyage on the salt.

Our next stop took us by the Yacoucci pits. Rick ran into a little “speed demon” of his own after running his J/BFS on course #1. Some clumps of salt on the course jacked with his suspension causing the rear-end of his streamliner to come up off the ground and breaking the chain. But it may have turned out to be a lucky break, if there is such a thing. While changing the chain in the pits, they found a blown piston. John Noonan hooked Rick up with Scott Horner who will be bringing out some new pistons from L.A. They plan to be back up and running tomorrow. Rick is going after the 234 mph record currently held by Ken Hardman. Rick hit 230 mph on his run today, before his break in the first mile.

We had a chance to stop by Mike Manghelli’s trailer, too. I paid a visit to Mang’s White Goose Bar (est. 2000) while I was there, although I opted to partake of water in lieu of the many other available libations. It was only 3:30, you know, and I’m not a college kid anymore. The White Goose Bar is a tradition on the salt. It originated with daily servings of home-brewed beer for the crew, but now includes a well-stocked bar available to other racing teams on the salt of proper age. No freeloaders, though. If you want to drink, make a donation to the kitty to keep the bar going for everyone else.

Allison Volk at the 200 MPH Club stand was nice enough to give me the updates to the membership list acquired since the start of this meet. Lynn Goodfellow, running in class B/DS, joined the club with a 240.062 record. Also joining the club this week was Donny Cummins by setting a 208.800 record in his D/BSTR. And Donny Ferguson III, who is already a member of the 200 MPH Club, joined the ranks of the 300 MPH Club today.

The wind continues to wreak havoc on the racing events this after. Racing restarted around 3:30, only to be shut down about an hour later when the wind speeds picked up again. The lines are on hold as I type this, with all eyes on the sky as racers await the passing of this little front. No rain so far, and we all hope it stays that way

August 12, 2007 Afternoon

Been out of it for a few hours, we are on a wind hold. Wind has been been from 11-18 mph, and very gusty. There is a wind storm coming thru Wendover that looks worse. So the courses are on hold, no racing. The SCTA is doing course repairs and course sweeps right now while on hold.

The course setup is going very well. Basically it's a first come first serve. This is due to both courses being long and short courses. This system on the two course scale is working perfect. And before the wind shutdown, everything was moving very smooth.

Will have some speeds for you coming soon. We are stuck in line with most others. My writer for this meet, Keilani, was on strike. We have been working all morning and afternoon and all she had to eat and drink was Monster Energy Drink which is a MAJOR sponsor of this event. I ventured over to the Schnell B/MP #9843 Team who were making some sandwich's and I asked if she could have one. They complied and we got her one, she is now feeling much better and is now off strike, she will be doing the next update.

You can check out current results page to keep you occupied. (Click Here)

August 12, 2007 Morning

Jon and I made our way to impound this morning around 6 am. The entire area was buzzing as people prepared their vehicles for record return runs. They got all of us in line and ready to roll at 7 a.m. sharp. Between my crew chief and tow vehicle responsibilities for #209, I was able to record some of the record return times. Here’s what I have for you for today’s first update:

- #641, class MPS-BF2000, Jason McVicar – driver. The record for this class was 136 mph. Yesterday Jason ran 197 mph, and the times I recorded today were 192 in the quarter, 198 in the first mile, and 204 in the middle.

- #1641, class MBG-1650, also Jason McVicar – driver. This class had an open record. Yesterday Jason ran 197 mph, and today his times came in at 189 in the quarter, 193 in the first mile, 195 in the middle, and 178 in the last mile where he shut it down. Jason qualified for two records and is back at impound.

- #2130, class G/GALT, Doug MacMillan – driver. Doug ran 168.9 in the quarter and 171.5 in the first mile before pulling the chute. The existing record for this class was 160 mph. Doug ran a 167 yesterday.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros., class CSC 1000, Derek McLeish – driver. This vehicle was going after an open record. Their speed yesterday was 161 mph. I caught two speeds over the radio for them today, 179.516 and 182.588. That should take care of the open record in that class.

- #608 Dauernheim-Biglow, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. The existing record for this class is 266 mph. Don ran 279.6 yesterday, but they were a turn-out on course #1. I see the vehicle made it back to impound a little later in the morning.

- #268, class APS-PF1000, Joe Amo – driver. The existing record in this class was 207 mph. Joe made it to impound yesterday with a top speed of 241 mph. Today Joe ran 214.977 in the quarter and 209.837 in the first mile before shutting it down due to some handling problems – described by Glenn Barrett as a “tank slapper.” An accurate description according to my later conversation with Joe. However, his speeds today were enough to get him back to impound for the record.

- #3350, class 1650 APS-VG, David Pilgrim – driver. David went 139.7 yesterday on an open record. His quarter and first mile times were both 141+.

- #1225, class 1000pp, Roosevelt Lackey – driver. Roosevelt went 186.987 yesterday in pursuit of a 185.882 record. Roosevelt’s times in the quarter and first mile today were both in the 188s.

- #931, class MPS VG 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul went 122 yesterday on an open record. I only caught the first mile speed for Paul today at 123.666.

- Ferguson Racing went 306 mph yesterday in pursuit of a 295 record. Don Ferguson’s times for today were 264.146 in the quarter, 276.069 in the first mile, 295.182 in the middle, and 300.486 in the last.

- #468 Goodfellow Crushers, class A/DS, Lynn Goodfellow – driver. Today’s speeds for Lynn were 222.347 in the quarter, 226.713 in the first mile, 236.576 in the middle, and 240.141 in the last. I don’t have Goodfellow’s times for yesterday, but it looks like there were going after an open record.

- #2626 STD Racing dodge pickup. Today’s times for the team were 184.942 in the quarter, 189.946 in the first mile, and 197.514 in the middle.

- #280 McMeekin Bros., class E/GALT, Don Williams – driver. Don went 218.773 yesterday in pursuit of a 216.44 record. Don’s times today were 192 in the quarter, 202.475 in the first mile, 222.760 in the middle, and 233.563 in the last.

- #859, class APS-gas, Cathy Butler – driver. Cathy went 133.2 yesterday on a 133.168 record. This record had been in effect since 1975. I say “had” because Cathy’s times were in the 138s this morning, setting a new record for the class.

- #363 Cook & Cook, class B/GALT. This firebird looked like it may have had some problems burning oil and was a turn out.

- #82, class B/CBGC, Jim Snyder – owner/driver. This vehicle was going after a 197 mph record. Jim’s times today were 194.752 in the quarter, 199.754 in the first mile, 206 in the middle, and 207 in the last.

That’s all I have for now. Good job everyone. Keep those records comin’!



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