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August 14, 2007 Evening Update

Well, I’m back in impound and I have some more updates to post. (Thanks, by the way, to all the people in impound who are nice enough to take the time to answer my questions. I know sometimes every second counts during that 4 hour window.)

- #998 Royal Purple, class AA/FS, Terry Nish – owner, Mike Nish – driver. This vehicle was pursuing their own standing record of 373 mph. Today, Mike ran 306 in the quarter, 323 in the first mile, 359 in the middle, and 380 in the last mile with an exit speed of 385 mph. This is now the fastest time of the meet so far.

- #989 Chassis Engineering Special, class B/DS. They were pursuing a 242 mph record. The times for this diesel streamliner today were 212.960 in the quarter, 227.434 in the first mile, 257.677 in the middle, and 264.928 in the last. Unfortunately, the vehicle most likely will not be making their record return run tomorrow due to some mechanical problems.

- #278, Steele Speed Team, class 1000 APS-G, Rob “Robby Cutie” Steele – driver. The current record of 191.4 is also currently held by Rob. Rob’s went 195 today to get into impound.

- #477 Stunato Racing, class XF/VOT, Don Houseman – driver. The existing record in this class is 117.955 mph. Don went 127.637 today.

- #988 Nebulous Theorum II, class J/BFS, Rick Yacoucci – driver. Rick’s top speed today was 269 mph.

- #67, Yankee Engineuity Express, class 1000-APG, Mickey Goodin – driver. The current record in this class is 146.6 mph. Mickey’s speed today was 146.8. It was a squeaker, but it counts!

- #1541, class 1350 M-BG, Scott Horner – driver. The existing record in the class is 195 mph. Scott’s speed today was 213 mph.

- #1921, class M-VF 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul ran 112 mph today on an open record. Paul currently holds a 124 mph record in the MPS-VF class, which he set yesterday.

- #487, class A/BGT, David Pilgrim – driver. David ran 213 mph today on an open record.

- #1175, class F/FS, Tim Billington – driver. Tim ran a speed of 240 mph to get him into impound today.

- #124, class XFBGMR, Don Epps – crew chief, Don Monaco – driver. Don Monaco ran 171 mph today against a 165 mph existing record.

- #1735, class C/DT Spal Racing, Max Lagod – driver. Max ran 222 mph today against a 213 mph existing record.

- #2626 Rod Riders, class C/P MP, Tom Sauter – driver. The existing record in this class is currently held by Tom at 192 mph. Tom’s speed today was 200 mph.

- #1889 Class of ‘39, class XXFBVFCC, Arlyn Asch – driver. Arlyn went 134.995 mph today to get him into impound.

- #315, class G/BGL, Ken Hardman – driver. Ken set a record in this class yesterday at 231.1 mph. Ken went 231.3 mph to get back into impound. He had some problems with the motor, but is working fast a furiously in impound and plans to make his return run tomorrow.

- #9382, Spirit of St. Louis, class C/PS, John Morrisson – owner, Dennis Lindberg – driver. The existing record in the class is currently 206.055 mph. Dennis ran 206.184 mph today. Another squeaker!

- #1117, Scott Guthrie Racing, class M-BF 1650, Jason McVicar – driver. The existing record in this class is currently held by John Noonan at 215 mph. Jason ran 231 mph today to get into impound.

- #448 Two Guys Racing, class 750 SC-G, Wally Kohler – driver. Wally currently holds the record in this class at 135 mph. He ran 139 mph today to get into impound. Two Guys Racing have also set two other records so far this week. Wally did a 161 mph record run this morning on vehicle #1851 in the 1000 sidecar fuel class. The other guy from Two Guys Racing, Gary McMillan, did a 157 mph record run yesterday on vehicle #851 in the 1000 sidecar gas class.

- #4101, class M-BF 650cc, Travis Sutton – driver. Travis ran a respectable 153.7 mph against an existing open record.

- #308 The Hudson Boys, class XO BGRMR, Don Wilson – driver. Don Wilson ran 166 mph today against an existing open record.





August 14th, 2007 Morning Returns.


Impound was packed this morning! We had 73 total vehicles make record return runs this morning, and the officials got everyone through in only two hours. Here are some of the record returns we saw this morning:


- #6880, a car running on course #1, ran 193.333 in the quarter, 195.490 in the first mile, 204.986 in the middle, and 216.209 in the last.

- #1, the Barnyard Bearcat running on course #2, a Jim Knapp vehicle, Gene Talbot, driving. Speeds for this vehicle were 202.900 in the quarter, 204.377 in the first mile, 216.626 in the middle, and 231.223 in the last.

- #276, a bike running on course #2, ran 185.266 in the quarter, 186.778 in the first mile, 189.816 in the middle, and 189.814 in the last.

- #6411, Scott Guthrie Racing, Jason McVicar – driver. Jason ran 167.628 in the quarter, 168.350 in the first mile, 177.894 in the middle, and 181.929 in the last.

- #1225, MV Augusta motorcycle on course #2. This vehicle ran 186.433 in the quarter, 188.733 in the first mile, 190.890 in the middle, and 191.554 in the last.

- #608 Dauerheim-Biglow, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. This vehicle turned-out.

- #1641, Jason McVicar – driver. The existing record in this class was a 191.92. Jason’s times this morning were 213.795 in the quarter, 220.070 in the first mile, 222.781 in the middle, and 219.707 in the last.

- #278, Steele Speed Team motorcycle running on course #2. The times for this vehicle were 154.440 in the quarter, 163.996 in the first mile, 157.054 in the middle, and 191.507 in the last.

- #1280, McMeekin & Williams car went 173.770 in the quarter, 184.458 in the first mile, 206.858 in the middle, and 218.594 in the last.

- #1462, Hot Rod Magazine Special Camaro, Dave Freiburger – driver. Dave ran a 245 in the class yesterday. His times today were 232.026 in the quarter, 235.642 in the first mile, 243.395 in the middle, and 247.075 in the last.

- #715 Speed Demon streamliner, a George Poteet/Ron Main entry. This vehicle was going after a Dean Johnson record of 221.498. The streamliner ran on course #1 today with the times 189.873 in the quarter, 197.249 in the first mile, 213.641 in the middle, and 224.486 in the last.

- #1946, the Van Blarcom Racing roadster. The roadster ran 171.798 in the quarter, 179.115 in the first mile, and 191.980 in the middle mile. I didn’t catch a last mile time for this vehicle.

- #99, the John Raines firebird, E/BG coupe. Today’s times for this vehicle were 216.585 in the quarter, 227.355 in the first mile, 252.402 in the middle, and 261.990 in the last.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros. Team McLeish ran 189.342 in the quarter, 192.621 in the first mile, 197.642 in the middle, and 200.629 in the last.

- #671, class D/FMS, Team White racing out of Missouri, ran 196.097 in the quarter, 203.292 in the first mile, 215.259 in the middle, and 221.829 in the last.

- #126, class D/CGC, Cohn Jucewic Monza out of California, ran 190.608 in the quarter, 192.984 in the first mile, 195.918 in the middle, and 197.062 in the last.

- #9843, the Schnell Racing pickup out of Oregon, ran 195 in the quarter, 200 in the first mile, and then shut it down.

- #572, a Ferguson Racing car out of California, ran 190.104 in the quarter, 192.303 in the first mile, 195.102 in the middle, and 196.082 in the last.

- #743, Terry Hunt’s The Guam Bomb, ran 202.858 in the quarter, 211.605 in the first mile, 226.424 in the middle, and 229.815 in the last.

- #82 Snyder’s Salty Cuda, going after a 204 record, ran 194.619 in the quarter, 199.231 in the first mile, 206.276 in the middle, and 209.361 in the last.

- #66, BMR roadster, was a turn-out early on the course.

- #135, MacDonald & Pitts firebird went after a standing record of 288 mph. The vehicle was expected to run upwards of 300 mph, but pulled their chute right before the five-mile marker after what appeared to be some mechanical problems. Their times today were 256.756 in the quarter, 265.377 in the first mile, 276.862 in the middle, and 237.730 in the last.

- #2449, Jessel Motorsports, ran 220.781 in the quarter, 228.289 in the first mile, 243.709 in the middle, and 231.515 in the last.

- #3602, the Hoffman Markley roadster out of California, ran on an open record this morning. They ran 224.691 in the quarter and 231.310 in the first mile before pulling the chute.

- The V Max motorcycle ran 198 yesterday on a 183 record. Their times today were 190.915 in the quarter, 190.543 in the first mile, 191.257 in the middle, and 191.996 in the last.

- #920, the Contrivance Special, ran 257.8 yesterday on a 247 record. Their times today were 232.634 in the quarter, 237.820 in the first mile, 248.024 in the middle, and 253.622 in the last.

We’re back to qualifying runs right now. There is a slight delay on course #1 due to a minor accident. They are cleaning debris from the course right now. Course #2 is still running.


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