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Time Until World of Speed
El Mirage

October 3rd, 2007 Evening

Pretty nice day of runs. Plenty of qualifiers and plenty of broken cars too.

Impound area has kept Dan Warner semi busy

- Mark Deluca on Larry Forstall’s Guppy bike has become the fastest Naturally apirated bike anywhere running 223.7 mph in the 1650 APS-G class.

- Lee Guftason qualified the Hammond Roadster in D/BFMR at 261 mph on a 257.6 mph record.

- Dr Larry Mayfied running his Sunbeam had a 180 mph run on a 179 mph record.

- Gullett/Costello 7070 S-F 350cc motorcycle liner qualified on one of Don Vesco’s old records of 202 mph with a 212 mph qualifier.

- Charles Neurburg qualified the #1122 A/GS with a 351 mph qualifier on a Nish 332 mph record.

- Spensor Racing with Adrian McNain driving qualified in the E/CBGALT with a 205 on a 204 record.

- Ron Cohn qualified the Monza in E/CPRO with a 203 on his own 201 mph record.

- Bud Fab 50cc S-F streamliner qualified on an open record at 132 mph.

- Clark/Hall/Smith/Leggitt AA/BGL qualified with a 316 mph run on their 309 WOS record.

- Saltosaurus in C/GL went 274 mph with George Johnson driving on a 272 mph record.

- Doug Kenny running C/SR went 213 mph on a 206 mph record.

- Jason McVicar went 236 mph in an open bike class, no fairing, in the 1350cc M-BG class.

Other news Leo Hess made his first pass down the salt and went 143 mph at the 2 ¼ and coasted thru the rest of the miles and tipped the streamliner over on the return road. A skid failure caused the tip over. Just scrapped up the body. Roger Lessman made a shakedown pass in this streamliner running natural Gas at 222 mph.

October 3, 2007 afternoon

Things have been running pretty smooth for the most part during the morning runs. Remember last update I told you that the short course had some problem in the first ½ to 1 ¼ mile, it seems that they have had to many incidents on the course and now are integrating both short and long courses to the #2 Course which is on highway side.

We have had some good qualifiers already today. Robert Steel Jr. on the APS-G 1000cc bike just inched over 200 mph on two separate passes and decided to take the qualifier of 201.552 mph on the second pass. This is on their own record from Speedweek of 199.977 mph.

- Ro Yale driving the Contrivance Special B/GMR went 258.727 on a 255 record.

- Lance Morris driving Lindsmeyer Motorsports F/BFR went 201.618

- Keith Copeland driving in C/BGMS running a twin turbo Rodex went 247 on his unofficial record of 22x. something at Speedweek. This car is under protest from Speedweek, it is a Bocar in which they are waiting on the official word or documentation that 50 of them have been made.

- Jim Busby driving the Munz/Busby XXF/STR qualified with a 153.9 on a 153.7 record.

- Shug Hanchard So What Speed Shop C/BGRMR went 180 mph on their own 174 record.

- David Pilgrim in A/BGT went 234 mph on a 212 mph record.

Other news, Charles Neurberg had a small fire in the A/BGS #122 on his first pass. The second car Spirit of Rett in A/GS went #1122 he went 203 mph on his first pass in that car. Weather has been really nice so far today. Still waiting on a status of the Ohio State University fuel cell streamliner. Dave Spangler will be driving the Vesco #444 car and is towing up to the line for a run here shortly.

October 3, 2007 AM

Very cool, calm morning for the first day of racing. Just a atypical race event from Speedweek from the standpoint of weather. People dressed in cold weather jackets, gloves, hats and even some drivers already in their driver suits and leathers. That shouldn’t be a problem at the line. I do remember an event back a few years ago when it snowed on us during the event. The forecast for Friday shows a chance of snow by the way.

The morning drivers meets was very short and sweet. National anthem started the meeting with a brief moment of silence for Wally parks who passed away recently. He was one of the founding fathers of the SCTA and the NHRA, he was 94 when he passed. So knowing that, take a moment out of your day and give Wally a moment of silence.

Pits are opening at 7am and record returns at 8 am. They will run until approx 7 pm at night. The courses are the same as Speedweek but there is a short course and long course, they will not be combined like Speedweek. Long course is a really good course, smooth and hard. The short course has some problems from the ½ mile to the 1 ½ mile. They did announce that long course vehicle will have the chance at the 7 mile to move everybody across the courses to come back to the pits if they wish. The long course is on the highway side and short course pit side.

Only CB communications for speeds as the 1610 AM station is not up. Ron Christenson who usually does the 1610 AM station at Speedweek is not here. Ron you will be missed, we all enjoy your radio announcing.


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