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Time Until SpeedWeek 2017
Time Until SpeedWeekend on Ice 2017
  • Mal Hewitt sent this note about the coming fun at Lake Gairdner - so I'll put it here on the front page so all can see.

    " Well its that time again in  March that all the ozzy speed merchants look forward to. The Lake Gairdner Speedweek will commence next Monday the 8th.
     The Condition of the salt surface has been described as "excellent", "the best for years" . We have been very fortunate to of missed the huge rains from tropics that have flooded northern south Australia .
     There are four Vincents pre entered this year
     Stuart Penn   supercharged black Lightning  (what a beautifull sound)
    Terry Prince   Injected , methanol  sidecar 
    Mal Hewett    modified vintage gas, naturally aspirated
    Keith Carrick  1936 HRD  comet
     The DLRA will be running two tracks this year for the first time  and looking at at the number of entrys
    they will be needed .
     Looking at light winds and a couple of overcast days with  no rain  forcast to reach the lake Tempreture mid to high 20,s (celcius)
    .Will keep you posted how everyone goes .

    Regards   Mal Hewett
  • This is the just released statement from SCTA:

    Southern California Timing Association, Inc.
    Bonneville Nationals, Incorporated

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010
    The following press release from SFI was announced this past Friday and in
    essence it decertifies most
    of the SFI approved Impact Racing products. This quote was taken from the
    press release: bAt this time
    SFI does not know how many products have counterfeit labels and patches and
    which ones have
    authentic labels and patches. Therefore, it was unfortunately necessary to
    decertify all the products
    manufactured by Impact pursuant to SFI specifications 3.2A, 3.3, 16.1 and
    16.5.b The full press release
    can be viewed by following this link: http://www.sfifoundation.com/
    After careful consideration and investigation by the SCTA Technical Committee,
    inclusive of
    information exchanged with representatives from the safety certification
    organizations SFI and Snell,
    SCTA / BNI has decided to follow their recommendations. In plain English this
    is how this decision
    may affect you. If you currently own any of the decertified Impact Racing
    products listed below you will
    be required to replace them with a non-Impact product prior to competing at an
    SCTA-BNI event.
    3.2A Driver Suits (3.2A/1, 3.2A/3, 3.2A/5)
    3.2A Driver Suits (3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20)
    3.3 Driver Accessories:
    Arm Restraints
    Shoes (3.3/5)
    Drag Boots (3.3/15, 3.3/20)
    Gloves (3.3/1, 3.3/5, 3.3/10, 3.3/15, 3.3/20)
    Harness Pads
    Helmet Supports
    16.1 Driver Restraint Assemblies
    16.5 Stock Car Driver Restraint Assemblies
    Other Impact products not listed MAY also be under scrutiny and may be
    decertified at any time in the
    future. Impact manufactured helmets ARE NOT decertified at this time. However,
    if the helmet has an
    SFI certification tag for the nomex interior or balaclavas, then you will be
    required to use an additional
    nomex head sock, manufactured by another company, with a SFI certification tag
    For specific questions please contact:
    Lee Kennedy, Technical DirectorB
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    805.421.5056 Ext 113(O)
    818.519.6896 (C)
    Steve Davies, Chief Car Inspector
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (714) 671-9454
    Van Butler, Motorcycle Committee Chair
    SCTA b BNI
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (949) 497-6478
  • Judy Sights has sent me a note asking that I help the SCTA publicize the new scholarship program they, along with the BNI, have developed. Here's the letter I got - and a reminder that you can go to the SCTA/BNI website for more information. Judy also mentions that they're looking for folks to volunteer to judge the applications they receive. If you've got questions -- ask via email to the SCTA. Document follows:

    "We, the Scholarship committee, are pleased to announce the establishment of the SCTA/BNI Scholarship program. It has been funded by BNI and will be administrated by SCTA.

    This program seeks to assist dedicated students who show an aptitude and/or interest in pursuing studies in vehicle engineering or another field that is related to or supportive of Land Speed Racing. The purposes of the Program are several. First - we want to support our young people in their pursuit of an education plus encourage their participation in our sport. Additionally, as we are a not-for-profit organization, we hope that this Program will help to publicize our activities to not only students but to the general public as well.

    Reading from the front page of the application: “Any individual may apply for the scholarship, providing that his/her area of study is pursuant with some facet of Land Speed Racing, i.e. engineering, math, alternative energy, business management, etc. Applicants must also be recommended by an affiliated member of the Land Speed Racing community.” That could include any of our racing communities such as USFRA, ECTA, etc.

    The requirements are listed on the SCTA website (www.scta-bni.org) along with the entire application.


    End of document

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