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Time Until Speed Week
Time Until Top Speed Shootout, Bolivia
  • The November meet was one for the ages. Perfect weather, temps in the high 70s - low 80s and NO wind. We won't talk about the low temps at night, it is the high desert in the fall after all. The SCTA reports 150 entries. An average turnout these days. The end of the season tends to keep those not in contention for the Championship at home. The veteran dry lake racers will show up no matter what.

    The El Mirage 200 MPH Club welcomed three new members at the meet:

    Brian Gillespie driving the Hasport Hondata G/BGMS entry ran a great 200.9 record which got his club membership, and vaulted him into the points lead for the championship early on Saturday morning. More on Brian later. Keith Pederson got a turn at the wheel of the White Goose Bar Racing roadster. The Waters Manghelli Romero entry ran in F/BFR class this meet and Keith pedaled her down the track at 205 for a merlot colored hat. Keith's record means that all White Goose Bar principles who are driver types are now members of both clubs. Ed Umland, who is familiar with readers of Hot Rod magazine ran his B/BFRMR at a touch over the 240 minimum, 240.481 to be exact. Congratulations to all three, this brings the total of new club members to six for the year. Not bad for a season which had two events cancelled due to wet course conditions.

    Other records set this meet include:

    Robert Sights Jr with his G/BFMR at 180.105. Dennis Mariani had his new, ex-Seth Hammond, ex Bob Button E/BGMR out this meet and set a new class record of 206. It was hard to find Dennis in the pits because the big hauler was missing. The roadster was on an open trailer, a couple of crew members and some beer - just like the rest of us do. Greg Waters had his chance in the WGB roadster on Sunday and bumped Keith's new record up to 207. Don Ferguson III, D 3, to most all of us ran in XXF/BFR this meet using the Ferguson Ardun heads and SCoT blower repop. D3 ran a great 180 record. The team also had the #76 streamliner out testing their new Hondata engine and driveline combo for some serious records next season. The very successful Youngblood family brought their G/BStR to California from the home in Utah. I have seen them run two roadsters to several records at both Speed Week and World of Speed. The car is tuned by son JD and driven by his sister, the lovely Ali Ercanbrack, noted as Hot Rod Ali on the side of the trailer. Chet Thomas from Northern California is running the 511 Street Roadster as campaigned by Cummins Beck Davidson Thornsberry recently. Chet used John Beck power to set a new AA/StR record of 194 on Sat. He was on a super 200 pass Sun. until the trans would not shift into top gear. Good things to happen next year. Bob Jucweic continues to set records in the Cohn Jucweic Monza, this meet in the E/CGAlt class at 180+. Miriam Macmillan also continues to impress with yet another record in her H/BFCC entry, the Hondata CRX car, this time at 209.3.

    I mentioned Brian Gillespie before. Brian set a 200+ record on Sat. got club membership and moved into the points lead. As the other contenders fell away Hasport Hondata was the champ on Sat. night. Anticipation was as high as the sun on Sunday when it was the last chance to catch Brian and the points lead. Early on Brian made a pass and lost control of his car. The resulting tumble destroyed the car and Brian was air lifted from the area. Good news, Brian has injuries that will heal and retained the season championship for cars.

    The motorcycle impound had four new records to close out the year. Cathy Butler rode the ACAT/Butler/Erion/Hobbs 650-P-P entry to a record of 171. Jeannie Pflum was on the Pflum and Wagner Racing 1000-A-F bike and upped the class record to 194. John Noonan was on the 1350-APS-BG entry of Big CC Turbo/Noonan and set the class record and Top Speed of the Year for bikes at 250.669. Kenny Schaefer was on the Schaefer & Chambers 1650-A-PF entry and set the record at 182.

    This covers the final event of the season. Number one points was Hasport Hondata as I mentioned. Number one motorcycle is Ralph Hudson once again. Top speeds for car and bike were Dave Davidson in the 911 Blown Fuel highboy at 253.394 and John Noonan on the Big CC Turbo/Noonan Hayabusa at 250.669. Both of these speeds were set at the November event.

    Detailed results for the season can be found at: www.scta-bni.org

    Everyone have a great holiday season and put your thinking caps on so I can report on your successesnext year.

    Dan Warner

  • From Dan Warner, car and motorcycle rulebook changes.  Two PDF files, for saving, printing, or perusing.

    "I have not included the complete sections, only the changes. Updates will be in bold print and deletions are lined out and highlighted.
    The remainder of a paragraph where a change was made and the entire section will remain intact."




  • Hello, everyone. As you might know -- Nancy and I are at the Bonneville Salt Flats to provide internet coverage to the Top Speed Shootout that's going on this week. While many folks are already members of the landracing.com Forum, lots of you aren't. If you follow this link you'll go to the topic where all of the reports and photos are posted. If you can;t just click on the link -- copy and paste it into your web browser.  It'll take you to the beginning of the many pages -- you're welcome to read your way through - or to click to the newest posts.


    Also -- lots of the photos we're taking are right in the Forum, but here's a link to our Photobucket album for the Shootout. You can see all of what we've taken here:


    Ditto the above -- if you can't just click and follow the link - copy and paste it.

    And enjoy the fun. Here we are, only part way through the first day, and already we've got one new world speed record -- about 370 miles per hour, with one run of that two-way average being over 413 miles per hour. That's really picking 'em up and putting 'em down!

    Enjoy the site!
  • Once again high winds plagued the competitors as they tried to set more records on the high desert. The winds started in the mid-morning on Sunday and placed the racing on hold on and off during the afternoon. The winds aside, 13 car and three motorcycle records(one pending certification) were set.

    The good news is that Mark Vigeant was inducted as the first new member of the El Mirage 200 MPH Club for this year. Mark drove the Rice Vigeant Racing H/BFL to a new record of 202.561 to earn his Merlot colored hat. Mark also joined the Bonneville 200 MPH club at the recent World Finals, looks like a good year for the team.

    Mark Lintner drove the Eyres Moreland Noonan H/BGMR to a record of 151.934 and Sam Buck drove the Creel, Buck & Nelson V4F/VFAlt to 118.328 class record. Another V4F entry, The So What Speed Shop driven by Irene Hanchard set the record in V4F/BStR at 116.198. The V4 classes are very popular as the guys want to see what can be done with this “old” stuff. Scott Goetz drove the Aardema Eyres Braun V4/VFCC ’34 to a new record of 167.656.

    The White Goose Bar team set a couple records, Rick Yacoucci in the Costella Yacoucci B/GS at 234 for a class record and top speed of the meet. Keith Pederson put down a 154 lap for the record in the White Goose Bar Racing G/BMMP VW truck of Mike Manghelli.

    The Hondata crew set two records at this meet, Doug Macmillan(on his 45th birthday) in the F/BFCC class at 198 and wife Miriam in her G/GCC at 167.

    Jim Dincau and his son Tony set their first El Mirage record in their F/StR at 146. Look for more from this crew. Richard Ross took a turn at the wheel of the Harris & Wester GMC powered Camero and set the XXO/FCC record up to 175. Peter Shotrosky drove the Steve’s Machine F/PMP

    Ford Ranger to a record of 136.

    On a personal note; I lost the last of my records, the other at Bonneville, this year to Bob Jucewic in the Cohn Jucweic Monza in the C/CGAlt class by a margin of .465 MPH. Bob’s new record is 200.465. I guess 17 years is long enough to hold a record, good job guys.

    A couple of bike records were both set in the 1000cc class. Jamie Wagner had Jeannie Pflum on the 1000-P-P bike at 186 and Ralph Hudson rode his 1000-APS-G bike to a record of 182.

    The last meet of the year is fast approaching, Nov. 14/15. We wish everyone a fast and safe meet. Get ’er done and come back in 2010 faster than ever.

    Submitted by Dan Warner

  • 2009 INTERNATIONAL 36hp LAND SPEED CHALLENGE Wow! ! ! 2008 was a great year for the 36hp CHALLENGE with two 36hp land speed records broken along with the forty six year old, all time top speed for a 36hp engined Volkswagen Beetle land speed record held since 1961 by Dick Beith. In addition.......
  • USFRA Sanctioned
    150 MPH Club Rules

    • All drivers must be members of the USFRA., be a licensed driver, and sign a loss damage waiver to participate.
    • Successful completion of the technical inspection and payment of fees will allow as many timed passes on the course as the car/driver can make during the meet depending on the number of entrants.
    • An initial "licensing" pass at 125 mph will be required for all drivers to get the "feel" of the salt.
    • Maximum speed will be 160 mph any vehicle exceeding 160 mph will be disqualified from making any more passes and will not receive a timing slip.
    • An acceptable speed indicator is required so the driver has an indication of the car's speed at any point on the course.
    • Drivers will be required to participate in a driver orientation meeting with an experienced salt flats driver prior to racing.
    • Drivers will be required to sign a loss damage waiver to participate in the meet.
    • Wheel covers will be positively attached or removed.
    • Only gasoline, propane, or natural gas fuels may be used - NO nitrous, alcohol or nitro-fueled vehicles will be allowed.
    • Motorcycles must meet all the existing safety requirements in the current SCTA Bonneville Rule Book
    • The SCTA Bonneville Rule Book will be used as a guideline and reference for the purposes of safety requirements; i.e. Roll Bars.
    • A four- (4) point roll bar approved by a recognized Racing sanctioning organization must be installed in the vehicle; driver is responsible to provide objective evidence of approval. Integral Corvette-type roll bar is not acceptable.
    • The seat assembly must be adequately braced by a portion of the roll bar assembly.
    • The vehicle must have a 4 point or better seat belt restraint system (5 point is highly recommended) with
      Arm restraints or an approved window net.
    • Drivers must wear a SFI 3.2A/1 rated fire suit or better with an approved neck collar.
    • The driver must wear a Snell 95 approved, full-face helmet.. Motorcycle riders must have full leathers, which zip together, including boots and gloves.
    • Tires must be V or Z rated street tires or acceptable racing tires with metal valve caps. (Metal valve stems are highly recommended).
    • Cars must have an adequate battery tie down.
    • Driver must have objective evidence of tire speed rating. No tires wider than 10" will be allowed, unless the tires are OEM to the vehicle. (Narrow tires work better on the Salt).
    • Dual throttle return springs are recommended.
    • Drive line loops are required in the front 25% of each section of drive shaft on rear-wheel cars where adequate retention and control of a broken driveline is not assured by body/frame design.
    • A minimum 5 lb. Coast guard-approved fire extinguisher must be positively mounted in the vehicle in an approved quick release bracket
    • A ground cover must be used under the car in the pit area. Waste fluids will not be dumped, they will be taken off the salt for disposal. Pit areas and general Salt will be kept neat and clean at all times.
    • Driver must be licensed and vehicles must be currently licensed and street legal in their respective state.
    • Each car will require minimum 2 inspectors to enter.
    • Fees will not be charged for an inspection.
    • Inspection will verify the acceptable condition of the engine, drive train, wheels, tires, fuel, steering, braking, and safety systems to an approved checklist.
    • Decisions of the inspectors are final in the areas of safety assessment and requirements.
    • Course will be a 2 mile long course with a trap at the end of the second mile.
    • Drivers will qualify for the 150 mph club by making two passes over 150 mph but less than 161 mph during the meet.
  • Jim Travis Speedweek '06The speaker for the 2007 B'ville NW Reunion will be Jim Travis from Whittier, California. His 50 years of racing on the salt will provide many stories about cars, records and people from 1956 'till nowdays.
  • October 7th, 2004

    Pre-Entry List Released.

    Paid Advertisement

    Pre-Entry List released from the SCTA-BNI. There are some great entries listed here for World Finals. Some notable comments need to be made from the entry list. First off a very capable streamliner that many haven't seen or did not know was in existance is the Lessman Streamliner running in the AA/GS. This liner was constructed several years ago (1995 ish???) This is a very capable machine that was constructed for nothing but top speed 400+ mph. Don't quote me on it but I beleive from talking with Roger Lessman several years ago that he had a traction control system on the vehicle that prevented him running during the SCTA-BNI meets. Another issue he had was the salt length. Needed a groomed course long enough for him to acheive top speed. But then again whats new. This will be an interesting to see the streamliner and you can bet I will get pictures. I did hear thru the rumor mill that it was possible that it would not come out until next year, but maybe things have changed. We will see in about a couple days.

    Another interesting vehicle is the Burklands streamliner which posted a 450 mph run several years ago. This streamliner wrecked and was rebuilt. During World of Speed was its first time back on the salt since the reconstruction. The weather prevented the Burklands from making any runs during the event even though they were in line to make a pass. So they will be anxious to make a pass. I would suspect they will be in the front of the line to make one of the first passes during the World Finals event.



    The Buckeye Bullet Ohio State University Team running their Electric Streamliner. During speedweek they were able to just eclipse the 300 mph barrier with a 308.317 mph run but were unable to back up the run. That is just outstanding since the current record is at 256 mph set by this team last year. They are the first to break the 300 mph barrier with an electric vehicle. This vehicle will be ready to run both national and international records during the World Finals Event. The question is will it be able to see a 300 mph record?

  • April 27, during the first ECTA event of the year, there will be a Head and Neck Restraint Seminar at the Hampton Inn.

    The speaker will be Jay Braxton of Hans Performance Products.

    Topics will be:

    1) History of head and neck restraints.
    2) Why use a head and neck restraint if it's not required.
    3) Which head and neck restraint is right for me?
    4) Fittings to dispel any comfort concerns.

    Details at the ECTA web site.

  • Mal Hewitt sent this note about the coming fun at Lake Gairdner - so I'll put it here on the front page so all can see.

    " Well its that time again in  March that all the ozzy speed merchants look forward to. The Lake Gairdner Speedweek will commence next Monday the 8th.
     The Condition of the salt surface has been described as "excellent", "the best for years" . We have been very fortunate to of missed the huge rains from tropics that have flooded northern south Australia .
     There are four Vincents pre entered this year
     Stuart Penn   supercharged black Lightning  (what a beautifull sound)
    Terry Prince   Injected , methanol  sidecar 
    Mal Hewett    modified vintage gas, naturally aspirated
    Keith Carrick  1936 HRD  comet
     The DLRA will be running two tracks this year for the first time  and looking at at the number of entrys
    they will be needed .
     Looking at light winds and a couple of overcast days with  no rain  forcast to reach the lake Tempreture mid to high 20,s (celcius)
    .Will keep you posted how everyone goes .

    Regards   Mal Hewett
  • Last night the combined SCTA-BNI boards made the decision to open the salt
    one day earlier than published for inpection and pit setup. The first day the
    salt will be available.....
  • USFRA Sanctioned

    130 MPH Club Rules

    • All drivers must be members of USFRA, be a licensed driver, and sign a loss damage waiver to participate.
    • A maximum of five (5) runs will be allowed per entry fee paid.
    • The 130-mph format is specifically designed for street cars/ motorcycles. To gain entrance into the 130-mph club, the vehicle must run the measured mile twice in the same day at a speed no less than 130 mph. The two runs are then averaged. Once a driver & car combination has achieved 130 club status no more runs will be allowed
    • An initial "licensing" pass at no more than 100 mph will be required to calibrate on board speed gauge equipment. i.e.; tachometer, speedometer, etc.
    • Maximum speed will be 140 mph - any vehicle exceeding 140 mph will be disqualified from making anymore passes and will not receive a timing slip.
    • The driver must wear a Snell 95 approved, full-face helmet, long sleeve shirt or jacket, and long pants.
    • Motorcycle riders must have full leathers, which zip together, including boots and gloves.
    • Open cars must have a 4-point roll bar. After market roof modifications are considered "open car". Factory only T-tops must have fiberglass or steel inserts in place when running.
    • Cars must be equipped with OEM lap and shoulder belts. If vehicle was manufactured prior to belts, they will be added.
    • Only gasoline, propane, or natural gas fuels may be used - NO nitrous, alcohol or nitro-fueled vehicles will be allowed.
    • Cars must have an adequate battery tie down.
    • Drive line loops are required in the front 25% of each section of drive shaft on rear-wheel cars where adequate retention and control of a broken driveline is not assured by body/frame design.
    • Dual throttle return springs are recommended.
    • Vehicles must have H, V, or Z rated tires which are rated for speeds in excess of 130 mph.
    • Tires & wheels for all vehicles will have metal valve caps (metal valve stems highly recommended) & crack-free valve stems. No tires wider than 10" will be allowed, unless the tires are OEM to the vehicle. (Narrow tires work better on the Salt).
    • Wheel covers will be positively attached or removed.
    • All cars will have a small fire extinguisher securely mounted inside the vehicle.
    • A ground cover must be used under the vehicle in the pit area. Waste fluids will not be "dumped" they will be taken off the salt for disposal. Pit areas and general Salt will be kept neat and clean at all times
    • Rental Cars will not be allowed.
    • -All vehicles must be currently licensed and street legal in their respective state.
    • -Fees will not be charged for an inspection.
    • -Inspection will verify the acceptable condition of the engine, drive train, wheels, tires, fuel, steering, braking, and safety systems to an approved checklist.
    • -Decisions of the inspector are final in the areas of safety assessment and requirements.
  • Many many thanks to John Szalay for this great collection of old scanned articles.  There are over 160 pages in all, ranging from 1905 to 1975.  John's put a lot of time into it, and we appreciate being able to make these available to the public.  There are some really interesting things, check 'em out!


    Pop Sci Aug 1948


    Follow the "History" menu item above, then the "A New Collection of Scans" link to see them all.

  • Tom

    Bill Hoddinott: All right, Tom, we're getting near the end of the story but it's time for the $64,000 question, the answer to which all the Burklands fans world-wide want to know! ARE YOU GOING TO RACE YOUR STREAMLINER ANYMORE??????

    Tom Burkland: Bill, the answer to that question is... maybe. We might.. Our car has been officially timed at Bonneville at 450 mph so we know it has that potential. Our team is very proud that we have taken the FIA mile record at 415 mph, but it would be nice to have it up closer to 450.

    On the other hand, as we have said, TRACTION is our issue and any more speed depends entirely on getting the rare absolutely perfect course and weather at Bonneville, and it is SO hard to catch those times with a meet where you can run for FIA two ways. But the fact that I keep the car at my place nowadays, only 150 miles from Bonneville, does reduce the frustration of taking it down there and not being able to run it.

    Another consideration is that it is quite expensive to maintain and run this car, and the money comes out of our back pockets. More so than the cash expense is the sacrifice of the many dedicated crew members who give up their hard earned vacation time and spend their own transportation money to help us achieve these lofty goals. Mind you, not one of them has ever complained about this, in fact they look forward to it.

    There is always, of course, the safety angle hanging in the air. The FIA runs going toward I-80 can be a real courage check with almost no room for any equipment malfunction. The one hour turnaround process exposes the entire crew, not just the driver, to the safety risks of thrashing on a flaming hot car with no time to exercise caution. These factors definitely play into any decision to make another FIA record attempt at higher speeds.

    All that being said, if there was a fifteen mile hard flat surface provided by Mother Nature, you can bet we would be there to take advantage of it and go fast.

    At the moment, some of our crew guys have cars they want to run at Bonneville. And Gene is in the middle of building a vintage belly tank. He's also restoring a nice '56 Chrysler 300B.

    Bill: I well remember as a 17-year-old-kid in Minneapolis, a fellow in our neighborhood bought himself a brand-new 300B and I thought that was an absolutely gorgeous car. It still is! 354 Hemi with two four-barrels on it. Chrysler was riding high that year!

    Tom: So we'll just have to wait and see whether we take the streamliner out any more, Bill. But before we wind up this story, there's one more topic I want to cover with you that might help some other racing teams.

    That's about our 18-wheeler that everybody's seen at Bonneville. When it comes rolling in, I know most people think, "The Burklands must be multi-millionaires!"

    This transporter is about as special as the race car and comes from the same traditional backyard hot rodding approach. It looks great with Gary Stauffer's terrific paint job and those polished aluminum wheels. But here's where it really comes from. A 25-year-old Freightliner cab-over truck we bought for $4000 and a 45-foot Kentucky trailer we paid $4500 for. Both had a million miles on them when we started the rebuild process.

    We rebuilt them to reliable condition and titled and licensed them in Montana as a motorhome. Before we had this rig, we needed two one-ton pickups pulling trailers to get all our crew, equipment and race car to Bonneville. Our trip has numerous mountain passes, which were tough going up, and even tougher coming down the other side. Besides that, the pickups ate a lot of expensive fuel.

    Now, we can travel in the rig in comfort, put our car and all our equipment in it, and the gross weight is 53,000 pounds. The Freightliner was built to haul 80,000 pounds over the Rocky Mountains forever, so you see it is lightly stressed and gives good fuel economy.

    Bill: That's great, Tom. Just another example of the amazing amount of quality work and original ideas your team has produced over the years.

    But back to the question of racing the streamliner some more, if an old white-haired guy, with great respect, could comment. This topic reminds me of the memoirs of the great five-times World Grand Prix Champion road-racer Juan Manuel Fangio, which I have in the other room. He raced in the late 1940s and '50s, in the days when the cars were close to 200 mph, sometimes running on public-road courses, and the drivers had not even any lap belts in most cases, definitely no roll bars, and their helmets were pitiful by today's standards. Fire suits were un-dreamed of, even though the cars carried a lot of fuel and often caught fire in crashes. They raced in tee shirts.

    Fangio was badly hurt in one race in mid-career, out of action for months, but returned and continued for several more seasons. Finally, now in his mid-40s, he announced his retirement, returned to his native Argentina and opened up some car dealerships with his professional earnings.

    At the end of his memoirs he notes with wry amusement that fans would often come into his store to meet him and to pay their respects. This was fine, but he said some of them also seemed to feel disappointment that he had retired still alive. It was as if they felt his legend would have been more glorious if he had consummated it by a fiery death on the racetrack...

    Tom: Bill, that's a good story. We have lost some very dear friends over the years of land speed racing and hopefully some of what has been presented here will help others to not get into similar dangerous situations.

    Bill: Tom, I know all readers will agree with me that the Burklands history is an extraordinary one of tremendous efforts over many, many years, crowned with enormous achievements. An inspiring example that will live on forever at Bonneville. And I use these words with consideration and sincerity. They are not too much to say!

    I would go further and say that by rights, the Burklands should be in the Oval Office at the White House receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for these remarkable achievements and contributions to American culture. And I would love to see a movement by your Montana Senators and Congressmen to make that happen. They are the most appropriate ones to do it!

    And, of course, many thanks to you, Betty and Gene for your hours of hard work helping to put this story together!

    Tom: Well, Bill, that's a lot to say. But thank you for it, and for your efforts on the project. Betty, Gene and I have enjoyed ourselves.


    Bill: (laughing) Tom, that's a GOOD question. No doubt about it, the Burklands are a RARE BREED!

    So what do YOU say, gentle reader?

    Copyright © 2009 Bill Hoddinott

    Back to Part 11 ____________________ The End
  • Notice the two new links to the left for the El Mirage Ladies Auxiliary and the Utah Motorsports Foundation.  These two groups do great work providing support for injured racers.  Check them out......

  • October 12th.

    Weather is great. Salt looks good. And there are some fast vehicles on hand for a good meet. To get started the Movie crews are still here filming a movie about Burt Muroe starring Anthony Hopkins. This was the Indian Streamliner that went just over 200 in the early sixties. I ventured over there to the set when everybody was at lunch and took some pictures. So the pictures with a bunch of sixties vehicles in them are from the movie set. They were going to be done filming last Saturday but have now extended it to this coming Friday. Great selection of vehicles and most notable that interested me was the Thompson Challenger. Take a look at the photo pages for the pics.

    So far a great turnout about 20-25 bikes and about 80 cars. And some are still coming. Salt conditions look pretty darn good, much better then the Bub Meet and WOS meet. There are approx. 4 vehicles running BIN International Records. Ron Mains Eco-Fire, Ohio State University Electric Streamliner and Ack Attack Motorcycle Streamliner are the ones I am aware of at this time.

    Plenty of fast company at this meet and some new vehicles that have potential. Roger Lessman did bring his new AA/GS to the event, Rick Byrnes 6 wheeled lakester making its first salt appearance. Rick is running his Turbo Mercur 2.3L (race condition closer to 2.0L) motor that he had much success with in the Mercur Car. Some other fast company cars will make the meet exciting Burklands, Danny Boy Apples, Skip Hedrick, Costella Neb III, Haas Racing. And there are plenty more. The morning meeting starts at 8 am. Racing to start after that. I hope to be fast on the updates, I am planning on a 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm updates. 4 times in one day, I hope that you do like them.

    Also I heard rumors that Rick Vesco may bring the Turbinator back out next year for some passes to honor his brother Don Vesco, who passed away, and whom I coin "The King of the Salt." Then in same rumor was Rick was going to bring back the old Vesco/Nish 444 car for his kids to race on the salt.

    October 13th

    8:52 Am

    Last night at the Montego Bay casino I got to personally meet Anthony Hopkins which was the highlight of my night. All I could think about was the movie Hanibal which he starred in. Pretty down to earth, shook my hand and we chatted a few minutes about the movie which they are filming on the salt.

    The morning started pretty chilly about 48 degrees, and a 10-12 mile cross wind from the Mountain side. The drivers meeting was held at 8 am. Pretty much the same stuff, get off the course as soon as possible, pull to right for problems blah blah blah. We pretty much hear the same thing. BNI International runs will be right after record returns in the morning and a time to be designated for the afternoon attempts. Drivers and crews are now driving the course and we should be ready to race soon.

    12 PM

    Another very innovative designed car has showed up. The Chet Herbert designed rear steer vehicle. This vehicle is steered by a single rear wheel, and has 3 front drive wheels in front of that are two aluminum wheels. The rules state that rear steer is illegal, but this vehicle is border line. As vehicle gets to speed the rear steer is locked out from input from driver, the a front canard wing is attached to front of vehicle that angle can be changed by hydraulics from the driver that steers the front two aluminum wheels. Got to love innovation. Cant wait until this vehicle goes. They have done private testing at El Mirage and have exceeded 175 mph which might be the fastest wheel driven rear steer vehicle.

    They are running OK with exception that there have been two fires and a handful of spins. The winds have been up since this morning and Havana died down yet. Fire vehicles included Seth Hammonds #77 Roadster will Lee Guftason driving and also put him in the spin too. Another fire vehicle was the Razzberry Rocket. The big run so far has been Earl Wooden with his AA/GS he ran 363 mph. This is the fastest gas powered vehicle. California Fritz came with his 2000 cc motorcycle streamliner this is his first event this year went 209 with no mishaps. This motorcycle liner has a history of falling over on the turnout. Dewayne McKinney driving the Burbank Automotive rare 4 wheel drive roadster went 275 mph on the current 263 record in the A/BFR class. This vehicle is rare because 4 wheel drive has been outlawed and there are only a few vehicles that are left that were grandfather in. This is one of them.

    3 PM

    No matter how fast one of those diesel trucks goes it's just an awesome site to see the trail of smoke coming out. The Joint Venture went 200 mph in the last mile, but some of the smoke trail was from burning up a turbo on that beast. Few vehicles make people drop what they are doing to watch and they are one of them. Correction on Hammed crew there was not fire, just a spin. They have spun in each of the three events this year. All around the same speed of 250-255 mph. They made allot of changes between the events with same result. They hurt their rear tires on this last spin. The ever so treasured tires right now. They have a new set but are debating the changes needed. Jason McVicar running the Falkner/Livingston entry in the APS-F 650cc riding a Honda 600RR qualified the bike at 173 mph. GM Performance Division EcoTech car running G/BFALT ran 224 in the last mile on their own 212 mph record. Their other car running G/BFR ran 209 and qualified also. Pantera Kid running D/GT just a little shy of record running 203 on a 209 record. Hudson Boys XO/GS seems to keep bumping up records qualified at 233 on a 225 record. McDonald/Pitts was a turn out. Ye Old Dragon a new unlimited diesel pickup on its maiden voyage broke the drive line on the short course shutting it down for awhile. While on the long course Jack Costella running D/FS went 285 mph and had another fire after it cleared the course and broke the steering on the car. They are starting the BNI International record runs now.

    3:30 PM BNI International runs.

    Becky Bullet from Ohio State University Mile speed 267 mph, Kilo 267 mph. No chutes deployed ended up 8 1/2 mile in impound.

    Ron Mains EcoFire at the Mile 335 mph and the Kilo 334.

    Ack Attack Motorcycle streamliner Mile speed 214 and Kilo at 220 mph.

    These vehicles now have 1 hour to make a turn around pass both bike and cars under the BNI International rules.

    4:25 PM

    Bukeye Bullet from Ohio State University Return Mile speed 275 and Kilo Speed 275 during the run they ran over and exploded two timing lights we could hear a pop going through the mile and Eco-Fire has 9 minutes to run he also hit the mile 4 mile marker. People are out cleaning up parts now.

    Well because Bukeye Bullet took out the mile timing lights, and the time it took to clean up the exploded lights the Eco-Fire was only able to achieve the Kilo speed which was about 8 seconds to late. He only went mid 230's for the return pass. He still could have gotten a record but because he was late going through the lights none of the speeds count. Now course is held so crews can fix the broken lights at both 3 and 4 mile, replace the mile marker and do a good clean up.

    6 PM

    Robbie Cohn's Monza made it's first pass 218 mph and he was looking for about 230 mph. Talked with Tom Burkland and when they went to hang up the catch net at end of course he thought there was a little moister last night. And through the afternoon the wind was to much for them so they will try tomorrow morning first thing is wind is good. Freddy Dannenfelzer car #44 running A/BFL going after a 332 record was able to qualify on it with an amazing run of 348 mph. Hank Booth trying out his new Hayabusa Turbo alcohol bike ran 193 for a shakedown run. Jack Christer trying to be the first person on a 750cc bike to run a open bike 200 mph record has been struggling with it around mid 170's. Jason McVicar with his R1 running in the MPS-F class going after a tough Joe Amo record of 223 mph made his first pass at 209 mph. #34 Ron Behnam Rear engine roadster running Time only ran 238 mph. Lanes are now shut down for the day. I have had a problem with my Landracing.net server which hosts all the images had an overload and should be back up in the next couple hours.


    October 14th

    Im still having trouble with the server that is hosting the pictures, please be patient I will get it fixed, was up until 5 am this morning working on it.

    8:49 AM

    Two just outstanding runs one for that fastest gasoline powered vehicle by Earl Wooden he made just an outstanding run yesterday at 363 mph in the AA/GS class and he was able to back it up this morning with a 366 mph run with a 371 mph exit speed. The other was Freddy Dannenfelzer DMR Racing running A/BFL ran a 348 mph run yesterday was able to a little more foot into it and accomplished 361 mph backup run. So around a 355 record. He is now the fastest open-wheeled car (non streamlined). Sorry Joe Law looks like you will have to take your car back off the for sale block and come take your record back. Other news, Hudson Boys streamliner 233 mph qualifier backed up at 229 mph in the XO/GS. Their other car the little Geo Metro running in I/BGC ran 129 and 131 on a 123 record. These guys always bump some records at all the meets. I don't ever remember them not setting a record when they come out with one of their vehicles. Fjastad - Kinne Bros running in the C/GMR running on a 235 mph record put two together runs of 240 mph and 233 mph so getting is by a couple mph. Jason McVicar running the APS-F 650cc bike of Faulkner/Livingston was able to return at 181 mph with a qualifier of 173 mph, this bike is running the juice. To great runs to take an old record out of the books of Dave Dastrup's set back in '92 at 165 mph. DeWayne McKinney running the rear engine roadster of Burbank Auto in the A/BFR class running on a 262 record was able to backup his 275 mph with a 282 mph return pass. Saline Solution running 194.5 mph in the XO/BGL class ran 196 mph this morning on a 193 record which has been changing hands by a mph during the course of running this year. They are really looking to get 200 mph out of this lakester and it's getting real close. They are now getting ready for only one BNI International run by Ack Attack streamliner which yesterday only went 220 mph. During the BUB International meet in September they ran just a little over 270 mph and in process put the liner on the side. They hurt the clutch yesterday and made repairs last night so we will see here shortly. I will update on the run as I comes through here shortly.

    It looks as if I got the photo site back up and online it will take me a little while to get yesterdays pictures up to be patient I will be working on that during the course of the day.

    BNI International Runs 9:30 AM

    Ack Attack Streamliner very impressive with Jimmy Odum driving was able to post a Kilo Speed of 293 mph and a Mile speed of 303 mph. He now has 1 hour to return for the BNI International record. This is a super impressive you must understand, first year on the salt for this vehicle, got preliminary runs done at Speedweek, wrecked at Bub's Meet, now is at a point to claim a very sizable record during this World Finals meet.

    9:51 AM

    Ack Attack will not be making a backup run. During the run they lost two chains. One that drives the front motor, in process it broke the cases. The other was for the landing gear. When he was slowing his landing gear was unable to come out, luckily he had a good SCTA alert staff at the end and was able to help him from tipping over when he stopped. They have parts and hope to ready again for the 3 pm BNI International runs.

    Others news so far for regular record qualifying is John Rains running D/PS going after the 292 record is getting there and ran 284 mph. Team Elves Aaron Wilson Buell 1650cc MPS/PF with Tim Horton driving ran a very impressive 205 mph on this Buell. This is a possible 200 mph club entry.

    11:00 PM

    California Fritz piloting his Harley streamliner running 2000cc S/PG got his best run ever at 226 mph and he said it was his smoothest pass ever on the bike. And still no mishaps this meet for him tipping over on the turnouts. Great job. Seth Hammond Roadster, can you guess yet????? Yes Lee spun the car again this time at 236 mph at the same point in the track around the 4 mile like all the other spins just about all the same speeds. This time they tried relocating and adding some weight but it seems that didn't fix the problem. Hmmmmm. Joint Venture unlimited diesel hauler ant 226 mph just an amazing run. George Fields running is Trackmaster Special in the D/FCC ran 304 mph in the last mile and had a very huge spin that started after he pulled the parachute. It's just amazing it stay upright at the speed and the amount of times it spun. He hit a few cones and a mile marker but otherwise everything is ok. Did see the Ohio State University Electric Streamliner that hit the photo cell and batteries yesterday on the return run went through the front of the car and put a hole, and part of mile marker was stuck on car. Burklands are now making their way up to the starting line to test their new parachute deployment system, will be going to the three and shutting down.

    3:35 PM

    Joint Venture put on a good show pulling a 226 mph. Dave Matson came again with is 1956 Vincent running on nitro and hit a 207 mile time. This bike just is awesome sound coming by. Tom Thumb Special managed to get his qualifier he was looking for running 245 mph in the D/FCC and if the air is good like this morning we may just see 250 out of it yet. By the way, the corrected altitude this morning was the lowest I had every seen it at 3750 ft. Way awesome Burkdoll stated he had not seen that good air in 20 years. Haas racing streamliner ran a 271 mph on a 262 in I think the B/BGS, don't quote me on that class. Skip Hedrick after parachute problems at speedweek pulled together a good run again on a old Vesco/Nish record of 322 mph in the C/GS class at 332 mph. Wilson/Waters still running hard with their C/FR put a 252 mph run together on their own 247 record. John Rains still trying to get that D/PS record of 292 up higher ran 287 mph after a turbo housing change. Chet Herberts rear wheel steer car first time on the salt made the required minimal pass to the 2 1/4 and ran 142 mph. Maybe the first time one stayed upright and didn't tip over and maybe the longest run for one without a mishap also. Officials drove close behind to check the stability and it looked good. Dave Matson made another pass and through the middle mile went 222 mph, just great. Burklands were a turn out twice on two different occasions, they are working on it now. Ack Attack streamliner is now going to run on a SCTA record not BNI they are repaired and ready to run. They initially thought they busted the cases on one of the engines, but it only turned out to be a housing the mounts to the side of the block. And Jack Costella wanted to relay that the smoke from his run was only from engine and not a fire as I previously reported. Jack Costella little Belly Bomb NEB IV 80cc liner running in the 100cc class fuel unblown went 142 mph.

    There was a representative here to possibility to make tires for us. It does look promising for both motorcycles and cars to get tires made for the future.

    Also on a side note I spent allot of my day fixing the picture issues the server should be up and good to go, the first days pictures that were not enlarging should be fixed. The only downfall to the time spent was lack of pictures today sorry.

    6 PM

    Ohio State University Electric Streamliner going after the SCTA record now went just an outstanding at 315 mph. Found out John Rains switched classes and is now running in D/BGALT on his own record of 279 and he ran 287 for a qualifier. Ferguson boys running their XXO/GS running on the Hudson Boys record who took their XO/GS record earlier now qualified on their record and went 240 mph with Don Ferguson III driving. Rick Byrnes with his new 6 wheeled lakester still going through stages of speed on it and went 156 mph. A surprise to me was Andy Green was at the event. We talked for awhile about what he is doing, Richard Noble is into building some commercial private planes now, and he states that Craig Breedlove is pretty much retired bought some property in Mexico and just hanging out. Noble says he wants to bring a car over sometime in the future to race on the salt. Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner made another run but turned out in the first mile. Haas racing made another pass in the confirmed B/BGS class at 276 mph on the new record set by Desert Rose Skip Higgenbothems car at 261 mph in September.


    October 15th

    9:51 AM

    Record Returns this morning again very cool weather with no wind. Jack Christer running his 750 M/BG qualified at 195 mph pass but dropped a cylinder and decided to backup on three cylinders and turned out after 1st mile. California Fritz made a return run at 203 in first mile on his 226 qualifier they were different miles so no record. John Rains who moved over to the D/BGALT backed up his 280 mph qualifier with a 281 return on a 279 record. Neb IV Belly Bomb was unable to backup their 142 mph pass. Andy Green just loved this little liner. Burbank Auto with Dewayne McKinney requalified the 4 wheel drive roadster at 285 mph on their new record of 279 but pulled out after the first mile. Hudson Boys streamliner running XO/GS went down at 234 mph and returned at 230 mph just enough to take the 231 mph record, which they took from the Ferguson Boys. The Ferguson Boys who were running in the XXO/GS going after the Hudson Boys record went 240 mph and 237 which should be enough. Wilson/Water C/FR which ran 252 on their own 247 mph record backed up at 250 mph so a record in the 251 range. Way to go guys. Saline Solution who I told you earlier were looking to get a 200 mph record in the XO/BGL had two runs that were so close to their goal, down run at 198 and return run at 199 mph so going to be a 199 and change record. Skip Hedrick who put together a good pass at 332 mph in the C/GS on the Vesco/Nish record of 322 mph was unable to backup and shut it down through the first mile. The Barnyard Bomber who most known as Worlds Fastest Honda in the G/GS class went down at 252 mph returned at 255 mph. Tracer Racing went down at 208 mph in the middle mile running in the F/GL class returned at 218 mph I believe on a 186 mph record. E/FALT #264 Batto/McClendon entry went down at 218.6 mph and returned at 215 which should be enough for the 216 and change record going to come down the tenths of a mph for that one to be good. George Fields Trackmaster #125 running D/BFCC ran 304 mph yesterday and had a spin afterwards went down the track thumping the pits with the sound of nitro had to turn out towards the end of the track and turned to the inside so a major problem of some sort. Ohio State University Electric Streamliner Bukeye Bullet who went down at 316.6 mph backed up at 313 mph the first ever electric car record over 300 mph and puts the driver in the 300 mph chapter of the 200 mph club. Carl Francis running in the APS/BF 1000cc class who had a 208 run yesterday went 203 and change today to eclipse the old Mabry Racing record of 200 mph. Team Elves with Buell running MPS/PF 1650cc class went 205 mph yesterday had a return of 206 mph and will put Tim Horton in the 200 mph club. Ack Attack aborted a BNI International pass around the 2 mile.

    10:14 AM 238

    On the record returns George Fields did have a fire, and they are seeing if they can make the repairs to get it back out. Skip Hedrick reported a bad driveline vibration so he shut down the C/GS.

    12:18 PM

    Troy Stuart running Hank Booths McXpress bike in the APS-BG class just ran an excellent 238 mph qualifier on a 206 mph record. Take it to impound ladies. Jack Costella little 100cc Streamliner which failed his backup run this morning went 141 mph to requalify. The temp at 10:37 am this morning has been at 50 degrees. California Fritz, it was bound to happen dumped his liner after the 5 mile. Everything OK. Earl Wooden again trying to push that record up in AA/GS went 363 mph which is just a mph under the new record he set at 364 earlier this meet. Lund Cadillac ran 214 just missed a qualifier need with Dave Noyce driving in E/BGC. They qualified yesterday at 216 mph but thought they could go faster.

    1:51 PM

    Rice/Vigent lakester had a nasty wreck on the long course. The driver is OK. But the car is badly damaged. This held up the action for about an hour or more. Tom Burkland finally got off the line after two attempts for its maiden voyage down the track after repairing the car. Initial run was to test the new parachute systems installed. You could hear the vehicle fire up at the line from the 4 mile all the way down the track, you could hear lots of wheel spin from this powerful vehicle ran it to the three mile and pulled the chutes and they looked wonderful said Betty Burkland. The time was a little slow then what they wanted to test them at but he managed 305 in the first mile. There are allot of happy faces around that crew right now. Tom is pretty excited to get back into the car. They will now tow back to the pits to look everything over and see what they next step is. Maybe a full pass???? The Saline Solution vehicle did manage to get a 202 mph run out the lakester. John Noonan made his first pass testing the bike out and went 221 in the first mile and shut it down.

    3:00 PM

    Wilson/Water C/FR Roadster on a bigger tune up dialed in by Mike Manghelli took their roadster to 257 mph. Higgenbothem/Allen Desert Rose made a great pass after breaking earlier this week to 288.980 mph. That should be a good qualifier. Haas Racing was a turn out. Cars at the starting lines are getting to be few, I heard Bill Taylor on the short course line was sleeping. Found Ack Attack line hurt the clutches on the motorcycle liner.

    6 PM

    Looks as if John Noonan figured a few things out he went 246 mph and in the APS-BF 1650cc class and is passing on the qualifier to go some faster. Jason McVicar just been a riding machine this meet, qualified his own bike which is now in the A-G 1000cc class qualified 171 mph on a 168 mph record. Also riding the Faulkner/Livingston 650 MPS-F which was a class change from APS went 184 on a 168 mph record. Ye Olde Dragon which is a new Unlimited Highway Hauler 3 established a new record this morning at 164 and change just qualified again at 175 mph. Racedeck Roadster running in the E/BFR running on their own record of 186 mph went just super fast at 213 for a qualifier. Tom Bryant had a little problem on the start line and small explosion which lifted the body on the car, broke the window rails you just have to look at the pictures. But everybody ok, it happened at the line on the initial start. Herbert Cam Rear Steer car ran, SCTA officials only letting it go up in speed gradually ran 121 yesterday (not the 142 I reported), ran 159 mph late afternoon. Everything look real good. Maybe we can see a full pass through the full mile tomorrow. John Noonan made another pass trying for that AA license went 248 mph and took that one to impound. Jimmy Odum driving Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner just made one hell of a pass at 330 mph last mile this one goes to impound. This will be a SCTA record attempt not a BNI International attempt.

    October 16th

    6:00 AM

    Ok I have omitted some important people during my reporting, new 200 Club members.Keith Nelson #686 F/GL 210 mph, Mike Kinne #777 C/GMR 237 mph, Jack Kelly #664 E/GL 236 mph, Jeff Bryant #216 D/FCC 244 mph, Patrick McClendon #264 E/FALT 216 mph, Roger Schroer #8006 III/E 314 mph, Tim Horton #1987 1650cc APS/PF 205 mph. There are more inline to become members during the mornings runs.

    9:00 AM

    John Noonan now becomes the fastest siton bike record holder by running a return pass of 245 mph and with his 248 mph run should put it in the 246-247 range on the 186 record in the APS-BF 1650cc class. Andy Sills was able to backup today in the Neb IV Belly Bomb 100 cc liner with a 141 mph return on his 140 mph down run. Skip Higgenbothem / Allen entry was unable to return a good pass and only went 231 mph. Tony Stuart running Hank Booths McXpress turbo Hayabusa went 235 mph record pass with his 238 down run will put Tony in the 200 mph club. Jason McVicar now running open bike in the A-G class ran 171 yesterday was able to back it up with a 172 mph run for a new class record. At speedweek Jason set 6 records in 6 different classes this was the class he missed the last day of speedweek. Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner was able to run and made a pass of 325 mph on his 330 mph run yesterday, pretty darn good for the first year out on the salt. Wilson/Waters C/FR made a drag race run and again ran 257 mph for both runs. The Ye Olde Dragon highway hauler was unable to backup the 175 mph pass from yesterday by leaving parts close to the starting line.The #117 lakester F/GL Tracer Racing also made a nice backup pass from 228 mph yesterday with a 231 mph pass this morning.


    They are only running until 11 am then record returns after. Ron Mains Eco-Fire made a test pass after they were a turn out on an international attempt. They went 320 with a new driver not Ron Main driving.


    2 1/4 - 322.187 mph
    3- 341.822 mph
    4- 386.204 mph
    5- 418.425
    exit speed of 436.161 mph.

    They qualified for the record and are taking it to impound for a return pass later.

    Qualifying runs have been extended to 1:00 pm. Ron Main is done with international passes and now just letting a new driver have some seat time. Hank Booth on his Alcohol turbo bike went 225 in first mile when his visor came up and had to abort the run. Carl Francis still chopping at the APS-BF 1000cc record went 212 mph. Team Elves now going into the 2000cc MPS-PF class with new 200 mph Club member Tim Horton driving went 203 mph. Ack Attack liner will be done for the event they hurt another chain. And Jimmy Odum is now a new 200 mph club member and 300 mph Chapter member. John Noonan is making some repairs after his last pass, a little hiccup bent the throttle body plates but nothing a hammer couldn't fix.

    1:00 PM

    2 1/4 - 250.317 mph
    3- 253.152 mph
    4- 252.200 mph
    5- Shut down

    Noonan will be coming to impound for a record return to then be the Fastest record ever that could be over 250 mph. And also he now has his AA liscence. They are now preparing for the return record runs.

    Roger Lessman running his new liner AA/FS on propane got to get 221 mph out of it. One of the only runs I saw for this vehicle. Staging lanes now closed and just running record returns. Hank Booth wasn't able to get a glitch out of his alcohol bike and is not done for the meet. Just stayed tuned a little longer for record returns, Burklands, Noonan, So Cal Lakester all coming to you here shortly it is 1:26 pm right now, I just heard return runs will in at 2 pm. Eco-Fire who changed classes to G/BGS also went 282 for a record qualifier and will also make a record attempt.

    2:23 PM

    Carl Francis who changed classes to the APS-BG class went 212 middle mile down run and backed up at 209 mph. Will be down to tenths of a mph for the minimum for the 200 club of 210 mph in that class. Tim Horton was able to backup the run in the 2000cc MPS-PF 2000cc class Team Elves Buell entry that went down at 200 mph in the first mile and came back at 188 mph but hurt motor in the first mile but was enough to get the Wink Ellar record that is at 180.1 mph.

    2 1/4 - 311 mph
    3 - 331 mph
    4 - 378 mph
    5 - 415 mph
    exit speed - 430 mph
    NEW RECORD OF 417.020 MPH which eclipsed the Nolan White record of 413 mph.

    Stay tuned for some more return run passes in a few minutes.

    3:12 PM

    John Noonan after that amazing 253 mph pass hurt the motor before any of the measured miles. No 250+ record for him, but he can still go home the fastest man in a measured mile at 253 mph. Good job John. Eco-Fire went back thru at 298 mph along with their down run of 282 makes a nice record for them in the G/BGS class.

    This will conclude the reporting and the event, on my way back to Denver and finish up my bike for next year. You know get it done early and ready to go..... We all know how that is, thrash the night before, but good intentions now anyway.


  • Impound Insightsby Dan Warner

    Nov 2012

    The final meet of the year, a two dayer - was... great! Typical cold fall weather on the desert was present, low temps, and slight(?) winds greeted us on Friday for inspection. I read there were 108 entries for the two days.

    The fantastic news is that there was 25 car and 12 motorcycle records set. Two new members for the El Mirage 200 MPH club were presented with their Merlot colored hats. Ryan LeFevers joined his brother Kevin in the club. Ryan drove the families' LeFevers & Jesel C/GMR at 216, breaking Kevin's 213 record. Scott Goetz was in the Aardema Braun Goetz V4/BFS and ran a very nice 209. Scott and the team capped off a very successful salt season with this run. Congratulations guys, you have joined Eric Eyres, Dan Waldrop, Ed Fenn, James Rice and Fabin Valdez as the class of 2012.

    With one record pending there are 22 more car records to account for:Rick Yacoucci ran two passes at 258+ mph in the Costella-Yacoucci-Waters C/FS. Dennis Mariani took the Mariani Farms E/FS to a new record of 226. Ed Fenn brought along a couple of partners and drove the Fenn Motorsports & Davis & Warnock D/FL to a new class record of 226. This broke thelong standing record of Carr & Kaplan. We haven't seen Don Carr in many years as he has found another calling and Barry Kaplan passed away a few years ago. Moving on to the roadster classes we find Mark Lintner, last year's championship driver, back in the Edwall Eyres Lintner H/BFMR setting yet another record at 186, very strong for a Haybusa engine in a '29 roadster. The Burns-Callaway-Warnock entry was driven by 300 MPH Pete Prentice to a 148 record. I guess regular driver Paula Burns was unavailable this weekend. Mariani Farms opened their stacker trailer and found the A/GR 1934 Ford roadster on the top shelf. They decided to unload the car, enter the class as Mariani-Jesel, put Super Dave Silveira in the seat and poke out a new class record of 220 mph. Robert Sightsgot the nod in the LTD Sights Racing H/BStR. Robert ran to a new 135 record before heading to his own car. Richard Reed turned up with his R2 Racin' V4F/StR and gain a new record at 119 mph. The Vintage classes had the XXF/VFCC of BMR-Ferguson Racing with Neil McAlister driving. The bright yellow '32 five window coupe with the flathead/Ferguson Ardun heads ran at 173 mph. The #69 Lattin & Gillette American Austin coupe ran in the V4F/VGC class this meet. Young Billy Lattin again took the wheel and bumped his own record to 104 mph. The V4/VOT sprint car ofKlos Sutliff Spacek set the record to 127 running against the 125 minimum, Gary Sutliff in the seat. The Cohn JucewicMonza set a record of 204 in the B/CGC class with Bob Jucewic driving. The little I/GCC Suburu 360 of Foley Phelps Kilger, at their second meet, set the class record to 114.7, .2 mph over the old record. Axle Foley says there is a lot left. Harris & Wester, Richard Ross at the wheel, set the XXO/BFAlt record to 184. The polished GMC with the Arias 12 port head and blower is a thing of beauty, take a look next time you are at the lakes. Miriam Macmillan, she who does all, got a chance to drive her Hondata CRX to a new F/FAlt record 183. Pete Prentice, mentioned above, got in his regular ride - the Warnock Racing Honda in the J/FAlt class and ran the record to 112. Hondata has teamed with Hasport in the Hasport Hondata H/BGMS class with Craig Corbin driving. The team bumped up last month's record to 167 mph. Team McLeish Bro, Derek McLeish up, once again set a record, this time in I/BGMS at an amazing 160 mph. This run secured the#1 position in the championship for the team. Congrats to all involved.White Goose Bar Racing truck, as seen in Hot Rod, was on a roll this weekend. Set a 180 record on Saturday then could not grab the ground on a second run. Sunday morning over coffee the team brain trust decided to not touch the tuneup and ran 182 in zero wind on the relocated course. Keith Pederson was driving, done and done!The Brew 102 '53 Ford coupe with the Ford inline 6 ran in the XO/Pro class with a new entry name; Thorbatreykal, try to pronounce that one! Gerry Reynolds was at the wheel and set the record at 135+. Ed Van Scoy came back from AZ to run his Corvette once again. Ed raised his record from last month to 213 mph. Finally, last but not least, Tom Sauter and crew also came from AZ with their E/DT entry. The Dodge Dakota truck runs a small Cummins diesel and scoots along pretty good at 121 mph. Whew-that is a lot of typing.

    Rick Yacoucci took top speed of the year for cars at 258.024. Derek McLeish and the Team McLeish Bros team took the number one points championship as mentioned.


    Twelve records over at the Motorcycle Impound: Mark Summitt rode his Harley-Aermacchi in 350-A-PG class to a new 116 record. Also in the 350cc engine category was Jill Iverson on her Jill Iverson Indian. This month Jill was entered in the 350-APS-VG class and set the record to 103. Randy Nelson was running in 500-A-PBG class and was good at 144 mph. Petit Cathy Butler was on husband Van's Van Butler Racing bike and set the 650-A-F record at 179.000, hard to hit those triple zeros. I did it in 1992 at 200.000 for a record. Back to the bikes, Laird Smith on the Laird Smith 650-A-PG Triumph ran 129. Ralph Leclercq returned to the dirt with his Honda Racing 650-P-P entry turning a fine 170 speed. Len Jones switched class with his sidecar rig, this meet Len was in 650-SC-PG class and set the record to 134. This cemented Len's positionas the 2012 motorcycle champion. Jeannie Pflum was on the Pflum and Wager 1000-A-F bike tuned by Jamie Wagner. Jeannie ran a record speed of 189. John Noonan was on the 1350-APS-BF entry of Noonan/Noonan/Moreland and set a record at 250 plus. Tom Foley got his first record on hisFoley Racing 1350-SC-VG rig at 129 mph. In the 3000cc engine category Jay Allen Racing, with Jay Allen in the saddle, entered the 3000-A-PG class and set the record at 177. The electric bike war seems to be gaining voltage and spark. Last month Dusty Vargas set a good record in the Omega-APS class in the 170s. This month Jim Hoogerhyde rode the Lighting Motors entry to a very fast 189 record.

    John Noonan set fastest speed of the year for motorcycles at 250.806. Len Jones won the motorcycle championship.

    All in all a great year - let's hope for a kind off season with some lakebed repair courtesy of Mother Nature. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and best wishes during our down time. See everyone at El Mirage again in May 2013.

  • HAMMAHH NEWS, 7 AUG 09  Loring Edition


    What a superb weekend !


    Shane Stubbs ran – on his first meet on the Hammer  260.990 MPH on Sunday, and 265.188 on Monday  The American record holder, and the fastest streetbike record in the world !. 


    For you Bonneville Fundamentalists, the 2-run average of this 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa (two runs in the same direction, within 24 hours,) is  263.089 MPH. 


    That's about 10 MPH than the same record at Bonneville (Held by Scott Guthrie Racing's JASON McVICAR)


    Nobody else in the world has made two – let alone three – runs over 260 MPH with a street bike.


    Shane went 222 MPH in his first LSR meet, last fall, and he went 240 MPH this spring at Goliad.  265 MPH at Loring last weekend.


    This boy is on a fast elevator !


    With that said, we have decided to retire the Hammer after this meet – with great honor – and we started yesterday on an all-new bike, to be called The Anvil.


  • Impound Insights - November 8/9, 2014                            Dan Warner

    The last meet of the season has been put to bed with great fanfare. The weather cooperated with minimal winds on Saturday and Sunday and pleasant temps both days. A high entry count, approaching 180 I am told, made for a super show. We ran three rounds on Sunday ending just before the permit cutoff time.
    As usually happens the November meet saw a spike in the El Mirage 200 MPH Club roster. First up is Ted Olson who drove the Steinegger & Eshenbaugh lakester. The car ran in the F/FL class using 1/2 of a Chrysler Hemi. Big load of nitro pushed Ted through the lights at 213 MPH. Martin Menne scored a ride in The Kraut Bros. C/BGRMR and took advantage of the opportunity to set a new class record of 212.06. Long time salt and dry lakes runner Les Leggitt debuted his new '53 Studebaker in the B/BCFAlt class. Brandon Leggitt has the driving chores and while stepping up in the license program was able to lay down a 231 record. Donnie Hicks and his Zoom Zoom Racing F/BGL upped last month's record to a 200.9 earning him a new club hat. While Donnie was in route home to Orangevale, CA on Sunday Joe Cardoso took the Tracer Racing entry and ran in the same F/BGL class. Joe bumped the record way up to 208. I wonder if Donnie knows? Finally, our long time President, Jon Meyer, is relocating to the Mid West in a few weeks. The club wishes Jon and Julie all the best in the future. The club held their annual BBQ and party at the SCTA building on the lakebed. The party was well attended and I am sure more than one of us had a difficult time answering the rooster call on Sunday. A fitting send off for Jon and Julie, thanks for your service Jon.
    In addition to the five records mentioned there are another 13 new certified car records and six bike records.
    Starting by entry number we have #7, the Aardema Braun Sheriton V4/BGRMR driven by Cal Rothe. Cal did a fine job setting the new class record to 165.2 MPH. Derek McLeish was once again in the hot seat of the McLeish Bracket Racing H/BFMS. The much chopped Triumph TR6 coupe ran to a 177.9 record. I call that close enough to 178 for bragging rights. Bill Lattin set a record on Saturday but, the one that counted was Sunday's pass. Bill turned everyone's head with an amazing 182 run in the XXF/FCC class using the White Lighting Austin coupe running under the Lattin & Stevens banner. Don Ferguson III, known as D3, drove the Ferguson Macmillan Honda powered F/BGS to a new record of 269+ MPH. This could have been the run to win the championship. We will have to wait until the results are compiled. The well used Cohn Jucewic Monza ran in the F/CGC class this meet. Driver Bob Jucewic also builds the engines and his 181 ci wonder set the record to 165.1 MPH. Keith Black and his Black Racing team of family members and friends had a season of wins and firsts in the A/GS class. Two records at this meet, Saturday's record was superseded on Sunday with a 223.3+. As mentioned above Martin Menne drove the Kraut Bros. car on Saturday to a club membership. Not to be outdone, car owner Willie Boelcke took the wheel and beat Martin's record by .276 to place his mark in the upcoming 2015 rule book. Ed Fenn ends his season with a C/FL record using an engine built by the infamous Bob Brissette. Ed's new record in the Brissette & Fenn entry stands at 240.7 MPH. Big Tim Boyle brought his Dodge Ram truck down to So Cal from Colorado for the weekend. Tim goes home with a 169.3 record in the B/DT class. The H/BStR class had the current record holder, L.T.D. Sights Racing with Robert Sights up resetting their own record to 153.7.  Robert is the beloved gentleman known as 'Prozac" from the salt. Chet Thomas closes out his year with the final record in the AA/StR class. His Ford powered, John Beck built entry finishes as top[ of class at 211.7 MPH. Previously mentioned John Beck drove the Vintage Hot Rod entered C/AIR roadster to a final record of 175+ MPH. John is contention for the points championship. He told me that he would like to see a compressed air roadster(C/AIR) on the cover of the rule book. Eric Eyres and father Russ turned up in impound after a not planned absence. The Eyres and Son roadster has been close to record speeds at each meet and got one this time in the E/BFR class. Eric took 'er down track a class setting 212.5 MPH. White Goose Bar Racing set their second record in a row with Tom Hanley driving. Once again in the G/MMP class, Tom added 6 MPH to last month's record ending up with a fine 130.7 speed. The last certified record for this event is the Notabusa entry. This little Subaru is powered by a Kawasaki engine. Driven this month by J. R. Foley the team gained a 123 record for their efforts.
    The bike side came by with six new records: Dave Iversen rode his Dave Iversen Knuckle to a 1000-APS-VG record of 137.5 MPH. Alp Sungurtekin rode his Alp Racing and Design entry to his third record of the season. This event Alp was in the 650-APS-VG class with a speed of 130.7 MPH. Scott Mattern rode the McLeish Brothers team entry to a 125-APS-BF class record of 124.8 MPH. Cathy Butler and her Van Butler Racing entry has returned to the record lists. This month Cathy rode in the 650-A-G class with a record speed of 176.6 MPH. The Pflum Wagner Racing team seems to set a record each meet. This time rider Jeannie Pflum set two records. Sunday's final record in the 1000-A-F class was 198.7 MPH. I am pulling for a 200 speed in 2015. Ralph Hudson rode his 1000-APS-BF Suzuki to set the only bike record in excess of 200 this meet. Ralph twisted the throttle to record a 235.8 MPH record.
    There are still two car and one bike record to be certified before the final 2014 record list is finalized. We allow teams up to 30 days following a meet to have the engine measured if they desire. Records are held in pending status until the process is completed.
    The 2014 season had ups and downs but I think it all turns out well in the end. Mark you calendars for 2015. The first meet scheduled for the May 16/17 weekend.

  • Correction to 2010 rulebook Now reads: 3.A.2 Drivers Helmet: All drivers/riders shall wear a full-face helmet with face shield. A Snell Foundation tag reading SA2000 or M2000 or later is required. Snell Foundation 2005 or later certification will be required on all car and motorcycle streamliner helmets beginning on January 1, 2011. No open face helmets will be allowed. Helmets will be visually inspected at least once each year. Helmets shall be undamaged and in serviceable condition. Eyeglasses worn under the helmet shall be shatterproof. All cars and motorcycle streamliners require SA rated helmets. PLEASE SEE NEXT PARAGRAPH FOR CORRECTED VERSION



    By A.N. Other

    September 2008:  Burklands team takes the FIA World Record.  Fastest piston-powered car for one mile in history!  

    It has just been announced that award-winning writer Bill Hoddinott has now interviewed Tom, Betty and Gene Burkland on the comprehensive story of their 38 years at Bonneville and ALL the technical content of their three famous HOMEBUILT racecars!  

    This will be a LONG serial in 12 Parts which will cover many issues of Bonneville Racing News, beginning with #150 in September.  All text has been fact-checked by the Burklands and they have supplied the best photographs from their personal collections for the article! 

    This is a story you won't want to miss - so SUBSCRIBE NOW:  

    1 year (7 issues) - $24

    2 years (14 issues) - $48
    1st Class Mail in USA - Add $12 per year

    Canada - Add $12 per year
    Foreign - Add $28 per year

    VISA/MC Accepted

    Phone 951-926-2277  Fax 951-926-4619

    E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Bonneville Racing News
    PO Box 730
    Hemet, CA 92546

  • LandSpeedRacingVideo.com
    Mark Brazeau 34462 Via Gomez, Capistrano Beach, California 92624
    Phone: 949-289-1535 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Now Available
    All 2009 El Mirage Meets
    New DVD Releases
    2009 September
    2009 October
    2009 December
    go to
  • Landspeed Louise is working on a new edition of her famous "Bonneville Salt Flats" book - and is hoping for some help from us -- today's (and yesterday's, too) racers and workers at Bville. She sent the following release to me and asked that I put it up on the site. Please read through it (there's a second and third page that you'll need to click to find), and her contact information - - and most important, a list of questions which answers will give her the information she wants from each of us. Please have at it - and note the deadline, too. Thank you very much.


    to be part of

    100th Anniversary edition

    “Bonneville Salt Flats”


    “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth

    Bonneville Salt Flats: the Fastest Place on Earthis being updated and republished to mark the celebration of 100 years of racing on the salt in 2014. I have joined forces with the University of Utah Press to publish a book that will now include another decade plus of racing action. Much of the original book will stay the same, but I am picking up the action in 1998 and adding to the historical record concluding with the close of the 2011 racing season.

    This means I am looking for not only interesting highlights from each year, but also top quality photographs and speedy personal tales from the racing community.

    Every interview yields more names, more stories and more information to gather, people to contact and facts to check.

    The window of opportunity is very small.....

  • Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek Commentary 2000

    August 18th, 2000 - NO daily runs were ran due to lack of racers. There were about 4 record runs ran in the morning at that concluded the week, Stay tuned for the Speedweek recap of events here on the site.
  • This Resolution of the Save the Salt Coalition was forwarded to me to post here.  Please take a few minutes to read it and get familiar with the substance -- and then please PLEASE get off your duff and write to your state and federal congressmen - whether you've already done it (before this) or not.  More racers must MUST must be in touch to prove we need the StS Coalition's view to be respected, observed, and enforced.

    Copy follows:

    Save the Salt Coalition
    October 11, 2011


    Doug Evans Chairman, Save the Salt Coalition

    Whereas, the Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF) is a unique and distinguished geological
    phenomenon which, among many other attributes, has provided special qualities for
    high-speed car, truck and motorcycle racing since 1914, and continuously since the
    1940s; and...

  • Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek Commentary 1999

    August 13th, 1999 -We arrived late in the afternoon, the salt conditions have gotten worse since the last few nights it has rained. This morning racers had said that water was a couple of inches deep when entering the salt. By the afternoon most of surface water had depleted, but the condition of the salt was at best mushy. We will be hitting the salt in the morning at about 7:00 a.m. More updates tomorrow with pictures and video.
  • By Bill Hoddinott

    "Ardun Technical - What Makes It Go" is a book of articles reprinted full size with permission from Bonneville Racing News and is a companion to "Arduns At Bonneville - Interviews With The Stars" which is also in print. Content begins with interviews with Zora Arkus-Duntov and George Kudasch, original Ardun co-designers in New York City in 1947; and continues with ABCs of Ardun-Building; Ardun-Building Hints by Clem TeBow and Don Ferguson Jr. on filling block valve pockets for better deck seal; Jack LaMare's home-made "Ardun" heads which set Bonneville records; Low-Bucks Blown Ardun Build-Up; Low-Bucks Blown Ardun Track-Tested. 40 pages, 11" x 13.5".
  • The headline says it all, folks.  Here's a link to the Forum post that Dan Warner made about the situation, and there are a few photos of the scenes around the not-so-dry lake.  http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php/topic,8881.msg143502/topicseen.html#new

    The event that's scheduled for the following week is the motor scooter land speed trials -- but that, too, might be canceled or moved if the lakebed doesn't dry out enough for racing.

    Ah, well, there's always next year.
  • Lots of tidbits from Burly.... shirts still available....an Irish site...visit to Maxton coming up....
  • September 3, 2007

    Ack Attack streamliner wrecks during a return run at the BUB meet, it may have been in the measured mile. Rocky went high 290's down run and went to return and reported got into a bad wobble, went on its side and pencil rolled. Rocky is OK. Dont know the extent of damage yet.

    You can also follow this thread on the message board

    September 1, 2007

    Landracing.com will NOT be at the event. There will be no updates, pictures or commentary from this site for the event. A shipping error from Haltech for a needed ECU for our race bike was not tagged properly for delivery. It was to be shipped overnight Saturday delivery with AM service and it was shipped just overnight and with Holiday on Monday means we won't get it till Tuesday... So with that we will not be attending... This will be the first Salt Flats scheduled event I will miss since 1998. Im going to go puke now because this just makes me sick...



  • Repeat the Feat
    El Mirage 2008

    After John Noonan & Bob Moreland made history last year as the only team to capture both the points championships for cars and bikes for the SCTA points Championship they decided to once again try for glory and repeat the feat in 2008 as well.

    This year started off great....
  • Ah, it's just about here -- the day when we begin to write the number "2010" on each check and memo.  Let's make a couple of resolutions, one of which will be to try to quit writing "2009" on those checks by mid-May or so.  And let's really resolve to make 2010 the best, most rewarding, and safest year of racing we've each ever had.

    Many Happy Returns of the Day to everyone!
  • This is a long text about the Coalition's recent work and its' projects.  The beginning is here -- the rest is a click or two farther into the site.  The rest of the story begins with :Grassroots Campaign".

    Dear Coalition Members:
    After providing the BLM with ample opportunity to substantively address our grievances, we are now launching a grassroots campaign to help institute a permanent salt replenishment program.  The following provides context for the campaign along with information about the Coalition website and related activities.
  • Well, the meet is canceled unless you care to slog through the mud and water.  No, don't try that -- the B L M has crews working to fix the road - which as of now is about 4 feet deep in mud.  ANY tracks made out the now - will likely remain for months or even longer.  PLEASE stay away from the lakebed until further notice -- unless you're one of the folks that has been asked/tasked to work during the mud and rain problems.

    I wonder how Tiny is getting out of his place. . .
  • World of Speed 2000 Commentary

    September 24th - Racing is not over until you get home safely. Not only did it snow in Wendover but Team Amo, and also Team Elves who were racing at Bonneville World of Speed event are stuck in Rock Springs, WY because of the going on 2 day closure of I-80 going East. Other teams that might be involved in this delay are Keith Turk with the So-Al Special, and John Beckett that are headed east.

  • The September meet was a real good one – temps in the low 90s, minimal wind, and 5 runs if you wanted. The lack of wind can be a problem with hanging dust but, it looks like the 91 entries were able to cope.

    The El Mirage 200 MPH Club held its annual picnic in the SCTA building on Saturday night and all reports I heard indicate that it was a big success. A good job was done by the organizing committee of Jim Snyder, Miler Mike Stewart and many others. The club was able to welcome two new members on Sunday, both on bikes. First was Ralph Hudson on his 1000-APSG entry at 203.774. The second new member is Greg Watters riding the Watters & Higgins & Noonan 750-APS-BG Suzuki with a 201.073 mph speed. Greg hails from Australia, so he came a long way to run with us on the dirt. Good job and welcome to the “Dirty Twos”.

    Other record setters include the Lattin & Gillette V4F/VCG, a new entry for the team with their Bantam coupe. William Lattin drove the little coupe to an 85 mph record over the 80 mph minimum. Dennis Mariani continues to push the F/StR, Mariani Farms entry, record up to higher levels with a record of 170. Willie Boelcke runs the Low Sodium C/GRMR, this meet he set the class record to 192. John Beck had a run in the Vintage Hot Rod C/BStR #511, John builds the horsepower and drives, this time to a 207 record. Rick Yacoucci used the unblown flathead at this meet while the other engine is prepped for World Finals. Rick’s Costella-Yacoucci-Pappas-Stevens XF/GS entry recorded a fine 183 record. The Eyres Moreland Holt entry in H/BFMR class was driven to a new record of 157. Tom Holt took the last record at Speedweek in this car and got the call at El Mirage. Miriam Macmillan, the lady of all jobs, was able to get another record in her H/BGCC Hondata entry at 186 mph. I guess Miriam was still on a red hat high from Speedweek as she moved into first place in points with this record. The final car record at the meet was done by the lovely Michele Brading. Michele drives the Costella-Dennee entry in K/FL, she took the class record at 158. Glen Dennee is Michele’s father and a long time racer in many different forms of motorsports.

    In addition to the previously mentioned new two club members Ralph Hudson and Greg Watters we saw seven more bike records on the other side of impound. Ralph Hudson rode his 750-APS-F class bike to a 191 record in addition to his 1000cc record. John Noonan once again took bike top speed and a record on his Noonan/Derwin/Moreland entry in 1650-APS-BG class at 248. David Isley rode the Isley Racing entry to a new record of 161 in the 1350-SC-PBG class. “Papi”, Steve Chappell, took his first record of the year with a fine run of 191 in the 160-P-P class. Jim Higgins was on hand to help team mate Greg Watters and decided to enter the 750-A-BG class with the Higgins/Watters bike. Jim was able to up the class record to 195 for a successful weekend. Scott Mattern(?) rode the Team McLeish TZ bike in the 175-A-BG class to a new record of 133. The final record of the meet was by Bill Anderson on/in his Screwball in SC-PF class. Bill rode/drove the sit in bike to a 120 speed.

    I could write that our next event is the World Finals but, that would be a fib. I am late with this El Mirage report and we have all returned from a very successful meet at the salt. So, our next event is the October 24th meet at El Mirage. Only two events left and points races are on our mind. Everyone be safe, go fast and have fun as someone we know tells.
  • El Mirage 200MPH Club
    By Dan Warner

    November 16, 2008

    The last event of the season saw three more members added to the club roster.

    Several wild fires kept the entry down for awhile. I left my house at 4:30 AM on Saturday morning and spent 3 hours on my trip to the lakebed, usually a 1.5 hour trip. We heard stories of some competitors unable to get to El Mirage due to road closures.....

    Nancy and I hope your holiday is loaded with all of the good things you want - and no turnouts or blown engines or any of that bad stuff.

    Happy Holidays to you all!

  • Photo Gallery of Meet

    Wednesday October 10, 2007

    10:14 AM

    Buckeye Bullett made another pass turning off after 5 1/2 mile. This run was another test run, they ran without rear body panels.

    This last report will conclude my reporting for the private FIA meet. On my way back to Denver.

  • March 6th, 2008. Although the anticipated jet car did not leave under it's own power for it's initial test running, it gave the public a chance to see the redesigned Craig Breedlove car back in race condition. The multiple attempts to start the jet car were unsuccessful and bad fuel was given as the reason it would not fire. Due to permits ending at the El Mirage dry lake and a weekday and daytime driving permit for the hauler they packed up on Thursday the 6th and headed back to base camp in Nevada to sort out the problems. Rumors have it they will be back at El Mirage within a 30 day time frame.
  • What a ride! After crashing and destroying our machine the previous season, the gang pulled together and rebuilt and improved the Top 1 Ack Attack to a point that...... 


    FIM Certificate


  • We are confirming the dates with the BLM, and are in the process of renewing our permit for the use of the Salt Flat. This year the BLM has offered to renew our permit for a 10 year period- so we are planning to stick around and keep doing this as long as you want to race!

    Our dates planned for '08 are 31st August- 5th September. We are planning on opening registration and scrutnieering all day Saturday (30th) and start racing first thing Sunday morning- through to noon on Friday. This adds a full extra day racing to our schedule.

  • John Rains is sixty-five years old and he owns and operates a company called Helipower Service. "We overhaul turbine engines that are used in helicopters," he said. "I've owned the company since 1987 and we do a lot of work for the government, private companies and individuals." One of the staples of John's business is the famous Allison 250 engine, and while I don't think he has ever put one in a '57 Plymouth, he probably could. <Click here for full story>
  • Here is the completed rules changes for the 2008 year.  (This list should not be used in lue of a 2008 rule book, always consult the current rule book. This list is for informational  puposes only.)

    Car Rule Changes - Motorcycle Rule Changes



  • August 3, 2007

    Official SCTA Update

    Our advanced crew will be on the salt by Saturday. They will be giving us an update and we will be posting it here. Weather is always a concern on the salt, and there has been plenty of it lately. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it!

  • The BONNEVILLE NW REUNION will be held Feb 13, 2010 at the Shilo Inn, Portland Airport property.

    The costs are the same as last year. Banquet tickets $48 and rooms $89.

    Friday night Ed Shadle will give a presentation about his F104 project.

    Glenn Freudenberger, the host, is working on several trips for Saturday AM.

    Saturdays speaker will be Bret Kepner, ESPN and Fox Sports on air personality.

    To contact Shilo Inn for rooms, call either the 800 National number or directly to the Portland number.

    The National number is 800-222-2244 and the local number is 503-212-7500. I just checked and there are rooms blocked for us.

    Make checks to Bonneville NW Reunion.

    To contact him: FREUD 11113 37th Dr SE Everett, WA. 98208

    Phone 425-422-6944.
  • Active ImageThe annual Dry Lakes Racers Australia event was set for March 5th - March 9th has been cancelled due to rain and inacceccability to the salt. There were reports of approx. the first 150 meters of the salt lake edge was virtually impassible.


    TOP SPEED OF THE MEET : Charles Nearburg at 351.74 MPH in A/GS
    World Finals 2007

    October 5, 2007 12:30 PM

    Meet officially called due to weather and conditions are deteriorating fast.

  • The featured speaker is will be announced within a few days. Past speakers have been Glen Barrett, Tanis Hammond, Tom Bryant, Mike Cook, Burke LeSage and Jim Travis.
  • The SCTA & BNI will present World Finals 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats October 5 - 9.  Tech is on the 5th, with racing beginning Wednesday morning and ending Saturday afternoon.  Pre-registration ended the 24th of September, but racers may still register at the event.

    World Finals, in case you don't know, is another event which allows racers who set records to get their name published in the next edition of the rulebook.  The other events are the World of Speed and Speedweek.  In fact - if you set a record at WoS or SW and that record is eclipsed at WF -- the new record, not yours, is the one that'll show up in the new book, due out in spring of 2011.

    World Finals features cooler weather and smaller attendance.  The weather is usually nice, although rainouts do happen kinda frequently.  The smaller attendance results in much shorter waiting lines in both qualifying runs and in impound (if you're fortunate enough to get there).  While Speedweek had about 500 entries and World of Speed about 160 -- Finals usually features only about 100.  It's a fun event, though (well, all of them are fun) because the smaller group allows more personal interaction -- and the lodging rates are certainly low.  However -- the Wendover area celebrates the deer hunting season by offering special "Deer Widows Weekend" packages, entertainment, and promotions on the same weekend as WF which might lead to difficulty in finding a room.

    Nancy and I will be at WF, doing our regular volunteer jobs and running a bike just for fun.  We hope you'll be there, too, whether for all-out record chasing, test and tune, or just for the fun of visiting and running at Bonneville once more this year.  See you on the Salt!

  • Cremation has taken place under the direction of Croxford Funeral Home and Crematory. His memorial service is 2 p.m. Sunday at First United Methodist Church.
    Gene left us on Dec. 8, 2009. We expect he's gone racing with his departed friends, or is beginning another great project.
    Gene was born in Great Falls on Nov. 1, 1936, to Carl and Phyllis Burkland.
    His brother Jack died in 2004, and his sister Bonnie Flanagan lives in Missoula. In 1959, he married Betty Hunter. They have two sons; Tom and his wife Linda and daughter Carly from Ogden, Utah, and Bill and his wife Barb and sons Nick and John from Clancy. Gene grew up in Great Falls, and graduated from Great Falls High School in 1954.
    Gene began his career with the Montana Air National Guard in 1956 and worked there for nearly 30 years, welding everything from titanium aircraft parts to tricycles and red wagons. When he retired, he moved into race car production and welding/repair work at his home shop. His love affair with cars began in 1951, when he bought his first car for $7.50. After investing in a $10 piston, he was ready to roll!
    During the 1960s, his was a familiar face at drag races across Montana, first with a 1932 Ford roadster, and then with a dragster. Classics Car Club, custom show cars, stock cars and dragsters grew into a Bonneville land speed racer produced and run with the assistance of hundreds of friends. In 1971, he took his home-built Studebaker and many friends to Bonneville for the annual Speed Week. He set a national record in 1978 at 255 mph, becoming the first Montanan in the exclusive Bonneville 200 MPH Club. His next car put his son Tom into the 200 MPH Club. Since 1986, Gene, Betty and Tom have been building and racing their streamliner. They set a National Speed Record in October 2004 at 417 mph and a World Speed Record in September of 2008 at 416 mph.
    Gene's life revolved around the love of his family and the friends he accumulated through his skill and creativity in welding, his love of cars and curiosity about everything. He was a magnet who drew people to his garage and he had that stubborn streak needed to see an idea through to the end.
    He began battling his lung disease in earnest in 1997. We're glad he's finally breathing easy, but we'll miss his ever-present smile.
    In lieu of flowers, please bring or send your favorite picture of you and Gene to Croxford Funeral Home, 1307 Central Ave. Great Falls, MT 59401.
    Donations can be made to "Save the Salt" c/o Russ Eyres, 3673 Millikin Ave., San Diego, CA 92122.
    Condolences may be posted online at www.croxfordfuneralhome.com and/or www.gftribune.com/obituaries.
  • It’s about a week ‘til we host the 8th annual Salt Talks – the landspeed racer’s gathering that’s held each year at SpeedWeek.Salt Talks is a fundraiser for landracing.com, and it’s a social gathering for everyone that wants to attend.We expect about 300 people this year – don’t miss it!

    Salt Talks is scheduled for Sunday evening, the 12th of August 2007.It’ll (probably) be held at the “Bend in the Road” – the place where the access road from I-80 to where we race turns 90 degrees to the right.

  • Active ImageOkay, down to business of the newsletter for this issue. The work of commencing with modifications to the Eagle has begun in earnest for the winter in the hangar. The tasks are many; converting the front suspension, and box it goes in, into a configuration that will accommodate the all metal wheel (forged aluminum alloy) which is currently in the process of being negotiated for manufacture over the next few months.
  • The first meet of the year was greeted with high winds and cold temps during Friday inspection, typical of the high desert this time of the year.


    Racing began Saturday morning and a large first meet turnout of racers was greeted to more winds and brisk morning temps. This didn’t deter our boys and girls though – I think there were 7 records laid down by the first ten down the course.

  • Water-methanol injection has been in use since the 1930’s as a way to extract as much power as safely possible from internal combustion engines.It gained widespread use in fighter and bomber aircraft during WWII as a way to extract great amounts of horsepower for takeoff and dog fighting.While the physics are the same today, modern technology has allowed greater power increases and better performance while using even less fluid.You could run one system on a turbo diesel tow vehicle and another system on a race vehicle – getting benefits of performance and reliability on both.

  • Guest Speaker Jim Travis / Glen Barrett PhotoThe 6th Annual Northwest Bonneville Reunion was held February 16th and 17th in Portland, Oregon.  Founded and organized by Glenn Freudenberger, a longtime figure in the landracing community, the event welcomed 90+ landracing enthusiasts.
  • Active ImageFire at Wendover Motel Under Investigation
    A fire overnight destroyed several dozen motel rooms in Wendover at the Bonneville Inn.
    January 14th, 2007 @ 5:26pm

    (KSL News) A fire overnight destroyed several dozen motel rooms in Wendover. Around 3:30 this morning, someone staying at the Bonneville Inn heard an explosion, then the motel went up in flames.

    Chief Kirk Petersen, Wendover City Fire Dept.: "It was engulfed when we got here, one or two rooms." 

  • Active ImageNish Motorsports has released a new DVD, "The Dream of 425 MPH." This DVD is an excellent viewing of the streamliner, what is was built for and someday what it will do. Terry Nish has a dream of capturing the Goldenrod record of 409.277 mph in 1965. We have two preview clips, read on to see them.


  • The Utah Salt Flats Racing Association held its annual awards banquet Saturday evening, the fifth of December, at the Rainbow in West Wendover, Nevada. At least a half-dozen record torphies were handed out, and awards for many of the USFRA volunteers were made, too. The banquet featured a fine meal (that's why it's called a "banquet" not a feeding trough) - and a fine set of videos showing lakes racing from back in the 50s and 60s was playing during the social hour. The video gave mosgt everyone something to chat about as it proceeded. Chief Starter Monte Widdison played his usual role as Camshaft the Great and attempted to be entertaining at the same time he was being tall. He succeeded in the tall part, at least. . .

    Some outstanding achievements that were honored included Joe Amo's fastest mile speed -- of 272.610 miles per hour -- on a sit-on bike! Joe (who wasn't able to attend the gala event) was awarded the Jeff-Decker made "Flat Out at Bonneville" trohpy showing the iconic lakes racing image -- Rollie Free on his Vincent wearing just a swimming suit and shower cap, lying on his belly on the bike (in his attempt to get it over 150 mph). Congratulations from everyone, Joe.

    Jeff Decker's brass work "The Larsen-Cummins Streamliner" was awarded to owner Don Nuss and driver Scott Norris, whose A/FS was the fastest car at the meet - with a best mile speed of 337.187. They also earned Skip Higginbotham's "Fastest Quarter Speed" award. Skip and the award were stuck in Pahrump - so all we got to see was a photo version of the award.

    And then there's my favorite, Nancy Wennerberg, also known as Mrs. Seldom Seen Slim. (Disclaimer: Nancy's my wife so I get to brag about her, hey?) She not only received a trophy for her 202.307 record in the 1650 CC Production (motorcycle) class, but also, thanks to her fastest mile speed of 204.051, earned the Bud McManus-sponsored "Fast Lady Competitor of the Meet" trophy. The award is a 3-D laser-engraved crystal block. It's a bugger to get a good flash photo, so please be patient and I'll eventually take a good available-light shot so you can see this way cool trophy. Nancy joins a select group of lady racerrs, including Rhonnie Vesco, Betty Burkland, Mary West, and Kris Wright, that have been given this trophy. Nancy is the first racer to have won the trophy while riding a motorcycle.

    The USFRA banquet featured quite a bit of entertainment, good food, good words, and best wishes from many -- including USFRA President Jim Burkdoll. He asked that members of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club who were in the room introduce themselves and tell one and all the year that they entered and the speed of their record that got them into the club -- so all four of us in the room did so. And then Jim went on to wish all the racers the best of luck and perseverance in their efforts to get into the Club and to set new records. It was a fine get-together to end the 2009 racing season - and set the stage for 2010. We'll see you on the Salt!

    By the way, if you'd like to see photos and join in the commentary about this event, please go to the L S R Forums section of this website and click on the "World of Speed 2009" topic.
  • Sparks, NV, Feb. 29 – The Steve Fossett World Land Speed Racing Team today announced a preliminary short list of eight driver candidates for its jet-powered race car that will attempt to establish a new Absolute Supersonic Land Speed Record in excess of 800MPH. Candidates are from motorsports and aviation and include:

    In fuel classes, any approved liquid fuel may be used. Examples of approved fuels are: all alcohols and ethers, hydrogen, nitro methane blends, nitrous oxide, and unapproved gasoline.
  • Witness Andy Green, "the fastest man in the world," as he tries to break the record for fastest diesel car ever made during Bonneville's Speed Week on Utah's famous Salt Flats. And experience the excitement of 17-year-old Nadine Endacott as she attempts to be the youngest women in Bonneville's 200 mph club. Ride along with some of the fastest racers in the world compete in a place where speed and danger go hand-in-hand. Read on for air times in your area.

  • (Story and Images quoted from KSL.COM Salt Lake) - Click Here for Direct Link
    Motor Sportsman to Be Inducted in to Sports Hall of Fame
    Alex Cabrero reporting

    Utah's sports hall of fame is filled with football, basketball and winter sports athletes. Next week, though, it's going to add someone involved with motor sports.

    He'll be only the 2nd motor sports person in Utah's sports hall of fame. Terry Nish, owner of Nish Motorsports, was tearing up as he told us about the phone call when he found out he was going in.

  • Here's a copy of a note I got from the Gear Grinder's club secretary, who forwarded it form Don Ferguson III. I think it's pretty clear -- that if we want to protect our ability to race at El Mirage -- and everyplace -- then we should pull together and keep ourselves in compliance with the rules of commonsense and the B L M.

    "From: Fergs57 (at) aol.com

    Subj: Sept. El Mirage

    Those of you that aren't aware, Shortly after the Lucerne Valley incident, Pat Riley has been working with the BLM to try and get some insight on what kind of changes they will be making towards organized racing events on BLM land. Pat has done a great job at showing how proactive SCTA has been toward spectator safety. I have been informed that our race this Sunday 9 BLM representatives will at El Mirage to study how the SCTA handles spectator safety. I'm asking all of you to help in making this Sunday's race as smooth as possible from a safety point. I really need all volunteers to have official placards on their vehicles along with their work shirts and orange hats so everybody is clearly visible. Please keep an eye on speeding in the pits and on the return roads. If anybody sees anything that needs to be addressed use the CB or the FM and follow through until it gets handled. The outcome of this weekends events will most defiantly have an affect on how the BLM will handle SCTA permits in the future.
    Thank you all for your help and support!
  • Here are a few videos from World Of Speed event 2007.
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/Markley.wmv|true(Markley Lakester making a 274 mph pass - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/TurbineBike2.wmv|true(Turbine Bike at the line, initial fire up and slow start - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/Vesco.wmv|true(Team Vesco making it's first pass down the salt since Rick Vesco rebuild - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/Creel.wmv|true(Roy Creel making a record return pass with his V4/GCC - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/Rains.wmv|true(John Rains looking for traction is his blown Firebird - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}
    {mgmediabot}images/stories/video/Wilson.wmv|true(Aaron Wilson going over 200 mph with this Nitro Powered Buell - Click Here for Video)|640|480{/mgmediabot}

  • Active ImageMickey Thompson Announces Limited Production and Sale of Bonneville Land Speed Tire, Orders Only Accepted Through End of April 2007

    Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they are accepting orders for a limited 2007-year production of their amazing Bonneville Land Speed Tires. Orders will only be accepted through the end of April, 2007

  • Here is the Pre-Entry list for the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials in September of 2007. A staggering 163 entries for the meet. BUB has always wanted an international type of event, and he hot it this year with entries from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Switerland and France. The event boasts both National AMA and World FIM Record Sanctions. Event dates are September 2-6, 2007 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover Utah. This list does not show specific classes for the FIM entries. That list will be listed when available. If the entry is highlighted or underlined then it is clickable to see a picture of that vehicle. If your entry does not have a picture, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can get it shown with the entry.
  • July 15, 2007 was the third El Mirage meet of the year. There were 113 entries, that resulted in 23 records, 196 vehicle starts. It was reported that it was one of the best courses on the dirt in a very long period of time. And all entrants had a chance for three runs. There was one new candidate for the El Mirage 200 Club, Scott Horner A/BG 1350cc class running 206.7 mph on a 201.1 mph record. Fastest car was Willie Freudiger running 223.588 mph, in the D/FMR class. John Noonan was fast bike of the meet on a turbo Hayabusa running 235.924 mph on a 221.3 mph record in the 1650cc APS-BF class. Read on for the results of meet.

  • Active ImageThe British Steam Car Challenge – which will attempt to set British and World Land Speed Records in excess of 200mph – received a considerable boost recently when Slough Heat & Power in Berkshire provided some steam from a purpose-built gantry to assist the team in their initial trials. After various tests, the car's turbine layout was redesigned and is now successfully generating in excess of 350bhp – the output needed to achieve the records.
  • Attached are photos of BLM's recent effort to put some additional salt down at the end of the Bonneville access road as discussed last season. Based on the number of loads, we put down approx. 100 cubic yards of salt provided to us by the Intrepid potash plant.
  • This is a completed list of car and motorcycle rule changes for 2007. The following is a list of sections with rules updates.Words in bold print are the new changes. It is assumed that persons looking at these changes has the 2006 edition of the rule book for comparison purposes. Only paragraphs with changes are shown.
  • Forgive my typing -- we're bouncing along Interstate 70 westbound in Ohio, heading for Bonneville, World of Speed, and the Shootout. The home page article needs a freshening - so here it is.

    If you haven't been paying attention - the stories about the salt being wet are evidently false. As of Friday (yesterday) the reports said things are dry and good -- and ought to be great for racing during the next two weeks.

    We'll be arriving in Wendover this Monday night and going to the salt Tuesday morning for setup, inspection, and the beginning of the U S F R A meet for the year. If you have a few minutes -- check out the Forum topics and see what's going on, who's going to compete this year.

    We'll see you on the salt!
  • Our Land Speed email list came up with a pretty good checklist started by Keith Turk and Jim Dincau. Successfull teams run with a list time and time again. It is very critical that one be used and implemented. SO here is one to start with and you can modify it accordingly to your vehicle and/or needs.

  • August 16th, 2007


    Jason McVicar has become the first person to set a Bonneville SCTA record over 250 mph on a siton motorcycle. He ran 250 and change yesterday and backed up this morning at 249.9 today. This should give Jason is AA license. Congrats Jason and Scott Guthrie. Craig Hoffman running the Hoffman Rear engined modified roadster ran two runs of 268 in the last mile for a record in the class. Steve Atwell now at the helm of the Hot Rod Camaro ran a 248 down run and backed up with a 250.5 return. This was in the C/BGALT class. There were a lot of return runs in the morning but technical difficulties plaqued me today and yesterday. So this might be the last broadcast depending on if this laptop crashes again.

    I do see Ack Attack streamliner making their way up to the start for some hopefully exiciting runs today.


    August 15th, Day 7, Update #1

    There were about 50 vehicles in impound this morning for record return runs.A nice turnout, although not as many as we had yesterday.Here’s some of the details:

    -Entry #438, going after a 135 record, ran short course speeds of 139.964 and 139.258.

    -#67 Yankee Engineuity Express, class 1000-APG, Mickey Goodin – driver.Yesterday, Mickey ran 146.8 on a 146.6 record.Mickey’s times today on the short course were 144.650 in the quarter and 144.505 in the mile.

    -#1921, class M-VF 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver.Paul ran a 112 yesterday on an open record in this class.Paul’s vehicle ran a little rough on a short course pass this morning, reaching speeds of 92.185 in the quarter and 94.547 in the first mile.

  • Active ImageTHE WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE which aired to rave reviews on SPEED in December 2006 is now available on DVD.  The show dramatically covers the 3 best motorcycle streamliners in the world going head to head at the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by Bub at Bonneville in September 2006.  The 16 year old record fell several times, and the final outcome came down to the last 5 minutes of the week long event.

  • The Utah Salt Flats Racing Association held its annual awards banquet tonight (5 December 2009) at the Rainbow Casino in West Wendover, Nevada. At least a half-dozen record trophies were handed out, and awards for many of the USFRA volunteers were made, too. The banquet featured a fine meal and a great set of videos showing lakes racing from back in the 50s and 60s was playing during the social hour giving most everyone something to chat about as it proceeded. Chief starter Monte Widdison held forth as the Great Camshaft (I think thats what he called himself) and attempted to be entertaining at the same time he was being tall. He succeeded in the tall part, at least. Some outstanding achievements that were honored included Joe Amos fastest mile of 272.610 miles per hour - on a sit-on bike! Joe (who wasnt able to attend the gala event) was awarded the Jeff Decker-made Flat Out at Bonneville trophy, depicting Rollie Frees famous 150+mph run wearing only a bathing suit and shower cap. The visual is probably THE iconic visual image of land speed racing. Congratulations, Joe. Jeff Deckers brass work The Larsen-Cummins Streamliner was awarded to owner Don Nuss and driver Scott Norris whose A/FS was the fastest car at the meet with a best mile speed of 337.187 mph. They also earned Skip Higginbothams Fastest Quarter Speed award. Skip and the award were stuck in Pahrump so all we got was a photo version of the plaque. And then theres the local favorite (as far as Im concerned cause Nancys my wife). Nancy Wennerberg, also known as Mrs. Seldom Seen Slim, not only received a trophy for her 201++ mph record in the 1650cc Production motorcycle class but also, thanks to her fast mile of 204.051, earned the Fast Lady of the Meet award sponsored by Bud McManus. The award is a 3-D laser-engraved crystal block thats a bugger to get a good photo using flash. Ill eventually take an available light shot so you can see this way cool trophy. Nancy joins a very select group of lady racers including Betty Burkland, Mary West, Rhonnie Vesco and Kris Wright that have earned the award. Nancy is the first racer to win riding a motorcycle. The USFRA banquet featured quite a bit of entertainment, good food, and good words and best wishes from Jim Burkdoll, the president of the USFRA. He asked that members of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club who were in the room introduce themselves and so all four of us did so. And then Jim went on to wish all racers the best of luck and perseverance in their efforts to get into the Club in the future. It was a fine get-together to end the 2009 racing season and set the stage for 2010. Well see you on the Salt! PS: The website is kind of clunky about having me post photos on the home page (where youre reading this story) so follow this link (or just go to the World of Speed section of the Bonneville section of the Forum on landracing.com. http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php/topic,6756.345.html
  • Akron native Art Arfons, land-speed record breaker'Green Monster' builder icon in international drag racing

    Direct Link to orginal ArticleHere

    By Nate Ulrich
    Beacon Journal sportswriter

    Akron native and international drag racing icon Art Arfons died Monday at age 81.

    Mr. Arfons, famous for building cars called ''Green Monsters'' with his brother, Walt, was a three-time world land-speed record holder.

  • May 5-6, 2007 was the first El Mirage meet of the year. There were 138 entries, that resulted in 21 records, 292 vehicle starts. It was reported that it was one of the best courses on the dirt in a very long period of time. There was one new entry into the El Mirage 200 Club, Paul Kelly in E/GS running 208.331 mph. Fastest car was Fred Dannenfelzer, DMR Racing, running 290.141 mph in the B/BFL class. Mark Richmond was fast bike of the meet on a turbo Hayabusa running 229.822 mph on a 217 mph record in the 1350cc APS-BF class. Read on for the results of meet.

    • Ford to attempt land speed record for production-based fuel cell powered vehicle at Bonneville with the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999.
    • Ford, Ohio State University, Ballard and Roush are collaborating to build and engineer the hydrogen fuel cellelectric powertrains.
    • Ohio State University will attempt to set the land speed record for unlimited class fuel cell powered vehicle with the Buckeye Bullet 2.
  • After an inspection of Lake Gairdner by representatives of the DLRA and Rangers from the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, on Friday 7th February 2008 and again on Saturday 8th February 2008. It has been decided to indefinitely postpone the 2008 DLRA Speed Week.
  • El Mirage 200 MPH Club

    July 2007


    Hot July weather combined with good course conditions supplied us with even hotter performances this meet.

  • Whoa, I'm bushed -- and I bet you folks are just about as worn out as everyone here at Bonneville, too.  The biggest Speedweek in 62 years is over, with more runs, more courses, more competitors, and more fun than ever before.  And I hope that landracing.com was able to provide you with some of the excitement that we who managed to be out here enjoyed.

    I'd like to thank everyone that helped make our coverage a success.  There were many, many that contributed funds to the site to help pay the bills, and there were many more that offered help in the way of gifts for us to give away at Salt Talks.  If you have been hiding in the proverbial cave, Salt Talks is the land speed racers' gathering that we hold on Sunday night of Speedweek each year.  From simple beginnings back in the year 2000 - Salt Talks has grown to be the BIGGEST SOCIAL EVENT of Speedweek, bar none.  And it's the main fundraiser for the website -- helping make it possible to keep the site going at full strength year-round.  Thanks to all.

    Then there was Ray Buck, a/k/a Ray the Rat, our photographer-of-choice, as well as manyother people that took and posted pictures.  Thanks to all.  Thanks, too, to the scads of you that posted your information, your queries, and your support.

    Okay -- do you get the idea that I'm grateful that I have the  opportunity to be the head handlebar holder of landracing.com?  It's a dream for me, a racer, to be able to help all of you share the fun of land speed racing.  Thanks.  I can't say it any better than that.
  • This is the proposed 3 course system at Speedweek 2007. And also the pre-stage procedures. Keep in mind this system is a work in progress and changes can and probably will be made before the final draft. This is a drawing to give you an idea of what is proposed for Speedweek 2007.
  • You can follow the thread here:
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    Sign up to be a member and you can join in the conversation!

    Individual runs are being logged in this thread:

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    Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun!

  • Mojave Mile website is up -- Reserve your grid spot!

    New post by Mike Borders » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:54 pm

    We are now taking reservations this week for grid slots. Entry forms aren't quite ready yet but will be soon. The Rule Book is available for on-line reading and download. Contact info is on the website, and I'll repeat the office phone number here: 702-614-6108.

    When the entry forms are ready, we will start at the top of our reservation list and take entry deposits, which will get you an entry packet. Group Leaders wanting to enter their teams should have all team member's names and key info handy when calling in. (Name, address, phone, email, and car/bike description.)

    Please help spread the word by notifying all of your forums and friends.

    See you in March!

    Mike B
  • October 19, 2007 -

    As reported from North American Eagle website.

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Wow! What a week. Team North American Eagle™ completed a very successful appearance at the Black Rock Desert.   After finishing our 7th test session, the first thing we have to do is acknowledge the achievements of the past competitors at Black Rock.  Richard Noble in '83, Breedlove in '96 and '97 and ThrustSSC Team in '97.  In the 2 hr BBC Documentary The Mission, the cameras follow the efforts of ThrustSSC record setting performance at Black Rock. Although the show documented what the team went through to get there, you can't really fully appreciate the effort until you have lived it.  Traveling to Black Rock this year would be a learning experience for the entire team.  Those who have been here before praised Team North American Eagle™ on our efforts.  Those included former team members of ThrustSSC who were on hand to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and world record holders Rosco McGlashan (Aussie Invader), John Ackroyd (Thrust II) and land speed legend Craig Breedlove. 

  • Active ImageTop 1 Ack Attack team has been very busy since the 2006 race season ended with them setting a FIM World Land Speed Record (pending ratification), losing it 24 hours later then while trying to up the record again they ran into problems.

    The record was upped to over 350 mph by the BUB Lucky #7 Streamliner. Instead of retiring the Top 1 Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner, owner Mike Akatiff decided lets fix whats broken and go for it in 2007. Read on to find out more.


  • Hello from the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover, Utah, U S A.  We're in the world's capitol of land speed racing - and we'd like you to join us.  If you can't get here for the fastest speed trials in the world -- settle in and enjoy the stories and comments by racers and other folks throughout this site.

    Most of the reporting and stories are in the Forum, which you get find by clicking on "LSR Forums" in the tab bar just above this.  Once you get to the Forum you're welcome to register, but whether you do or not you can read what's going on here - and all over the world.  For the latest on Speedweek '10 go to the Topic "Bonneville General Chat" and select the Speedweek 2010 thread of discussion.  The address, in case you don't want to go through the two or three extra clicks and would rather just copy and paste, is http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php/topic,7465.495.html  That'll take you to the latest post, I think, of all thirty-some pages of comments and photos and updates and speeds. 

    That's enough for now from me.  By the way, I'm Seldom Seen Slim, the guy that not only races but also gets the pleasure of owning and operating this site for the sake of all the racers and fans world-wide.  Join us and have fun, go fast, but most of all, be safe.
  • Rick Vesco, builder of the Turbinator, was announced as the guest speaker at the 7th Annual B'ville NW Banquet in Portland, Oregan. The banquet will be held at the Shilo Inn, Portland Oregan, Feb 23, 2008.

  • You've clamored for changes to the front page of the site, and asked if I (we) can put stuff like run logs and race event results right here -- so you don't have to dig through the forum looking for topics that are sort of buried -- and that only works if you're a registered member of the forum. So I've asked Debbie to help me figure out if we can get the run logs right here. As of today (Sunday, the 21st of September and the day after World of Speed 2008 ended) we don't have the right way to present 'em -- but I wanted to let you know that we're trying. If you ARE a member of the Forum, please go there and find the topic where Deb is asking for your requests and input on this subject. Maybe one of you will ask in such a way that she and I have one of those "Ah-ha!" moments and the best idea since sliced bread dawns upon us. Your help can't hurt, and might even make this site better for you, for us, and for everyone. In the meantime - please go over to the forum and look at the "Private Meet: Top Speed Shootout" (or whatever the heck I've labeled it) and see what's going to be starting tomorrow morning. Nancy (my wife) and I are out here at Bonneville and will be putting more information up on the site all day long, reporting on speeds of the bikes and cars, as well as anything else that we think you might want to know -- on as close to a real-time basis as we can manage. We'll have this high-speed internet service link with us, so you'll know as soon as I can type and click "upload". Thanks for looking at landracing.com, folks. It's our pleasure to be the ones that bring the site to you.
  • This was submitted to be by Glen Barrett.. The Rice Brothers put together a very informative list about your trip to a Bonneville Event. This list is a great one to print and read and keep with you. If you are a first timer as a racer or a spectator it is a must list for you. It will help get you pointed on what to expect and should be followed.


  • Dan Warner sent this four-page list of rules/changes. Note that changes for '10 are in bold. The changes were voted on by the SCTA Board of Directors on Friday, 20 November 2009.

    2010 SCTA Car Rulebook Changes

    Rulebook paragraphs affected by changes are shown.

    1.E Course:
    The straightaway speed course, conditions permitting, will be an overall distance of at least seven miles. If conditions permit, there will be two courses available. A “short” course of three miles for vehicles under 175 MPH, and a “long” course of five miles for vehicles over 175 MPH. The “short” course will consist of an approach of one mile from the starting line and three timing traps placed as follows: the first trap timing the entire second mile, the second trap timing the first quarter-mile of the third mile and a third trap timing the entire third mile.

    2.A.1 Vinatge Engines
    Vintage engine classes listed below refer to "blocks or crankcases" and are intended to be representative examples of those listed and recognizable as such. Vintage engine class competitors are required to use production blocks as specified. Modification to said blocks shall be limited to original factory production or factory authorized replacements and shall retain all original dimensions, excepting modifications involving intake/exhaust ports, cooling ports and specialty head adaptation pursuant to the following criterion: Cylinder bore centers shall be maintained to within .150" of original design; crankshaft centerline to original deck height measurement shall be within .150" of original design; original deck material and thickness shall be maintained to within .150" of original design.

    3.A.2 Driver’s Helmet:

    All drivers/riders shall wear a full-face helmet with face shield. A Snell Foundation tag reading SA2000 or M2000 or later is required. Snell Foundation 2005 Certification will be required on all helmets beginning on January 1, 2011.No open face helmets will be allowed. Helmets will be visually inspected at least once each year. Helmets shall be undamaged and in serviceable condition. Eyeglasses worn under the helmet shall be shatterproof. All cars and motorcycle streamliners require SA rated helmets.

    3.A.3 Driver’s Helmet Support:
    Forward movement: All NEW cars and motorcycle streamliners presented for inspection shall have an engineered and tested SFI spec 38.1 type head and neck restraint system. Beginning January 1, 2011 all cars and motorcycle streamliners shall have an engineered and tested SFI spec 38.1 type head and neck restraint system.

    3.I Fuel Systems:
    The complete fuel system shall be securely mounted. Plastic fuel lines are not permitted. A metal screw type clamp shall be on each connection of rubber or steel-braided fuel line. Fuel lines which run into the driver’s compartment shall be steel or steel-braided covered. No flexible fuel lines of any kind allowed in drivers compartment. All fuel lines in the area of the clutch and flywheel shall be run through heavy steel tubing or outside the frame rail, regardless of the presence of a scattershield. All fuel tanks shall be vented. Fuel tank vents shall be provisioned to eliminate spillage in the event of a rollover. All fuel tanks shall be isolated from the driver’s compartment and protected in the plane of the blower drive, if used. Nitrous Oxide cylinders or any other type of oxidizer cylinder are considered the same as fuel tanks and shall not be mounted in the driver’s compartment.

    3.I.1 Fuel Shut-off:
    All cars with other than stock fuel system shall have a fuel shut-off within the driver’s reach. Electric fuel pumps shall have a switch in the circuit to disable pump operation. All electric fuel pumps shall have an inertial or other positive “shut off switch” e.g. microprocessor controlled, or oil pressure switch. All rotating fuel shut-off valves SHALL have a positive stop to prevent reopening of the valve.

  • Bonneville Travel Log – June 29th, 2007 – Day Four

    We had to get up relatively early this morning for check out and to drop off our bags for the charter.We had to drop off our bags by 9:00, but the bus didn’t leave for the airport until 11:00.We had just enough time to grab some breakfast at the Paradise Grill and drop some more money into the machines.Jon and I both agreed we are lucky we don’t live in Vegas.We’d be totally broke and probably divorced.

  • By Bill Hoddinott

    "Bonneville Motorcycle Streamliners - Interviews with the Stars" is a book of articles reprinted full size with permission from Bonneville Racing News. The in-depth interviews appeared beginning 2002 and cover up to the September 2006 BUB Meet when new F.I.M. World Records were set (pending official confirmation). This book is a companion to "Arduns at Bonneville - Interviews with the Stars" and "Ardun Technical - What Makes It Go" which are also in print.

  • Impound Insights
    El Mirage Nov 2009
    By Dan Warner

    Our old friend, high winds, made their appearance on the lakebed for the final event of 2009. Saturday and Sunday runs were interrupted by the wind but, in the end four rounds were available to those that could make a pass. In addition to the wind we had cold, cold temps. Pat McSwain and his wife Kat took turns getting up in the night to start their trucks so that they could run in the mornings. We don’t do cold well in Southern California.

    The good news is that Erik Hansson secured his place on the El Mirage 200 MPH Club roster with a fine 203 run in XF/BGL, old school belly tank with a flathead for power. Erik had been in the very high 190s all season. Erik, like Mark Vigeant from last month also joined the Bonneville 200 MPH club at the World Finals event.

    Overall there were 18 records set, 11 car and 7 motorcycle, over the two day meet. Randy Ferguson drove the Ferguson Racing XXF/BGMR to a record of 196. Dennis Mariani got another record in the XF/BStR class at 157 and Irene Hanchard set the V4F/BStR mark at 118 MPH. Craig Corbin took the Hondata CRX to a new G/FCC record of 177 and Daniel Butler ran the Hondata RSX to a 193 record in F/BGCC. Tyler Osborn drove his Dad’s ’37 Ford to a record of 153 in the XXF/VGCC class racing under the Ferguson & Osborn banner. Keith Pedersen added 10 MPH to his record from last month. Keith drove the White Goose Bar Racing G/BMMP to a 164 record. Troy Cochran put 8 on the F/PS record, up to 212 in the Raver/Cochran Racing Mitsubishi. Sgt. at Arms, Bill Lattin, let his son Billy loose in the Lattin & Gillette XF/PP Ford truck; Billy set the record at 110. Last car record belongs to the afore mentioned Pat McSwain at 157 in his Duramax powered GMC pickup, 157 in the A/DT class.

    The motorcycle cert guys saw a few customers. Eric Noyes took his turn in the Buddenbaum Fabrication 100-SCS-G streamliner and set the record at 117. This run sealed the championship for the team.
    Jill Iverson raced the Junior Speed Scout 350-A-VF bike to a 106 record. Cathy Butler has used her years of experience on smaller displacement bikes and is now in the 650-APS-F class where she set the record to 177 MPH. In the 750cc classes Jim Higgins rode the Moreland Noonan Spyke 750-A-BG entry to a 192 record and Harry Meeker rode his 750-SC-PBG bike to a 131 record. Two records were set in the 1000cc
    classes, Ralph Hudson set the 1000-APSG record several times over the weekend ending up with a final record speed of 194. Jeannie Pflum rode Jamie Wagner’s 1000-P-P entry to a new record 190.

    Top Speed of the year for cars was set by Fred Dannenfelzer in his lakester at 252.257 MPH. John Noonan once again ended the season as the fastest bike with a speed of 223.726. John beat Pat Womack by just .395 MPH at the end of the year.

    The 2009 season champs are John Buddenbaum and Eric Noyes with the Buddenbaum Fabrication streamliner with 1412 points overall. The top car point earners are Doug and Miriam Macmillan with their Hondata RSX entry.

    Congratulations to all record setters in 2009, the top point champions and the fastest car and bike entries. A special congrats go out to Mark Vigeant and Erik Hansson as the two new Dirty Two members.

    We all know the lakebed needs rain, so let’s hope this is the year it happens. Lets all gather at El Mirage next May for safe and very fast 2010 season.
  • 6th Annual B'ville NW Banquet that will be held Feb 17th, 2007 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport.

    The cost for this years event is $48.00 per person. This includes a mandatory 18% gratuity imposed by the caterer. After February 4th the cost goes up to $55.00. There will be a registration limit of 150 for this event.

  • SCTA-BNI has released the pre-entry list of Bonneville Speedweek 2007. This will be the largest events I ever remember to happen on the Bonneville Salt Flats. An amazing total of 520 pre-entries for the seasons most spectacular event. 374 cars and 146 bikes. This year there is plans for 3 courses at Speedweek, and with this amount of entries lets hope it all works. It will be needed. Click below for the list of pre-entries.
  • There were 172 event records certified: 64 bikes and 108 cars.
    (26) 2-Club candidates and a Chapter 3 ECTA guy

  • The SCTA is honored to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BSA-the nation's largest youth service organization, which now boasts 2.8 million youth members, 1.3 million adult volunteers and 50 million alumni.  The SCTA and the BNI board have granted free entry to the all Boy Scouts and Scout Masters at Speed Week August 14-20, 2010. They will also be issued Pit passes. This will provide a cool way for the scouts to explore the science and engineering of Land Speed racing.   For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit www.scouting.org  or www.scouting.org/100years

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of Scouting in the United States with many celebrations and events happening. One of those events is the National Jamboree held in Virginia this July. Over 40,000 Scouts and leaders from all over the country will attend.  Each Scout Council will send a contingent of Scouts and leaders to participate. The Great Salt Lake Council will send one of the largest contingents in the nation. (645 people consisting of 16 Troops plus 5 staff members)
    As part of the planning process, each of the contingents selects a theme, representing something unique to their Council, to feature on their shoulder patches. Patch trading is a huge part of the Jamboree experience for each Scout and the competition to have the most unique set of patches is nothing short of amazing.  After many excellent and spirited proposals were made at our Jamboree meetings, the Scouts voted to have Bonneville race cars on their patches to represent our Council.

    To make this year’s 2010 100th Anniversary of BSA even more special and exciting.  The Speed Demon Team, George Poteet and Ron Main, will be taking the entire Troop 601 to attend the opening of Speed Week 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats on August 14, 2010.
    Troop 601 is designated as the special needs troop of the 17 other troops from the Great Salt Lake Council that will attend the Jamboree.  Troop 601 consists of 31 Scouts ranging in age from 13 to 48 year old assisted by Scoutmaster, Paul Aldous and 8 assistant Scoutmasters.  Wait – you asked how do they have a 48 year old Scout and why so many assistant Scoutmasters?  .  Terry, who is our 48 year old, is excited as anyone could be to attend the Jamboree.  He is diabetic and very hard to understand but that does not curtail his Scout spirit.  There are nine Scouts who have special needs.  The needs range from learning disorders, Down syndrome, autism, muscular disorders and the list goes on.  When we discuss our needs the attitude focuses on ability rather the disability.  Each Scout has a ‘can do’ mind-set.  They want to do everything offered at the Jambo including shooting, fishing, scuba diving and run the marathon.  The majority of the boys are Eagle Scouts including several who are special need Scouts.  They each understand the values of living by the Scout Oath and Law.  Helpfulness and Loyalty are especially important to each member of Troop 601 for they look out for their buddies.  Leadership of Troop 601 is lead by the boys and the patrol method is how we take care of the needs of each member.
    Our troop amulet is the Bonneville race car, Speed Demon.  George Poteet and Ron Main have been so kind to allow us to ware their car on our Council Service Patch.  The Scouts all love the Speed Demon and look forward to attending Speed Week 2010 at the Bonneville Speedway in August.  We know the Speed Demon is an amazing car and Troop 601 has a high goal to achieve such a standard as this world class race car has but we promise to do our best, work hard and have lots of fun.
  • Active ImageToday, Dec. 2, 2007, the newly elected SCTA Board of Directors met to choose the Appointed Board of Directors per the SCTA Bylaws.  It was decided to "for now" scale down the board number to 12 ( with the president abstaining from voting, to avoid tie votes).  It was also decided to allow for additional members to be added as needed up to a total of 17.

    FIA/FIM sanctioned event the first of its kind, top teams throwing down gauntlet

    BURLINGAME, Cal. (August 18, 2008) -- TOP 1 Oil has teamed with the record-setting Land Speed Racing veterans at Cook Motorsports to form the TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout, the first single competition ever to decide the fastest of the fast wheel-driven cars and motorcycles on the planet.

  • Larry Volk was on the salt a few days ago (early July) and reports that it looks very good for the upcoming racing season. Based on what he reported there will be three courses again for Speedweek. The site for the long course has been chosen -- but won't be surveyed and set up 'til all are comfortable that there won't be a weather disaster.  A long course and two short courses have been dragged in to shape, and the short course is dragged for 8 miles in case the present long course gets farkled by weather.  The special course is four miles long.

    Thanks to Dallas Volk for correcting me on the details I got wrong when I first posted this.  Oh, yeah -- and I hear that Larry V. was treated to a Father's Day meal at the Salt Flats cafe, where Marcelo is still firmly in charge.  We look forward to meals there again this year.

    Stay tuned for further updates.
  • Welcome Tyler Easton Amo, the newly-born son of Keilani and Jon Amo. Jon, in case you don’t know, is the guy that founded this website about a dozen or more years ago – and now that he’s sent it off to me – has found better ways to occupy his time (no doubt!).

    Congratulations to all three of the Colorado Amos – and to all the Amos everywhere – now that there’s another one in the family.

  • June 2007


    The weather for the second meet of the year was the complete opposite of last month. Beautiful Spring temps, soft breezes and gentle evenings made for a very pleasant weekend.

  • The last ECTA event of the racing year is this coming weekend – the 24th and 25th of October. The forecast looks okay – mid-70s but a chance of rain on Saturday, but about 70 and sunny on Sunday.


    Get out there, racers, and get in a few more runs before putting the race bike (or car) on the stands for winter’s work. You can register by going to www.ecta-lsr.com.  There’s still lodging available in Laurinburg, the nearest “big” town, and the fellowship of Maxton events will be the best of the year – because it’s the last of the year.


    Make your plans – visit and race “The Maxton Monster Mile” before hanging up your racing suit for the winter.


  • SCTA releases the El Mirage weekend results. Click below on the "read more" link for the full results. The fastest car of the meet was Frontuto Bro's AA/FMR at 227.881 mph. The fastest bike was Scott Horner at 199.026 mph in the 1350cc A/BG class. 80 cars and 48 bikes capped the weekend with the opportunity for everyone to make 3 passes.

  • Impound Insights
    El Mirage July 2010
    By Dan Warner

    The July meet can be wrapped into one word – WOW! Weather was real nice for this time of year on the desert, low 100s with a cloud cover at times that brought the temps down. A brief rain misting on Saturday and Sunday was welcome but brought the dreaded humidity that our friends on the East coast love so much.

    Before going further, I want to congratulate John Noonan and the Noonan/Derwin/Moreland entry. Their 1650-APSBF Hayabusa ran the fastest open bike speed ever at the dirt, a 252.924 record. Clearly an amazing accomplishment by all involved.

    We got our first Dirty Two club member of the decade with Doug Macmillan driving his Hondata CRX entry in G/BGAlt class to a new record of 201. The past two years Doug knocked around the 200 MPH mark by setting records from 195 to 199. Congratulations Doug, welcome to the club.

    There were a further 10 car and 9 motorcycle records in addition to the two mentioned above. John Rank and the Salty Dogs Racing AA/GMR set their third class record of the year, bumping last month’s record to a new 224. Rick Yacoucci drove the Costella-Yacoucci-Pappas-Stevens XF/BFS to another record, 238.9, just a small jump over the 238.3 from last month. This small move allowed Michele Brading, Costella-Dennee K/GL moved to within one point of Rick. Michele was on course early and ran 156 in class, a huge jump over the 143 record. SCTA Secretary/Assistant Starter Miriam Macmillan took a few minutes to take her Hondata CRX entry in the F/FCC class to a new record of 184, a another huge jump over the old record by over 16 MPH. This allowed Miriam to move into third place in points -10 to the leader and one above her husband Doug who was mentioned earlier. Richard Reed took the V4F/BStR of R2 Racin’ to a new class record at 124.9 MPH. Mark Lintner took a lap at 161, 10 over the class record, in the Eyres-Moreland-Lintner H/BGMR. Greg Martinez had a blown head gasket last month in his new V4F/BGL. This is a beautiful car and Greg was rewarded by a class record of 147 over the minimum of 140. I made him remove the head in order to measure the engine for class. We sealed it up so he will good to go for Speedweek. The third Jack Costella designed streamliner running the dirt this year belongs to driver Tim Cunha. The Costella & Cunha J/GS ran a fine 149.6 MPH. The final car record fell to Peter Shotrosky and his Steve’s machine F/PMP Ford Ranger at 137.6 MPH, 1.5 over his old record.

    In addition to Fast John Noonan Ralph Leclercq on the Honda Racing 650-P-P added .8 to the record, 164.9 MPH. Wink Eller and his Tri-Pod II 3000-SC-PF rig set the class record up to 170 MPH. Dave Iverson Knuckle Head entry, 1000-A-VG, set a record at 132.5 MPH and Derek McLeish had the Team McLeish Bros. entry up to speed with new 750-SCS-F class record. David Isley rode the Islet Racing 1350-SC-PG entry to a new record of 159 MPH.  Jamie Wagner's bikes set two records this meet. Jamie Wagner rode his 1000-A-G bike to a record speed of 172 and Jeannie Pflum rode his 1000 P/P to a 193 record.  Good job, Jeannie!  Harry Meeker wraps up the motorcycle records with a nice 132 run on his MPH Racing 750-SC-PBG entry.

    As you can see there were a lot of big jumps in speeds. I will go on a limb and suggest that the course relocation and cloud cover helped quite a bit this weekend. I did notice some entry code errors which nullified some runs. Please be careful when filing out your entries. The coding cannot be changed after the first vehicle runs.

    Well, its off to Bonneville in a little over three weeks. Good luck to all attending Speedweek and we’ll see everyone else at the September 12th lakes meet.
  • Following is a partial list of changes to be made to Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the 2007 SCTA rulebook. These changes are a result of the SCTA Board of Directors vote at the Dec. 1, 2006 meeting. There were 16 members of the 17 person board present at the meeting.
  • A note regarding our 2nd Pre-Trip July 20-23 Trip went well. (Almost) On Sunday the 20th, as we traveled, it rained all through Las Vegas and a lot through ELY up through White Horse Pass just South of Wendover. It cleared up by Wendover and had not rained at all there. Monday we spent all day setting up and dragging. Salt was Hard, Dry and Smooth, Weather was in low 90s and overcast. We completely finished the Long Course (8 mi) and had both the Short Courses ready to go to begin dragging again on Tues. morning. It Thundered and Lighting most of the night (Monday night) but no rain fell in Downtown Wendover. Not so on the salt flats, there was considerable water standing across most of our race course areas and we had to call off any further work for this trip. We decided to wait until we arrive just prior (A week) to the event to do the finishing touches on the courses. With no further rain ( the storm had passed through) in sight we feel that the water should be gone in a few days and the salt will be left in at least as good condition (Great) as it was prior to the storm. As we left Wendover the weather was Clear and Hot (Of Course) Well keep you up dated from now until the event with reports as we get them. A special thanks to the other members of our Advance Crew. Russ Eyres, Fred Dannenfelzer, Jim Jensen, Jim Dunn and Larry Volk. Mike Waters, Chairman BNI
  • El Mirage 200MPH Club by Dan Warner May 16 & 17, 2008. *70 years plus 1 day from the first SCTA dry lakes meet. And a meet it was!
  • The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record
    Will be available at your favorite bookstore or online August 15th.

    This is Rocky Robinsons first nonfiction book, and is intended to put you in the drivers seat of one of, if not thefastest motorcycle ever built. Ever wonder what its like to go faster than anyone else has ever gone? Try 350 mph on for size. This is not your everyday, routine mystery or cookie-cutter thriller.

  • Historic record runs captured by motorsports partnership.

    SPEED Channel will broadcast the WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE in 2 one hour segments on December 3,  and 10th 2006 at 3:00 PM eastern time.  Check your local cable or satellite provider for exact air time in your area.

  • Well, how about this? A few days ago we thought World Finals 2009 would be a no-go – and now we’re looking at about the best salt in years. There are about 135 entries out here, the weather is clear and 50 – 60F, and things couldn’t be much better. This is gonna be great.


    The only real change in the schedule is that everything has been pushed back a day – so instead of inspection on Tuesday and runs from Wednesday through Saturday – we’re inspecting today, Wednesday, and runs start tomorrow (Thursday) and go through Sunday (assuming weather holds out and there are enough racers remaining.


    So – WF ’09 isn’t a bust – it looks like it’ll be the best event of the year. See you on the Salt!

  • Impound Insights
    El Mirage June 2010
    By Dan Warner

    The June meet was a welcome change in weather from what we have been experiencing recently. The temps were a tolerable high 70s to low 80s and the wind, while present, was minimal.

    There were no new Dirty Two members, El Mirage 200 MPH Club, again this meet.

    There were 12 car and 4 motorcycle records set at the meet. Rick Yacoucci drove the Costella-Yacoucci XF/BFS to a second record and Top Speed of the meet at 238 MPH, a 9 MPH bump on the old record.
    Michele Brading drove the Costella-Dennee K/FL to record of 145.6, a move of 4.5 MPH and second in overall points. Jim Lattin’s grandson, Bill Lattin’s son, Billy Lattin made two passes. The first was a couple of tenths under the record, the second run added a solid 4 MPH to the V4F/Str class at 114. Ruth Lundring was in Eric Hannson’s XF/BGS belly tank and ran a fine 199.5 on her first run. Ruth ran into some trouble on her second pass in the late afternoon due to poor course conditions. She is well on the way to becoming only the second woman to qualify for El Mirage 200 MPH Club membership. John Rank and the Salty Dogs Racing AA/GMR showed up in the same class as last meet and upped their May record to 223.5. Tyler Osborn and Dad Monte ran their beautiful ’37 Ford two door with Ferguson Ardun power to a new XX/VGAlt class record for the Ferguson Osborn team. Dennis Mariani added 18 MPH to last month’s new F/StR record with a great 168 MPH pass. This meet it was John Beck’s turn in the Vintage Hot Rod C/BStr class and John got the team a solid 202 record. Russ Eyres had a chance in the Eyres Moreland Eyres H/BFR and ran a 152 against the 150 class minimum. Daniel Butler took over Doug Macmillan’s seat in the Hondata RSX in the G/BGAlt class setting the record at 185 against the old 179 mark. Assistant starter Miriam Macmillan took a few moments to drive her Hondata CRX to a new record in the F/FCC class at 168 MPH, an 8 MPH jump. Doug Kruse brought out his Cobalt for its debut run in the H/PS class and set the record at 135.7 MPH, just 7 tenths over the minimum.

    Over at the Motorcycle Impound we found Len Jones, 500-P-PP, setting the record at 113.3 a close .3 over the minimum. Derek McLeish was still stuck inside of the Team McLeish Bros 750-SCS-G streamliner so he decided to up last month’s record to 152 MPH. David Isley kept the same 1350-SC-PG configuration as last month and upped his record to 153 MPH. Kent Riches set the 750-SC-F record over 11 MPH higher than the minimum to 153 MPH.

    So far this year the record count has been somewhat down, the good thing is that some of those pesky minimums are being superseded. Congratulations to all record setters at this meet. The July meet is sure to be hot, from the weather standpoint and from the competition of the racers. Good luck to all on July 11th, I hope everyone has a safe and fast meet.

  • $10,000 Donation Assures Historic Display
    Contact:  Michael F. Hollander, PCGCampbell, 310/224-4981 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • World Finals 2009 is still ON. That’s the word from SCTA/BNI officials as of this afternoon (Monday, the 5th of October). The event has been pushed back a day – so things will start with inspection on Wednesday the 7th and racing beginning the 8th. We’ll race for four days, ending Sunday the 11th – as long as the weather continues to cooperate and there are enough vehicles wanting to make runs.


    The weather was poor during the past weekend, and there was enough water on the course that the folks in the know decided to hold things off for a day. That decision seems to have paid off – Jim Jensen, the chief starter for Bonneville and one of the fellows that drives the trucks that drag the salt to make our race courses, says we’ll have a good race track (assuming the weather doesn’t go away in the next day or two). There will be just ONE course – a long course, with a shut-down marked at the three mile for short course vehicles. This layout is just the same as used by the USFRA for World of Speed – and, with the 135 entries we’re expecting, lines shouldn’t be too long and things will go well.


    If you’ve got room reservations through Saturday night you oughta be okay, but if you had planned on leaving Saturday morning and now you’ll want to stay the extra day – please consider calling your lodging facility to see if you can extend another night.


    Let’s go racing at World Finals!


  • We're 99% back up! Thank you all for your patience during this unforseen glitch.
  • The project to secure the world steam car speed record is on track, with everything focused on the record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats, USA in August 2008. This will follow the unveiling of the British Steam Car at the 60th Bonneville Speed Week from 18 to 24 August.
  • I've just received a notice (Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009) that there may be a 2 - 48 hour interruption from the company that's hosting tthis website.  I think it'll happen, if at all, overnight the 30th - 1st of October.  If so -- don't be too worried.  It'll end soon enough.  All I can do is warn you that it's not me deciding to move to Bora-Bora or something -- just an unfortunate and unexpected bump in the road.

    Keep checking back -- we'll be back in time for World Finals.

     Slim, a/k/a the head handlebar holder of this site. 

  • I hope that you had just as much fun at the 2009 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials as I did! When publishing your articles and photos, please remember to include credit to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials and to the American Motorcyclists Association, the sanctioning body of the event. AMA records are now posted on the website and FIM records are pending ratification and we are awaiting their release from the FIM. FIM Congress meets mid-October. Individual results and general speeds will also be posted at the end of this week. For specific participant information please contact us directly with bike number, rider name and requested information. We can look up that information on a case-by-case basis.  

  • Richard Parks, editor of The Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter, received an email from Tony Thacker, Executive Director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum about a very special event hosted by Banks Power, concerning Mickey Thompson.  The event is a panel discussion about Mickey Thompson and his impact on American auto racing.  Our family has known Mickey and his family since the mid-1940's and the speakers have a great deal of knowledge about Mickey and the times that he was influencing American racing.  Judy is Mickey's first wife and Danny is Judy and Mickey's son.  Alex Xydias and his So-Cal Speed Shop was at the center of dry lakes, Bonneville and land speed racing in the late 1940's and '50's.  Tom Jobe knows drag racing's ins and outs.  Gale Banks at Banks Power knows land speed racing and how to build powerful engines.  Dave McClelland is one of the best at announcing all types of auto racing events.  Every panel discussion that I have attended at the Museum has been a great experience and I hope that you will be able to attend.  Sincerely, Richard Parks (www.landspeedracing.com)
    Dear friend of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum:
         I would like to invite you to join us for a panel discussion celebrating the life and achievements of Mickey Thompson: First American to 400 presented by Banks Power.
    WHEN:   Saturday, May 15, 2010 from 2 - 4 p.m.
    WHERE: Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Bldg 3A, Pomona, CA 91768.  For more information on this
         event call 909-622-2133, or Google http://museum.nhra.com.
    PANELISTS: Judy Thompson Creach, Danny Thompson, Alex Xydias, Tom Jobe, and Gale Banks.
    MODERATOR: Dave McClelland
    COST: $20 includes museum admission and light refreshments.  Tickets can be purchased at the door and all proceeds benefit the museum.
    FREE PARKING: Enter the Fairplex at Gate 1 on McKinley and turn right into the museum parking lot.
         We sincerely hope you can make it and feel free to bring a guest.  Sincerely,
    Tony Thacker, Executive Director, Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum
    The following joint press release was announced by the SFI Foundation and Impact Racing, LLC today. Impact Racing has provided sworn testimony, that products bearing the SFI label produced in 2009
    and 2010, were manufactured to meet SFI specifications. The SFI Foundation has agreed to uphold the certification of products manufactured in 2009 and 2010. Products bearing manufacture dates
    prior to 2009 have remained decertified. The full press release can be viewed by following this link:
    After careful consideration and investigation by the SCTA Technical Committee, inclusive of information exchanged with representatives from the safety certification organizations SFI and
    Snell, SCTA / BNI has decided to follow their recommendations. In plain English this is how this decision may affect you. If you currently own any of the decertified Impact Racing products listed
    below with manufacture dates prior to 2009, you will be required to replace them with a non-Impact product or Impact product with a manufacture date of 2009 or 2010, prior to competing at an SCTA-BNI
    3.2A 3.2A ††
    Driver Suits (3.2A/1, 3.2A/3, 3.2A/5) Driver Suits (3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20)
    3.3 Arm Restraints Shoes (3.3/5) Drag Boots (3.3/15, 3.3/20) Gloves (3.3/1, 3.3/5, 3.3/10, 3.3/15, 3.3/20) Harness Pads Helmet Supports Hoods/Balaclavas Socks Underclothing
    16.1    Driver Restraint Assemblies 16.5    Stock Car Driver Restraint Assemblies †
    Other Impact products not listed MAY also be under scrutiny and may be decertified at any time in the future. Impact manufactured helmets ARE NOT decertified at this time. However, if the helmet
    has an SFI certification tag for the nomex interior or balaclavas, then you will be required to use an additional nomex head sock, manufactured by another company, with a SFI certification
    tag attached. For specific questions please contact:
    Lee Kennedy, Technical Director SCTA - BNI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 805.421.5056 Ext 113(O) 818.519.6896 (C) WWW.SCTA-BNI.org
    Steve Davies, Chief Car Inspector SCTA ñ BNI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (714) 671-9454
    Van Butler, Motorcycle Committee Chair SCTA ñ BNI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (949) 497-6478
  • The Cook Motorsports Top Speed Shootout begins Monday, September 21, at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  This is the fastest event - where the fastest vehicles have their opportunity to set new international speed records.  If you're able to get here -- come on out and watch the speed!


    Thre will be six vehicles this year -- including cars, motorcycles (both "sit-on" and streamliner types), and even a snowmobile!  There's something for everyone, so to speak.  The cars include the Poteet and Main "Speed Demon", which last year ran 395 miles per hour.  That was with a four-cylinder engine -- and this year the Demon has a V-8!  The car was tested at SpeedWeek here a few weeks ago and topped out at about 401 mph.  Many updates and imrpovements have been made in the intervening two weeks -- so it's fair to expect some super speeds from the Speed Demon.


    A team from Canada will be attempting to set an international speed record for a snowmobile.  The vehicle has two wheels on each side in front -- instead of skis -- and a specially-designed rear belt rated for 250 mph for a drive mechanism.  The belt is grooved, not "lugged" so it will not damage the salt surface.  The snowmobile's engine is a Yamaha motorcycle engine that's supercharged and running on alcohol -- and making more than 600 hp.


    Bikes will include Richard Assen's turbo Suzuki -- the bike that he rode to over 260 at SpeedWeek.  There'll be a thrust-powered jet engine bike, and the Bub Enterprises streamliner -- which held the world speed record two years ago at over 350 mph.


    Attendance is open to everyone at the Top Speed Shootout, but if you can't be there in person -- stay connected to landracing.com's Forum for continuous updates and plenty of photos as the Shootout goes on all week.  See you on the Salt! 

  • The 2009 World of Speed event has been declared a "GO" -- starting Thursday.


    Rain fell on the Salt Flats on Monday, leaving about an inch of water on the course.  The weather has turned good, though, and as of this morning (Wednesday), the Salt is now good enough that the officials will move the course about a mile.  The result will be that we've got a full seven miles -- so we'll have both a short AND a long course.  There'll be the USFRA's 130 Club course, too.


    Nobody will be allowed on the Salt today -- so officials can get their work done.  Tomorrow (Thursday) racers will head out to set up pits first thing -- then racing will start after pit set up.



  • This is the just released statement from SCTA:

    Southern California Timing Association, Inc.
    Bonneville Nationals, Incorporated

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010
    The following press release from SFI was announced this past Friday and in
    essence it decertifies most
    of the SFI approved Impact Racing products. This quote was taken from the
    press release: bAt this time
    SFI does not know how many products have counterfeit labels and patches and
    which ones have
    authentic labels and patches. Therefore, it was unfortunately necessary to
    decertify all the products
    manufactured by Impact pursuant to SFI specifications 3.2A, 3.3, 16.1 and
    16.5.b The full press release
    can be viewed by following this link: http://www.sfifoundation.com/
    After careful consideration and investigation by the SCTA Technical Committee,
    inclusive of
    information exchanged with representatives from the safety certification
    organizations SFI and Snell,
    SCTA / BNI has decided to follow their recommendations. In plain English this
    is how this decision
    may affect you. If you currently own any of the decertified Impact Racing
    products listed below you will
    be required to replace them with a non-Impact product prior to competing at an
    SCTA-BNI event.
    3.2A Driver Suits (3.2A/1, 3.2A/3, 3.2A/5)
    3.2A Driver Suits (3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20)
    3.3 Driver Accessories:
    Arm Restraints
    Shoes (3.3/5)
    Drag Boots (3.3/15, 3.3/20)
    Gloves (3.3/1, 3.3/5, 3.3/10, 3.3/15, 3.3/20)
    Harness Pads
    Helmet Supports
    16.1 Driver Restraint Assemblies
    16.5 Stock Car Driver Restraint Assemblies
    Other Impact products not listed MAY also be under scrutiny and may be
    decertified at any time in the
    future. Impact manufactured helmets ARE NOT decertified at this time. However,
    if the helmet has an
    SFI certification tag for the nomex interior or balaclavas, then you will be
    required to use an additional
    nomex head sock, manufactured by another company, with a SFI certification tag
    For specific questions please contact:
    Lee Kennedy, Technical DirectorB
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    805.421.5056 Ext 113(O)
    818.519.6896 (C)
    Steve Davies, Chief Car Inspector
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (714) 671-9454
    Van Butler, Motorcycle Committee Chair
    SCTA b BNI
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (949) 497-6478
  • Judy Sights has sent me a note asking that I help the SCTA publicize the new scholarship program they, along with the BNI, have developed. Here's the letter I got - and a reminder that you can go to the SCTA/BNI website for more information. Judy also mentions that they're looking for folks to volunteer to judge the applications they receive. If you've got questions -- ask via email to the SCTA. Document follows:

    "We, the Scholarship committee, are pleased to announce the establishment of the SCTA/BNI Scholarship program. It has been funded by BNI and will be administrated by SCTA.

    This program seeks to assist dedicated students who show an aptitude and/or interest in pursuing studies in vehicle engineering or another field that is related to or supportive of Land Speed Racing. The purposes of the Program are several. First - we want to support our young people in their pursuit of an education plus encourage their participation in our sport. Additionally, as we are a not-for-profit organization, we hope that this Program will help to publicize our activities to not only students but to the general public as well.

    Reading from the front page of the application: “Any individual may apply for the scholarship, providing that his/her area of study is pursuant with some facet of Land Speed Racing, i.e. engineering, math, alternative energy, business management, etc. Applicants must also be recommended by an affiliated member of the Land Speed Racing community.” That could include any of our racing communities such as USFRA, ECTA, etc.

    The requirements are listed on the SCTA website (www.scta-bni.org) along with the entire application.


    End of document

  • SCTA has made the pre-registration form available on-line, and here's the link. Click and go there -- and you'll find not only the form for this year, but also you'll discover that you can fill it out on your computer. You'll then need to print it out and mail it to JoAnn at the SCTA office.

    The hope is that some of the scramble of messy handwriting and last-minute forms will be alleviated by use of this. Let's show JoAnn Carlson (you know JoAnn -- the SCTA secretary and lady whom you dare not cross (almost as bad as getting Land's End Lynda mad at you, but not quite).

    Here's the link:


    Give it a try. I'm not sure how the web front page posting system will accept a link - so you might have to copy and paste it into your web browser. I've also put it in the SpeedWeek 2010 thread on the Forum -- and I KNOW it works there.
  • 138 Volunteer workers – 3108 runs in seven days!!


    That’s the total through the end of SpeedWeek.  One of the newest “banquets” is held on Thursday, being one of the most laid-back, too.  It’s put on by the City of Wendover, Utah, in conjunction with the SCTA and BNI.  It’s the Volunteer Appreciation dinner, and attendance is open to not only the workers – but to folks from the community.  We all know that SpeedWeek brings lots of folks to town for a short time – and so the City lays out a big spread of food, donates some give-away gifts (so do some racers and businesses, too), and lets all of us eat and party in the Community Center building.  There were at least 200 of us there last night.  Everyone won at least one prize in the drawings, too.

    Okay – at the dinner, where we had burgers, spicy hot dogs and sausages, chicken, and good trimmings and desserts and salads and all that stuff – at the dinner Mike Waters, BNI Chair, and Roy Creel, SCTA president, thanked everyone for the work and the fun.  138 workers – really!  And most of us have been doing our own particular jobs and helping with other folks for long enough that we put a city on the Salt together in about three days.  Well, except for the dragging and surveying of the courses, which starts in July or so, and the basic planning, which starts the day after the previous SpeedWeek ends.  Thanks to everyone, for sure, for sure.

    How about the total of 3108 runs?  Decent!n  The Special course was, once again, a super-big help, with many folks that might have run even on the long course – preferring do make runs over there beyond the dike.  The course is great not only for traditional short course needs, but also for licensing upgrades and tuning runs and so on.  I hear that Wes Hutchens and the rest of his crew got a total of 934 runs off on the Special course.  Not bad, hey?  I’ll get tallies for everything as soon as I can – but right now, as I type – most of the workers are poolside at the Quality Inn getting some well-earned R & R.  But – whenever you get a chance to do so in the next weeks or months – give a tip of the hat to all of the SCTA/BNI workers that put together SpeedWeek 2009.  We enjoy putting it together so you all can go fast safely and in an atmosphere of conviviality.  


  • For registration information, access:

    Here are several extra events planned for the B'ville NW Banquet, February 13th.

    On Friday night, 7:00PM at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn, Ed Shadle will present an
    electronic program about the buiding and development of the North America Eagle, their
    converted F-104 fighter adapted to retreive the all time Land Speed Record from Thrust II.
    There is no charge to attend this event.

    Steves Auto Restoration has granted us a 2 hour tour of their facility.
    4440 SE 174th Ave
    Portland, OR 503-665-2222


    Since the shop is not open on Saturday anyone attending must be there before 10 AM. The door will open at 9:50 AM and close at 10AM. If you are not there during that time you will not get in. Rules are rules. It's well worth the effort to see this shop that produces award winning vehicles from the ground up. (Check that web site.) They did the tail section panels for Marlo Treit's streamliner.

    The Evergreen Air Museum,


    In the past several years, the Imax theather has been built and also another buiding, the same size as the home for the Spruce Goose, has been built. It holds their missile display. The SR 71 has been moved into that facility. Even if you have been there previously, it is worth another trip.

    Use “500 NE Cumulus Avenue' for street address when using a GPS Device.

    A longer trip, but just as exciting is the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
    The Museum of Flight is located South of downtown Seattle, at the south end of Boeing Field / King County Airport; Exit 158 off Interstate 5.
    It is 165 miles from the hotel. All of it is I-5 freeway and the drive time is 2 ½ hours. They have an A-12, the first model of the SR-71 and a Concord commercial airplane.
    A main section is the actual wood building in which Boeing first built airplanes. It was transported up the Dawuamish River on a barge to be relocated as the primary building of the Museum of Flight. The actual tables on which the wooden framed planes were built are in place with original tools in place.

    Questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 425-337-4558 Glenn Freudenberger
  • Jon Amo, the racer that founded this website – www.landracing.com -- was named the Bonneville 200 MPH Club “Person of the Year” at the Club’s annual banquet during Speedweek 2009. He joins dozens of others that have, in the opinion of the board of directors of the Club, made a significant contribution to the sport of land speed racing. Congratulations, Jon.


    Some of the previous awardees have been members of the Club – but many haven’t been so. That isn’t a requirement for this honor. Rick Gold, from ERC Racing Fuels, and Cris and Ed Shearer, aren’t even racers per se – but they’ve had significant impact on l s r. Other winners of the award include Wally Parks, Burke LeSage, Mike Waters, Dan Warner, the SCTA volunteers (as a group), and on and on – down the list of people that have truly given deeply to land speed racing. Jon’s idea of creating a website that allows the news, events, and excitement of the avocation to be spread instantly across the world – and to allow the folks that share our enthusiasm – is now formally acknowledged to have made a significant impact in furthering our way of having fun.


    Jon’s website began in the mid-1990’s, providing reporting from events, along with photos, and a Forum where members can interact directly and share their concepts and skills. He instituted a live chat room, where (on Tuesday evenings, at 7 Mountain time), we can get together and chat in real time. Nobody else has built such a wide-ranging and well-accepted website for land speed racing. Thousands of folks see the website each day – tens of thousands see the Forum.


    Jon Amo has made his mark in racing, and this website (now owned by Seldom Seen Slim, a/k/a Jon Wennerberg) is just one of his legacies. Best wishes and congratulations.  Now, Jon -- go out and get your red hat in your new race car!

  • That's the big question of the new year - have you paid the dues for (all of) the racing organisations to which you belong? It's a new year and the money you sent last year has "expired". Please consider sending in your annual payments to make sure that all can continue to do what we need them to do so we can continue racing.

    BNI (BNI address is the same as SCTA)
    P O Box 10
    Orosi, CA 93647 - 6279

    Individual SCTA clubs will contact members directly and remind you of their address and dues amount.

    P. O. Box 27365
    Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0365

    c/o Tonya Turk
    206 Sylvan Drive
    Enterprise, AL 36330

    Loring Timing Ass'n
    c/o Bob Wanner
    (I don't have a mailing address, so ask Bob by email)
    bwana (at) aol.com

    (Hey, those blokes are on the other side of the world and for all I know their dues are due in the middle of June or something. There's a link to them here on this page -- check with them to find out about keeping the coffers full, hey?)

    509 Dukes Road
    Skandia, Michigan 49885
  • 07/17/09
    Following a report complied by Tech Committee Chair, Cars Lee Kennedy, Motorcycle Committee Chair Van Butler and Goodyear Tire engineers the SCTA Board of Directors voted to make the 17x22x2.5 tire illegal for use as a DRIVE TIRE.
    The tire in question is a 22x2.5 on a 17” rim and many tire manufacturers make this size of racing tire for drag racing.  It is made by Goodyear and is listed as a “Top Fuel” "Frontrunner" and has a tire code of D1445. Carroll Shelby has a part number of 808-102-089 or for the 22x4.5x17 a part number of 808-130-089. Some examples of other tire manufactures who make this tire include Mickey Thompson with a part number of 672-3004 and Phoenix tire with a part number of 932-PH460.

  • Since there's been a good bit of question in the past few days bout it bikes and such in the Bonneville pits -- here's a summary of the rules.  I got this from Mike Waters, the BNI chairman.

    Pit Bikes

    Here are a few common sense rules to be observed regarding the use of pit bikes while you are enjoying your Speedweek experience.

    All Riders must have drivers license

    Observe speed limits

    Yield to traffic, especially race vehicles being pushed or towed 

    If going into a congested area such as the starting line or staging lanes or any other area that will conflict with pedestrians,  PLEASE,  park your ride and walk.

    Go Karts are not allowed

    In the past pit bike injury accidents that required the services of our event ambulance personnel have halted racing while assisting accident victims. There are approximately 500 competitors counting on you to be safe.

    Common sense---use it!!

    Thank you, Your BNI Board of Directors



    End of rules -- but I'll see if I can post some more information, too.

  • Dan Warner sent this to me for publication.  Read and enjoy it, please.


     Impound Insights
    May 2009
    By Dan Warner

    Everyone was looking forward to an exciting two day meet to start the 2009 season. High winds and temps in the low 100s greeted us upon arrival on the lakebed for Friday’s inspection day. Total entries were 150, 95 cars and 45 bikes. The race course went away rapidly holding speeds down over the weekend. Saturday had only 116 runs before the wind shut us down around 11.Sunday had 178 runs in between wind gusts, everyone who wanted got in at least three runs on Sunday. Some say it is due a low rain fall during the past winter months. The bad track didn’t hold back some guys though; Fast Freddie Dannefelzer ran a 252 for top time cars and Nick Nicolaides scooted to a top bike time of 217.

    There were no new 200 MPH Club members this meet; hopefully we will see additions to the roster later this year.

    There were eight new records set, low for a first meet. Erik Hansson drove his vintage style belly tank to a 194 record in XF/BGL class. Paula Burns brought George Callaway’s roadster back to impound with a 143 record in G/GMR. Doug Macmillan
    ran a 178.8, just a tenth over his 178.7 class record in G/BGCC. Jim Kitchen brought out the San Berdoo Roadster’s C/StR for a new record of 193. This beats his original goal of 190. Jim has owned this car for over 45 years racing it in several different configurations at the drags, El Mirage and Bonneville plus using it on the street.

    Tom Evans brought me the bike cert cards and I was surprised that he only had four records. Dale Martin ran 78 MPH, one over the class minimum of 77.000 in the 175-APS-VG class. Cathy Butler rode her 125-APS-G class bike to a 132 record. .7 over the old mark. Kent Riches brought out his 9 day wonder from last year, the electric bike built between meets in ’08. He upped the Omega-APS record to 126.0 from a 125.7. John Buddenbaum rode the Buddfab 100-SCS-G streamliner to a 110 record; his was the biggest spread in the bike records 24 MPH over the minimum. This pass puts him in the number one starting position for the June meet.

    One record was lost due to a clerical error in filling out the entry form. The computer class code was incorrect for the engine used in the car. This was compounded by the fact that the alpha designation was also wrong. This same error had been done in Nov. 2008 but since the car did not appear at impound the mistake was carried over to this meet.
    The El Mirage Procedures, available at the reg trailer or thru your club, clearly states that there is no changing the paperwork once a car has run. The same applies at Bonneville and is outlined in section 1.B, page 7 of the 2009 rulebook. Please verify that the coding is correct when filling out your entry.

    I hope see you in impound at the June meet. With a better race track I am sure we can double the record count.

  • Pat Kinne, of the Club Board of Directors, asked me to post this notice for everyone:


       The Bonneville 200 MPH Club Summer Party will be held at the NHRA Museum at the Pomona Fairgrounds on Saturday June 6th. The start time is 12 noon and EVERYONE is invited. Come on out and get the latest info on who is running what this year at the Salt. Good food from Rancho Rocks BBQ, Beverages, Music by the Flat Top Show, and good people. The NHRA Museum and Tony Thacker's gang have a great display of our racing heritage on hand along with drag racing golden era history.
        It's a $25 donation to the cause and a great time too!

  • The month of May was very good for participants in the International 36hp Land Speed Racing Challenge. Bruce Cook brought his beautiful tan 1951 Volkswagen Beetle, a standard Canadian split, to Maxton with a new big bore and stroked 1493cc 36hp engine featuring Whitey Worsham ported and polished single port heads, dual Porsche 32 carbs prepared by Mr.Okrasa, Dave Ruiz, and tuned by Bruce's son Cody Cook. Their first pass down the Maxton Mile resulted in the fastest speed ever attained by a naturally aspirated 36hp Beetle, 99.815 miles per hour which finally broke the speed record set by Mel Ellis and John Gosvig clear back in 1962 at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bruce now holds two 36hp Challenge speed records, his first being the Stone Stock record of 73.006 miles per hour set in 2008.
    Tom Bruch pulled his 103 mile per hour record holding New Age turbo 36hp motor and replaced it with a 1415cc Super Stock Single motor. SSS is sort of like restrictor plate racing because you can only use a single 28 PIC carburetor and single port heads, regardless of the other modifications you apply underneath. SSS is really a mechanics category because having unobtanium parts is not a factor. Toms first pass down the Maxton Mile also resulted in a new SSS record of 90.203 miles per hour. This exceeds Toms Bonneville speed of 89.92 MPH he set in 1965 with an Okrasa dual carb equipped motor. Like Bruce, Tom now holds two 36hp Challenge records.
    Last month a non-36hp VW also set a record on the Maxton Mile. A sixteen year old young lady named Talor Burns from Caryville, Tennessee, drove her 1974 Karmann Ghia fitted with the street motor from her brothers bug to a class record of 114.09 miles per hour. The two year old street motor is a mild compression 1914cc dual port fitted with dual 40mm carbs. Talor is a Junior who plays tennis at Clinton High School and is also on the drill team. And I know she is the only girl in the class with a world land speed record.
    Coming soon will be new news about the International 36hp Challenge "1" Club for 36hp drag and land speed racers who have exceeded 100 miles per hour in competition and the addition of a new land speed race track due to open in August in the northeast.
    May the Speed be with you.............................
  • Dan Warner asked me to post this:


    As part of our 2009 head and neck restraint system familiarization program, Stand 21 and DJ Safety will be in the inspection area at our El Mirage meet on May 15, 16 and 17. The link below provides interesting information.

  • "Racers please note the following correction to the 2009 SCTA Rulebook:

    Section 3-A2, page 23, last sentence SHOULD READ:

    Snell Foundation 2005 (or later) Certification will be required on all helmets beginning January 1, 2011.  Also - from that date on all enclosed-cockpit vehicles - car and motorcycle streamliners - will require SA-rated helmets."

  • Spring has sprung and 36ers are getting ready to attack the salt of Bonneville and concrete of Maxton and Goliad. Listed below are new websites.....
  • Nancy and I got home from our last trip of this year - to Bonneville, at least -- last night. Am as I look on the website and the Forum I see a handful of notes and reminders that I've got some tidying up to do. I'll figure out how to reset the countdown clock ('til SpeedWeek), I'll work on making the Photo Gallery more workable, and so on. I'll see if I can change the news articles that are on the front page -- hey, I'll try to do some of the stuff that I put off during the past three months or so. I'll even try to do some of the other things you've asked for in the recent few months. So -- now that we're home I'll get to work to keep landracing.com the site all of you rely upon for the latest and most accurate information. Thanks to all that have sent donations and have ordered bumper stickers and shirts, too.
  • 8.07 AM Sunday. Mike Waters just called from the Salt, saying "we're out here in deep water. Please tell everyone on the site that the meet is cancelled." Not much more I can say, folks, other than we're just as disappointed as you are. I'll put this on the front page and go post it on the forum, too.

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