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  • I've just received a notice (Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009) that there may be a 2 - 48 hour interruption from the company that's hosting tthis website.  I think it'll happen, if at all, overnight the 30th - 1st of October.  If so -- don't be too worried.  It'll end soon enough.  All I can do is warn you that it's not me deciding to move to Bora-Bora or something -- just an unfortunate and unexpected bump in the road.

    Keep checking back -- we'll be back in time for World Finals.

     Slim, a/k/a the head handlebar holder of this site. 

  • I hope that you had just as much fun at the 2009 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials as I did! When publishing your articles and photos, please remember to include credit to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials and to the American Motorcyclists Association, the sanctioning body of the event. AMA records are now posted on the website and FIM records are pending ratification and we are awaiting their release from the FIM. FIM Congress meets mid-October. Individual results and general speeds will also be posted at the end of this week. For specific participant information please contact us directly with bike number, rider name and requested information. We can look up that information on a case-by-case basis.  

  • The Cook Motorsports Top Speed Shootout begins Monday, September 21, at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  This is the fastest event - where the fastest vehicles have their opportunity to set new international speed records.  If you're able to get here -- come on out and watch the speed!


    Thre will be six vehicles this year -- including cars, motorcycles (both "sit-on" and streamliner types), and even a snowmobile!  There's something for everyone, so to speak.  The cars include the Poteet and Main "Speed Demon", which last year ran 395 miles per hour.  That was with a four-cylinder engine -- and this year the Demon has a V-8!  The car was tested at SpeedWeek here a few weeks ago and topped out at about 401 mph.  Many updates and imrpovements have been made in the intervening two weeks -- so it's fair to expect some super speeds from the Speed Demon.


    A team from Canada will be attempting to set an international speed record for a snowmobile.  The vehicle has two wheels on each side in front -- instead of skis -- and a specially-designed rear belt rated for 250 mph for a drive mechanism.  The belt is grooved, not "lugged" so it will not damage the salt surface.  The snowmobile's engine is a Yamaha motorcycle engine that's supercharged and running on alcohol -- and making more than 600 hp.


    Bikes will include Richard Assen's turbo Suzuki -- the bike that he rode to over 260 at SpeedWeek.  There'll be a thrust-powered jet engine bike, and the Bub Enterprises streamliner -- which held the world speed record two years ago at over 350 mph.


    Attendance is open to everyone at the Top Speed Shootout, but if you can't be there in person -- stay connected to landracing.com's Forum for continuous updates and plenty of photos as the Shootout goes on all week.  See you on the Salt! 

  • The 2009 World of Speed event has been declared a "GO" -- starting Thursday.


    Rain fell on the Salt Flats on Monday, leaving about an inch of water on the course.  The weather has turned good, though, and as of this morning (Wednesday), the Salt is now good enough that the officials will move the course about a mile.  The result will be that we've got a full seven miles -- so we'll have both a short AND a long course.  There'll be the USFRA's 130 Club course, too.


    Nobody will be allowed on the Salt today -- so officials can get their work done.  Tomorrow (Thursday) racers will head out to set up pits first thing -- then racing will start after pit set up.



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