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  • Once again high winds plagued the competitors as they tried to set more records on the high desert. The winds started in the mid-morning on Sunday and placed the racing on hold on and off during the afternoon. The winds aside, 13 car and three motorcycle records(one pending certification) were set.

    The good news is that Mark Vigeant was inducted as the first new member of the El Mirage 200 MPH Club for this year. Mark drove the Rice Vigeant Racing H/BFL to a new record of 202.561 to earn his Merlot colored hat. Mark also joined the Bonneville 200 MPH club at the recent World Finals, looks like a good year for the team.

    Mark Lintner drove the Eyres Moreland Noonan H/BGMR to a record of 151.934 and Sam Buck drove the Creel, Buck & Nelson V4F/VFAlt to 118.328 class record. Another V4F entry, The So What Speed Shop driven by Irene Hanchard set the record in V4F/BStR at 116.198. The V4 classes are very popular as the guys want to see what can be done with this “old” stuff. Scott Goetz drove the Aardema Eyres Braun V4/VFCC ’34 to a new record of 167.656.

    The White Goose Bar team set a couple records, Rick Yacoucci in the Costella Yacoucci B/GS at 234 for a class record and top speed of the meet. Keith Pederson put down a 154 lap for the record in the White Goose Bar Racing G/BMMP VW truck of Mike Manghelli.

    The Hondata crew set two records at this meet, Doug Macmillan(on his 45th birthday) in the F/BFCC class at 198 and wife Miriam in her G/GCC at 167.

    Jim Dincau and his son Tony set their first El Mirage record in their F/StR at 146. Look for more from this crew. Richard Ross took a turn at the wheel of the Harris & Wester GMC powered Camero and set the XXO/FCC record up to 175. Peter Shotrosky drove the Steve’s Machine F/PMP

    Ford Ranger to a record of 136.

    On a personal note; I lost the last of my records, the other at Bonneville, this year to Bob Jucewic in the Cohn Jucweic Monza in the C/CGAlt class by a margin of .465 MPH. Bob’s new record is 200.465. I guess 17 years is long enough to hold a record, good job guys.

    A couple of bike records were both set in the 1000cc class. Jamie Wagner had Jeannie Pflum on the 1000-P-P bike at 186 and Ralph Hudson rode his 1000-APS-G bike to a record of 182.

    The last meet of the year is fast approaching, Nov. 14/15. We wish everyone a fast and safe meet. Get ’er done and come back in 2010 faster than ever.

    Submitted by Dan Warner

  • Dan Warner sent this four-page list of rules/changes. Note that changes for '10 are in bold. The changes were voted on by the SCTA Board of Directors on Friday, 20 November 2009.

    2010 SCTA Car Rulebook Changes

    Rulebook paragraphs affected by changes are shown.

    1.E Course:
    The straightaway speed course, conditions permitting, will be an overall distance of at least seven miles. If conditions permit, there will be two courses available. A “short” course of three miles for vehicles under 175 MPH, and a “long” course of five miles for vehicles over 175 MPH. The “short” course will consist of an approach of one mile from the starting line and three timing traps placed as follows: the first trap timing the entire second mile, the second trap timing the first quarter-mile of the third mile and a third trap timing the entire third mile.

    2.A.1 Vinatge Engines
    Vintage engine classes listed below refer to "blocks or crankcases" and are intended to be representative examples of those listed and recognizable as such. Vintage engine class competitors are required to use production blocks as specified. Modification to said blocks shall be limited to original factory production or factory authorized replacements and shall retain all original dimensions, excepting modifications involving intake/exhaust ports, cooling ports and specialty head adaptation pursuant to the following criterion: Cylinder bore centers shall be maintained to within .150" of original design; crankshaft centerline to original deck height measurement shall be within .150" of original design; original deck material and thickness shall be maintained to within .150" of original design.

    3.A.2 Driver’s Helmet:

    All drivers/riders shall wear a full-face helmet with face shield. A Snell Foundation tag reading SA2000 or M2000 or later is required. Snell Foundation 2005 Certification will be required on all helmets beginning on January 1, 2011.No open face helmets will be allowed. Helmets will be visually inspected at least once each year. Helmets shall be undamaged and in serviceable condition. Eyeglasses worn under the helmet shall be shatterproof. All cars and motorcycle streamliners require SA rated helmets.

    3.A.3 Driver’s Helmet Support:
    Forward movement: All NEW cars and motorcycle streamliners presented for inspection shall have an engineered and tested SFI spec 38.1 type head and neck restraint system. Beginning January 1, 2011 all cars and motorcycle streamliners shall have an engineered and tested SFI spec 38.1 type head and neck restraint system.

    3.I Fuel Systems:
    The complete fuel system shall be securely mounted. Plastic fuel lines are not permitted. A metal screw type clamp shall be on each connection of rubber or steel-braided fuel line. Fuel lines which run into the driver’s compartment shall be steel or steel-braided covered. No flexible fuel lines of any kind allowed in drivers compartment. All fuel lines in the area of the clutch and flywheel shall be run through heavy steel tubing or outside the frame rail, regardless of the presence of a scattershield. All fuel tanks shall be vented. Fuel tank vents shall be provisioned to eliminate spillage in the event of a rollover. All fuel tanks shall be isolated from the driver’s compartment and protected in the plane of the blower drive, if used. Nitrous Oxide cylinders or any other type of oxidizer cylinder are considered the same as fuel tanks and shall not be mounted in the driver’s compartment.

    3.I.1 Fuel Shut-off:
    All cars with other than stock fuel system shall have a fuel shut-off within the driver’s reach. Electric fuel pumps shall have a switch in the circuit to disable pump operation. All electric fuel pumps shall have an inertial or other positive “shut off switch” e.g. microprocessor controlled, or oil pressure switch. All rotating fuel shut-off valves SHALL have a positive stop to prevent reopening of the valve.

  • Impound Insights
    El Mirage Nov 2009
    By Dan Warner

    Our old friend, high winds, made their appearance on the lakebed for the final event of 2009. Saturday and Sunday runs were interrupted by the wind but, in the end four rounds were available to those that could make a pass. In addition to the wind we had cold, cold temps. Pat McSwain and his wife Kat took turns getting up in the night to start their trucks so that they could run in the mornings. We don’t do cold well in Southern California.

    The good news is that Erik Hansson secured his place on the El Mirage 200 MPH Club roster with a fine 203 run in XF/BGL, old school belly tank with a flathead for power. Erik had been in the very high 190s all season. Erik, like Mark Vigeant from last month also joined the Bonneville 200 MPH club at the World Finals event.

    Overall there were 18 records set, 11 car and 7 motorcycle, over the two day meet. Randy Ferguson drove the Ferguson Racing XXF/BGMR to a record of 196. Dennis Mariani got another record in the XF/BStR class at 157 and Irene Hanchard set the V4F/BStR mark at 118 MPH. Craig Corbin took the Hondata CRX to a new G/FCC record of 177 and Daniel Butler ran the Hondata RSX to a 193 record in F/BGCC. Tyler Osborn drove his Dad’s ’37 Ford to a record of 153 in the XXF/VGCC class racing under the Ferguson & Osborn banner. Keith Pedersen added 10 MPH to his record from last month. Keith drove the White Goose Bar Racing G/BMMP to a 164 record. Troy Cochran put 8 on the F/PS record, up to 212 in the Raver/Cochran Racing Mitsubishi. Sgt. at Arms, Bill Lattin, let his son Billy loose in the Lattin & Gillette XF/PP Ford truck; Billy set the record at 110. Last car record belongs to the afore mentioned Pat McSwain at 157 in his Duramax powered GMC pickup, 157 in the A/DT class.

    The motorcycle cert guys saw a few customers. Eric Noyes took his turn in the Buddenbaum Fabrication 100-SCS-G streamliner and set the record at 117. This run sealed the championship for the team.
    Jill Iverson raced the Junior Speed Scout 350-A-VF bike to a 106 record. Cathy Butler has used her years of experience on smaller displacement bikes and is now in the 650-APS-F class where she set the record to 177 MPH. In the 750cc classes Jim Higgins rode the Moreland Noonan Spyke 750-A-BG entry to a 192 record and Harry Meeker rode his 750-SC-PBG bike to a 131 record. Two records were set in the 1000cc
    classes, Ralph Hudson set the 1000-APSG record several times over the weekend ending up with a final record speed of 194. Jeannie Pflum rode Jamie Wagner’s 1000-P-P entry to a new record 190.

    Top Speed of the year for cars was set by Fred Dannenfelzer in his lakester at 252.257 MPH. John Noonan once again ended the season as the fastest bike with a speed of 223.726. John beat Pat Womack by just .395 MPH at the end of the year.

    The 2009 season champs are John Buddenbaum and Eric Noyes with the Buddenbaum Fabrication streamliner with 1412 points overall. The top car point earners are Doug and Miriam Macmillan with their Hondata RSX entry.

    Congratulations to all record setters in 2009, the top point champions and the fastest car and bike entries. A special congrats go out to Mark Vigeant and Erik Hansson as the two new Dirty Two members.

    We all know the lakebed needs rain, so let’s hope this is the year it happens. Lets all gather at El Mirage next May for safe and very fast 2010 season.

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