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Time Until SpeedWeek 2017
Time Until SpeedWeekend on Ice 2017
  • Welcome Tyler Easton Amo, the newly-born son of Keilani and Jon Amo. Jon, in case you don’t know, is the guy that founded this website about a dozen or more years ago – and now that he’s sent it off to me – has found better ways to occupy his time (no doubt!).

    Congratulations to all three of the Colorado Amos – and to all the Amos everywhere – now that there’s another one in the family.

  • The last ECTA event of the racing year is this coming weekend – the 24th and 25th of October. The forecast looks okay – mid-70s but a chance of rain on Saturday, but about 70 and sunny on Sunday.


    Get out there, racers, and get in a few more runs before putting the race bike (or car) on the stands for winter’s work. You can register by going to www.ecta-lsr.com.  There’s still lodging available in Laurinburg, the nearest “big” town, and the fellowship of Maxton events will be the best of the year – because it’s the last of the year.


    Make your plans – visit and race “The Maxton Monster Mile” before hanging up your racing suit for the winter.


  • Well, how about this? A few days ago we thought World Finals 2009 would be a no-go – and now we’re looking at about the best salt in years. There are about 135 entries out here, the weather is clear and 50 – 60F, and things couldn’t be much better. This is gonna be great.


    The only real change in the schedule is that everything has been pushed back a day – so instead of inspection on Tuesday and runs from Wednesday through Saturday – we’re inspecting today, Wednesday, and runs start tomorrow (Thursday) and go through Sunday (assuming weather holds out and there are enough racers remaining.


    So – WF ’09 isn’t a bust – it looks like it’ll be the best event of the year. See you on the Salt!

  • World Finals 2009 is still ON. That’s the word from SCTA/BNI officials as of this afternoon (Monday, the 5th of October). The event has been pushed back a day – so things will start with inspection on Wednesday the 7th and racing beginning the 8th. We’ll race for four days, ending Sunday the 11th – as long as the weather continues to cooperate and there are enough vehicles wanting to make runs.


    The weather was poor during the past weekend, and there was enough water on the course that the folks in the know decided to hold things off for a day. That decision seems to have paid off – Jim Jensen, the chief starter for Bonneville and one of the fellows that drives the trucks that drag the salt to make our race courses, says we’ll have a good race track (assuming the weather doesn’t go away in the next day or two). There will be just ONE course – a long course, with a shut-down marked at the three mile for short course vehicles. This layout is just the same as used by the USFRA for World of Speed – and, with the 135 entries we’re expecting, lines shouldn’t be too long and things will go well.


    If you’ve got room reservations through Saturday night you oughta be okay, but if you had planned on leaving Saturday morning and now you’ll want to stay the extra day – please consider calling your lodging facility to see if you can extend another night.


    Let’s go racing at World Finals!


  • We're 99% back up! Thank you all for your patience during this unforseen glitch.

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