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Time Until El Mirage

October 7th, 2004

Pre-Entry List Released.

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Pre-Entry List released from the SCTA-BNI. There are some great entries listed here for World Finals. Some notable comments need to be made from the entry list. First off a very capable streamliner that many haven't seen or did not know was in existance is the Lessman Streamliner running in the AA/GS. This liner was constructed several years ago (1995 ish???) This is a very capable machine that was constructed for nothing but top speed 400+ mph. Don't quote me on it but I beleive from talking with Roger Lessman several years ago that he had a traction control system on the vehicle that prevented him running during the SCTA-BNI meets. Another issue he had was the salt length. Needed a groomed course long enough for him to acheive top speed. But then again whats new. This will be an interesting to see the streamliner and you can bet I will get pictures. I did hear thru the rumor mill that it was possible that it would not come out until next year, but maybe things have changed. We will see in about a couple days.

Another interesting vehicle is the Burklands streamliner which posted a 450 mph run several years ago. This streamliner wrecked and was rebuilt. During World of Speed was its first time back on the salt since the reconstruction. The weather prevented the Burklands from making any runs during the event even though they were in line to make a pass. So they will be anxious to make a pass. I would suspect they will be in the front of the line to make one of the first passes during the World Finals event.



The Buckeye Bullet Ohio State University Team running their Electric Streamliner. During speedweek they were able to just eclipse the 300 mph barrier with a 308.317 mph run but were unable to back up the run. That is just outstanding since the current record is at 256 mph set by this team last year. They are the first to break the 300 mph barrier with an electric vehicle. This vehicle will be ready to run both national and international records during the World Finals Event. The question is will it be able to see a 300 mph record?

Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner. This Haybusa powered twin engine single turbo motorcycle streamliner is a rookie to the salt this year. During speedweek they did some preliminary testing just over the 200 mph mark in preparation for BUB International Speed Trials in September. They showed up with nothing but big numbers in mind. Following a shakedown run they were going for the big speed when misfortune marked them and the motorcycle liner caught some cross wind and went down and skidded thru the lights. A speed number was mentioned around 270+. They have made repairs which were only cosmetic and will be ready to run during World Finals. Is this vehicle capable of surpassing the new mark set at Speedweek by Sam Wheeler at 332 mph? You bet. Maybe another interesting note would be could this vehicle do it all in one year on the salt. Make rookie runs, wreck and set record???? I forcast a 300+ run from this vehicle during World Finals.

And how about Jason McVicar riding a Yamaha R1 with Special Body Work. This guy was a workhorse at Speedweek settting an extremly hard tast of setting 6 records during the event. All in the 1000cc classes running both unfaired and faired. Record speeds from 174 mph to 215 mph. What does Jason have in store for World Finals? He is entered in a class that he doesn't have the record in (He runs an entry name of Scott Guthrie Racing) the MPS-F 1000cc going after a speed mark Joe Amo set in 2001 of 223 mph.

When I left World of Speed I asked Herbert/Steen crew if they would be back for World Finals, (they run the 4 engine streamliner) and he mentioned it all depended on what the "Bean Counter" says. Lets hope they had a little left over and they will be back even though they are not on the pre-entry list they could still show up.

I heard there is approx 4 vehicles running for international records. This is notable because these vehicles running international records must make a backup run in the opposite direction within a 2 hour time limit.

The story with unfold here in a few very short days starting Sept 13. for daily reports on the event.

Vehicle Engine Body Entry Name
30 B FMS Bill Ward Racing
34 TO TO Time Only T
44 A BFL DRM Racing - Tony Waters
51 A GL Bill Summer's Special
56 F BFR Racedeck Racing / Hinckley
57 H BFALT Larry's Old Volks Home
58 A GALT Danielsen Trucking
64 XXO GMR Sherman's Salty Six
65 AA GS Wooden / Vaughan
75 XXO FS Ferguson Racing
117 F GL Tracer Racing
125 D BFCC Trackmaster - DRM
126 B CPRO Ron & Rob's Monza
134 A CGC Don Belt Ent
135 AA FALT Macdonald & Pitts
166 B BGMR Team Hot Rod - A Rapid Apparatus
183 D GC Eierman / Cuneo Racing
194 XF BSTR Thompson Racing
198 F BGT Carlson Racing
216 D FCC Tom Thumb Special
253 G GL Jessie's Girl
256 XXO VGALT Keith & Katie Young
298 G PS Carlson - Cochran Racing
299 B FR Christeson - Rice - Stuck
302 XXO FR Goldman & Shores
308 XO GS The Hudson Boys
332 D BGR Stay in School / Lindstrom
369 C GR Wilson & Waters
411 AA BFS Burkland's Streamliner
412 E BFL True Radius Bending Spc
422 C GMR Reno & Company
432 B FR Renck - Renck - Roberts
449 F FL Anderson & Calvert Racing
475 D CBGALT Borrowed Parts
505 A BFR Burbank Engine Service
553 G TO Haas Racing
570 G BGR Free Spirit Racing
578 V4 BFL So What Speed Shop
623 XO BGL Saline Solution
624 H BGMR Sights 3 Guthrie
626 C STR Hot Rod Works Spl
630 A CFALT Gary Spencer
647 D STR Disorderly Conduct
664 E GL Kelly & Hall Racing
694 D GR Frank Salzberg
700 AA GMR Logan & Dincau
715 G BFS Ron Main's Eco Fire
755 F FR Ron Hope - H&H Motorsports
773 F FR Los Novatos
775 XF BGR Jim Grant
777 C GMR Fjastad - Kinne Bros.
787 AA CBGALT Hart Racing
788 D FS Costella / Lindstrom
791 C GMR Tequila Sunrise
811 C FR Cummins, Beck, Davidson
847 F P/MP Just Us Racing
912 E FR Linsmeyer Racing
914 B GALT Rally Motorsports South
963 AA GS Lessman Racing Inc
976 E GCC Charles Lombardo Jr
991 B PRO Southland Speed Firebird
992 C GS Hedrich MotorSports Inc
993 I BGCC The Hudson Boys
1001 A CGC The Daytona Charger
1013 F PS Enigma Audi Racing
1071 D GT Pantera Kid
1128 AA STR Piner/Walsh
1137 TO TO Honcho Construction/Evans Speed
1174 D GR 3D Racing - Brissette
1243 V4 STR Hop Up Race Team
1692 U MDT Joint Venture
1766 E BFCC Stringfellow & Kirk
1800 B CGC Tony Taormina
2005 G BFALT Cobalt SS
2028 G BGL Ecotec Lakester
2400 G GMS Campbell Kids
3006 3 E Buckeye Bullet
3076 C STR San Berdoo Roadsters
3921 B FCC Firepower Special
5533 B BGS Haas Racing
5656 F PS RacedeckRacing - Hinckley Dodge
6969 A FS Plastic Express
7001 G PRO Toby's Pinto
7700 G GMR Xtream Freedom Special
7771 B BGMR Kelley - Prentice
9999 G GL Rice Vigeant Racing
160B 350CC M-PG Robinson Racing
168B 1000CC APS-BF Carl Francis
329B 750CC P-PP Pepperoni Bros.
467B 750CC A-PF Yankee Engineuity Express
472B 1000CC M-PG Team Latus
525B 650CC P-P Ralph Leclercq
563B 250CC MPS-G Mark Brothers Racing
615B 650CC P-P Falkner / Livingston
616B 650CC M-F Falkner / Livingston
617B 1650CC MPS-G Beairsto Racing
641B 1000CC MPS-F Scott Guthrie Racing
685B 50CC P-P Kirchbraber Motorsports
731B 125CC A-G Falkner/ Livingston
831B 350CC M-PG Garth Hill
899B 3000CC S-BG Ack Attack
930B 1350CC SC-PG Speranza, Paasch
4900B 2000CC S-PG California Fritz


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