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Time Until World Finals
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Area Diesel Service - World's Fastest Audi

Getting ready for SpeedWeek 2016.

Stone Woods Cook

The legendary Willys coupe.

Dave Sarno SCH Racing Heads

Dave Sarno holds many LSR records at Bonneville.

Team Vesco

Team Vesco running the original #444 car. Also there has been some new activity with the Turbinator to go 500 mph.

Dr. Mayf's Sunbeam Tiger

Mayf trying to become the fastest Sunbeam in history. Lots of technical writing and analysis on his pages. A must look thru.

Speed Demon Poteet & Main

Poteet and Main Streamliner. 400 mph capable streamliner using a Mopar 4 banger powerplant and modest turbo. 1000 + HP at 25 lbs of boost.

Ron Mains Flatfire

300 MPH streamliner powered by a flathead.

Kugel's 300 MPH Doorslammer

First stock bodied car over 300 mph.

Alfa Romeo 1991 Spider

Alfa Romeo turbocharged 1991 Spider. Record holder

Sumners Motorcycle Powered Lakester

Construction Pictures of motorcycle powered lakester... Very in depth with lots of ramblings, very good website.

Chock Full O' Nuts

A '94 Chevy Truck at Bonneville and creation of their lakester project.

The British Steam Car Challenge

Attempting to set British and World Land Speed Records in excess of 200mph

Roger Lessman Racing

Using compressed Natural Gas this streamliner has thoughts of 400+ MPH.

Nebulous Theorem Website

Great website on the Neb cars run by Rick Yacoucci Neb II, Jack Costella's Neb III and the 5050 Powered motorcycle streamliner.

Terry Nish Family Streamliner

#998. They have a goal of 425 mph with a single engine.

Aussie Invader

New vehicle by Rosco McGlashen. Attempting for the 1000 mph barrier.

Thrust SSC

Currently the world fastest vehicle. Powered by two Rolls Royce Jet engines. Broke the sound barrier during record attempts. Holds record at 763.035 mph.

North American Eagle

Jet without wings. Ed Shadle and company making a project 800 mph realization.

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