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Time Until Speed Week
Time Until Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

August 16th, 2007


Jason McVicar has become the first person to set a Bonneville SCTA record over 250 mph on a siton motorcycle. He ran 250 and change yesterday and backed up this morning at 249.9 today. This should give Jason is AA license. Congrats Jason and Scott Guthrie. Craig Hoffman running the Hoffman Rear engined modified roadster ran two runs of 268 in the last mile for a record in the class. Steve Atwell now at the helm of the Hot Rod Camaro ran a 248 down run and backed up with a 250.5 return. This was in the C/BGALT class. There were a lot of return runs in the morning but technical difficulties plaqued me today and yesterday. So this might be the last broadcast depending on if this laptop crashes again.

I do see Ack Attack streamliner making their way up to the start for some hopefully exiciting runs today.


August 15th, Day 7, Update #1

There were about 50 vehicles in impound this morning for record return runs. A nice turnout, although not as many as we had yesterday. Here’s some of the details:

- Entry #438, going after a 135 record, ran short course speeds of 139.964 and 139.258.

- #67 Yankee Engineuity Express, class 1000-APG, Mickey Goodin – driver. Yesterday, Mickey ran 146.8 on a 146.6 record. Mickey’s times today on the short course were 144.650 in the quarter and 144.505 in the mile.

- #1921, class M-VF 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul ran a 112 yesterday on an open record in this class. Paul’s vehicle ran a little rough on a short course pass this morning, reaching speeds of 92.185 in the quarter and 94.547 in the first mile.

- #1123, class M-PG1000, JDS Performance motorcycle. This vehicle ran a 145.080 in the quarter and a 144.377 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #578 So What Speed Shop, class BGRMR, Shug Hanchard – driver. This vehicle went after an open record, running 161.990 in the quarter and 171.947 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #32, class V4F/GR, Harold Johansen – driver. Today’s times for Harold’s 1929 Ford Roadster were 105.938 in the quarter and 104.190 in the mile.

- Motorcycle #1609 ran 107.067 in the quarter and 107.625 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #796 H-N-R Racing. This roadster was going after a 96.320 record, but spun-out on the course.

- #1889 Class of ‘39, class XXFBVFCC, Arlyn Asch – driver. This vehicle ran 134.995 yesterday on an open record. Their speed in the timed mile today was 131.4 mph.

- #278 Steele Speed Team, Rob Steele – driver. Rob went 195 yesterday against his own existing 195 mph record. Rob’s speeds today were 166.594 in the quarter, 179.176 in the first mile, 194.833 in the middle, and 198.955 in the last.

- #82 Snyder Salty Cuda, Jim Snyder – driver. Jim’s speeds today were 196.2 in the quarter, 200.526 in the first mile, 206.601 in the middle, and 208.998 in the last.

- #1117 Scott Guthrie Racing, class M-BF 1650, Jason McVicar – racing. Jason ran 231 yesterday against a standing record of 215 held by John Noonan. Jason’s speeds today were 197.103 in the quarter, 204.577 in the first mile, and 222.084 in the middle.

- Scott Guthrie Racing, Jason McVicar – driver. I don’t have a vehicle number for this bike because Scott and Jason keep changing them on me, but Jason’s speeds for this run were 188.272 in the quarter, 187.187 in the first mile, 187.633 in the middle, and 172.513 in the last.

- #4101, class M-BF 650cc, Travis Sutton – driver. Travis ran 153.7 yesterday against an open record. Travis’ speeds today were 145.158 in the quarter and 146.947 in the mile.

- #9382, class C/PS, John Morrisson – owner, Dennis Lindberg – driver. Dennis ran a 206.184 yesterday against a 206.055 record. Dennis’ speeds today were 190.082 in the quarter, 195.057 in the first mile, 201.510 in the middle, and 199.674 in the last.

- #831 Spirit of San Diego, ran 146.124 in the quarter and 147.121 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #1249 Hop Up Mag Special, class VAF/FMR, Mitch Allen – driver. Mitch’s times today were 115.642 in the quarter and 115.635 in the mile.

- #308 The Hudson Boys, class XO BGRMR, Don Wilson – driver. Don ran a 166 yesterday against an open record. Don’s speeds today were 160.657 in the quarter and 165.198 in the mile.

- #2211, the Ratical lakester, had a spin-out on course #2.

- #315 Hardman Racing, class G/BGL, Ken Hardman – driver. This vehicle went 231.3 yesterday and had some motor problems which resulted in some fast work in the impound area. Ken was able to make his record return run this morning with speeds of 207.013 in the quarter, 214.289 in the first mile, 227.634 in the middle, shutting it down in the last mile.

- #1541, class 1350 M-BG, Scott Horner – driver. Scott ran 213 yesterday against a 195 record. Scott’s speeds today were 202.974 in the quarter, 206.213 in the first mile, slowing it down to a 180 in the middle.

- #1208, the Richard Holdner Honda Civic, ran 188.889 in the quarter, 193.505 in the first mile, 203.530 in the middle, and 208 in the last.

- #124, class XFBGMR, Don Epps – crew chief, Don Monaco – driver. Yesterday Don ran a 171 against a 165 record. Don’s speeds today were 172.695 in the quarter and 174.301 in the mile.

- #7462 Hot Rod Magazine Special, Tanya Turk – driver. Tanya’s speeds were 176.727 in the quarter, 185.494 in the first mile, 208.113 in the middle, and 222.821 in the last.

- #531, the Doug Kenney roadster, ran 187.726 in the quarter, 194.199 in the first mile, 209.241 in the middle, and 211.414 in the last.

- #9843, class B/MP, Schnell Racing. The speeds for this vehicle today were 189 in the quarter, 198.830 in the first mile, 207.450 in the middle, and they shut it down in the last mile.

- #6101, a 650cc Triumph motorcycle making a short course pass, ran 141 in the quarter and 147.331 in the mile.

- #2626, class C/P-MP, STD Racing, Rod Riders, Tom Sauter – driver. Tom ran 200 yesterday on his own existing record of 192 mph. Tom’s speeds today were 187.391 in the quarter, 192.472 in the first mile, 201.604 in the middle, and 201.117 in the last.

- #988, Nebulous Theorem II, class J-BFS, Rick Yacoucci – driver. Rick ran a 269 in this class yesterday. Rick’s times today were 225.419 in the quarter, 234.517 in the first mile, 252.312 in the middle, and 264.076 in the last mile with an exit speed of 267 mph.

- #998, Royal Purple, class AA/FS, Mike Nish – driver. Mike ran a 380 yesterday against an existing Nish team record of 373 mph. Mike’s times today were 302.405 in the quarter, 318.567 in the first mile, 353.791 in the middle mile, and 375.385 in the last with an exit speed of 380.451 mph.

- Brant Wright Speranza streamliner, John Wright – driver. This vehicle was running against its own existing record of 179.510 set just three days ago. John’s speeds today were 158.003 in the quarter, 146.319 in the first mile, and a turn-out in the middle mile.

- #1735 Spal Racing, class C/DT, Max Lagod – driver. Max ran a 222 yesterday against a 213 mph record. Max’s times today were 196.007 in the quarter, 200.939 in the first mile, and he pulled his chute in the middle mile.


August 14, 2007 Evening Update

Well, I’m back in impound and I have some more updates to post. (Thanks, by the way, to all the people in impound who are nice enough to take the time to answer my questions. I know sometimes every second counts during that 4 hour window.)

- #998 Royal Purple, class AA/FS, Terry Nish – owner, Mike Nish – driver. This vehicle was pursuing their own standing record of 373 mph. Today, Mike ran 306 in the quarter, 323 in the first mile, 359 in the middle, and 380 in the last mile with an exit speed of 385 mph. This is now the fastest time of the meet so far.

- #989 Chassis Engineering Special, class B/DS. They were pursuing a 242 mph record. The times for this diesel streamliner today were 212.960 in the quarter, 227.434 in the first mile, 257.677 in the middle, and 264.928 in the last. Unfortunately, the vehicle most likely will not be making their record return run tomorrow due to some mechanical problems.

- #278, Steele Speed Team, class 1000 APS-G, Rob “Robby Cutie” Steele – driver. The current record of 191.4 is also currently held by Rob. Rob’s went 195 today to get into impound.

- #477 Stunato Racing, class XF/VOT, Don Houseman – driver. The existing record in this class is 117.955 mph. Don went 127.637 today.

- #988 Nebulous Theorum II, class J/BFS, Rick Yacoucci – driver. Rick’s top speed today was 269 mph.

- #67, Yankee Engineuity Express, class 1000-APG, Mickey Goodin – driver. The current record in this class is 146.6 mph. Mickey’s speed today was 146.8. It was a squeaker, but it counts!

- #1541, class 1350 M-BG, Scott Horner – driver. The existing record in the class is 195 mph. Scott’s speed today was 213 mph.

- #1921, class M-VF 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul ran 112 mph today on an open record. Paul currently holds a 124 mph record in the MPS-VF class, which he set yesterday.

- #487, class A/BGT, David Pilgrim – driver. David ran 213 mph today on an open record.

- #1175, class F/FS, Tim Billington – driver. Tim ran a speed of 240 mph to get him into impound today.

- #124, class XFBGMR, Don Epps – crew chief, Don Monaco – driver. Don Monaco ran 171 mph today against a 165 mph existing record.

- #1735, class C/DT Spal Racing, Max Lagod – driver. Max ran 222 mph today against a 213 mph existing record.

- #2626 Rod Riders, class C/P MP, Tom Sauter – driver. The existing record in this class is currently held by Tom at 192 mph. Tom’s speed today was 200 mph.

- #1889 Class of ‘39, class XXFBVFCC, Arlyn Asch – driver. Arlyn went 134.995 mph today to get him into impound.

- #315, class G/BGL, Ken Hardman – driver. Ken set a record in this class yesterday at 231.1 mph. Ken went 231.3 mph to get back into impound. He had some problems with the motor, but is working fast a furiously in impound and plans to make his return run tomorrow.

- #9382, Spirit of St. Louis, class C/PS, John Morrisson – owner, Dennis Lindberg – driver. The existing record in the class is currently 206.055 mph. Dennis ran 206.184 mph today. Another squeaker!

- #1117, Scott Guthrie Racing, class M-BF 1650, Jason McVicar – driver. The existing record in this class is currently held by John Noonan at 215 mph. Jason ran 231 mph today to get into impound.

- #448 Two Guys Racing, class 750 SC-G, Wally Kohler – driver. Wally currently holds the record in this class at 135 mph. He ran 139 mph today to get into impound. Two Guys Racing have also set two other records so far this week. Wally did a 161 mph record run this morning on vehicle #1851 in the 1000 sidecar fuel class. The other guy from Two Guys Racing, Gary McMillan, did a 157 mph record run yesterday on vehicle #851 in the 1000 sidecar gas class.

- #4101, class M-BF 650cc, Travis Sutton – driver. Travis ran a respectable 153.7 mph against an existing open record.

- #308 The Hudson Boys, class XO BGRMR, Don Wilson – driver. Don Wilson ran 166 mph today against an existing open record.





August 14th, 2007 Morning Returns.


Impound was packed this morning! We had 73 total vehicles make record return runs this morning, and the officials got everyone through in only two hours. Here are some of the record returns we saw this morning:


- #6880, a car running on course #1, ran 193.333 in the quarter, 195.490 in the first mile, 204.986 in the middle, and 216.209 in the last.

- #1, the Barnyard Bearcat running on course #2, a Jim Knapp vehicle, Gene Talbot, driving. Speeds for this vehicle were 202.900 in the quarter, 204.377 in the first mile, 216.626 in the middle, and 231.223 in the last.

- #276, a bike running on course #2, ran 185.266 in the quarter, 186.778 in the first mile, 189.816 in the middle, and 189.814 in the last.

- #6411, Scott Guthrie Racing, Jason McVicar – driver. Jason ran 167.628 in the quarter, 168.350 in the first mile, 177.894 in the middle, and 181.929 in the last.

- #1225, MV Augusta motorcycle on course #2. This vehicle ran 186.433 in the quarter, 188.733 in the first mile, 190.890 in the middle, and 191.554 in the last.

- #608 Dauerheim-Biglow, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. This vehicle turned-out.

- #1641, Jason McVicar – driver. The existing record in this class was a 191.92. Jason’s times this morning were 213.795 in the quarter, 220.070 in the first mile, 222.781 in the middle, and 219.707 in the last.

- #278, Steele Speed Team motorcycle running on course #2. The times for this vehicle were 154.440 in the quarter, 163.996 in the first mile, 157.054 in the middle, and 191.507 in the last.

- #1280, McMeekin & Williams car went 173.770 in the quarter, 184.458 in the first mile, 206.858 in the middle, and 218.594 in the last.

- #1462, Hot Rod Magazine Special Camaro, Dave Freiburger – driver. Dave ran a 245 in the class yesterday. His times today were 232.026 in the quarter, 235.642 in the first mile, 243.395 in the middle, and 247.075 in the last.

- #715 Speed Demon streamliner, a George Poteet/Ron Main entry. This vehicle was going after a Dean Johnson record of 221.498. The streamliner ran on course #1 today with the times 189.873 in the quarter, 197.249 in the first mile, 213.641 in the middle, and 224.486 in the last.

- #1946, the Van Blarcom Racing roadster. The roadster ran 171.798 in the quarter, 179.115 in the first mile, and 191.980 in the middle mile. I didn’t catch a last mile time for this vehicle.

- #99, the John Raines firebird, E/BG coupe. Today’s times for this vehicle were 216.585 in the quarter, 227.355 in the first mile, 252.402 in the middle, and 261.990 in the last.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros. Team McLeish ran 189.342 in the quarter, 192.621 in the first mile, 197.642 in the middle, and 200.629 in the last.

- #671, class D/FMS, Team White racing out of Missouri, ran 196.097 in the quarter, 203.292 in the first mile, 215.259 in the middle, and 221.829 in the last.

- #126, class D/CGC, Cohn Jucewic Monza out of California, ran 190.608 in the quarter, 192.984 in the first mile, 195.918 in the middle, and 197.062 in the last.

- #9843, the Schnell Racing pickup out of Oregon, ran 195 in the quarter, 200 in the first mile, and then shut it down.

- #572, a Ferguson Racing car out of California, ran 190.104 in the quarter, 192.303 in the first mile, 195.102 in the middle, and 196.082 in the last.

- #743, Terry Hunt’s The Guam Bomb, ran 202.858 in the quarter, 211.605 in the first mile, 226.424 in the middle, and 229.815 in the last.

- #82 Snyder’s Salty Cuda, going after a 204 record, ran 194.619 in the quarter, 199.231 in the first mile, 206.276 in the middle, and 209.361 in the last.

- #66, BMR roadster, was a turn-out early on the course.

- #135, MacDonald & Pitts firebird went after a standing record of 288 mph. The vehicle was expected to run upwards of 300 mph, but pulled their chute right before the five-mile marker after what appeared to be some mechanical problems. Their times today were 256.756 in the quarter, 265.377 in the first mile, 276.862 in the middle, and 237.730 in the last.

- #2449, Jessel Motorsports, ran 220.781 in the quarter, 228.289 in the first mile, 243.709 in the middle, and 231.515 in the last.

- #3602, the Hoffman Markley roadster out of California, ran on an open record this morning. They ran 224.691 in the quarter and 231.310 in the first mile before pulling the chute.

- The V Max motorcycle ran 198 yesterday on a 183 record. Their times today were 190.915 in the quarter, 190.543 in the first mile, 191.257 in the middle, and 191.996 in the last.

- #920, the Contrivance Special, ran 257.8 yesterday on a 247 record. Their times today were 232.634 in the quarter, 237.820 in the first mile, 248.024 in the middle, and 253.622 in the last.

We’re back to qualifying runs right now. There is a slight delay on course #1 due to a minor accident. They are cleaning debris from the course right now. Course #2 is still running.

August 13th, Day 5, Update #2

August 13th, Day 5, Update #1

Last night’s Salt Talks event was a blast. Many thanks to Jon and Nancy Wennerberg for organizing the event. There was lots of great food and several great raffle prizes. The gentleman who had the camel in the pits yesterday (yes, a real, live camel) stopped by and allowed everyone to pet and take pictures with the animal. We even had some pyrotechnic entertainment after the sun went down. I had a lot of fun and I think the other attendees did, as well. Thank you to one and all who came out for the event


Speaking of fun, I think my neighbor at the motel had a little too much of it last night. I heard him praying to the porcelain god early this morning. Actually, it sounded more like a desperate plea. I’m guessing he’ll be skipping breakfast at the Red Flame this morning.

I have some more updates for you from this morning’s racing:

- #623 Saline Solution, class XO/BFL, Terry Haines – driver. Terry ran 205 mph yesterday on a 193 record. Terry’s times today were also in the 200s. I recorded a 209 and a 213.

- #608 Dauerheim-Biglow, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. Don was pursuing a 267 record in this class, but his speeds this morning came in at 259, 262, and 261.

- Tim Billington/Tracer Racing driving in class F/FS ran 214 in the quarter, 222 in the first mile, 235 in the middle, and 238 in the last. The record for this class was 220 mph.

- #44, class B/BFL, Fred Dannenfelzer – driver. This vehicle went 343 mph yesterday in pursuit of a 338 mph record held by Joe Law. Fred had a minor mishap with the vehicle, preventing his backup run for the record. They’ll be back up and running shortly.

- #99, class E/BGC, John Raines – driver. John ran 252 mph yesterday in his ’89 TransAm. The standing record in this class was a 214. John’s times todat were 234 in the quarter, 242 in the first mile, and 227 in the second.

- #462 Hot Rod Magazine, Dave Frieberger – driver. Dave went 248 mph yesterday going after an open record in the comp coupe class. Dave went 251 today and is looking at about a 249 mph record.

And a quick update on the George Poteet Speed Demon streamliner. They got the vehicle on the salt this morning for a test run right after the record returns were over.

Also, Mike Akatiff may be bringing the Ack Attack streamliner to the salt tomorrow if the weather and conditions continue to hold up.


August 12, 2007 Afternoon #3


Well my protest, which was more of a hunger strike than anything, is now over. My loving husband (aka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) has put me back to work. He resorted to bribery, and I caved.

Here’s the latest and greatest from impound:


- #99, class E/BGC, John Raines – driver. John went 252 mph today, smoking the 214 record he was pursuing. Many of you are already familiar with John’s car, but he updated it this year by including twin turbos.

- #462 Hot Rod Magazine car, Dave Frieberger – driver. Dave ran his car in an open comp coupe class today, with a top speed of 248 mph. Dave will be backing up this record tomorrow morning and plans to switch over to the altered class later in the week.

- #117, class F/GS, Terry Lucas – driver. The existing record in this class is 221 mph. Terry ran 230 mph to take him into impound today.

- #44, class B/BFL, Fred Dannenfelzer – driver. The current record for this class is held by Joe Law at 338 mph. Fred ran 343 mph today, qualifying for impound and taking over the spot of fastest vehicle of the meet so far.

- #623, class XO/BFL, Terry Haines – driver. The existing record in this class is 193 mph. Terry ran a record qualifying time of 205 mph today.

Jon and I took some time to cruise through the pits during the wind-related racing delay this afternoon. We stopped by the George Poteet pits to check up on the Blowfish. Unfortunately, they broke the motor and won’t be running it again this week. They are currently in line with their other vehicle, the Speed Demon, preparing for it’s maiden voyage on the salt.

Our next stop took us by the Yacoucci pits. Rick ran into a little “speed demon” of his own after running his J/BFS on course #1. Some clumps of salt on the course jacked with his suspension causing the rear-end of his streamliner to come up off the ground and breaking the chain. But it may have turned out to be a lucky break, if there is such a thing. While changing the chain in the pits, they found a blown piston. John Noonan hooked Rick up with Scott Horner who will be bringing out some new pistons from L.A. They plan to be back up and running tomorrow. Rick is going after the 234 mph record currently held by Ken Hardman. Rick hit 230 mph on his run today, before his break in the first mile.

We had a chance to stop by Mike Manghelli’s trailer, too. I paid a visit to Mang’s White Goose Bar (est. 2000) while I was there, although I opted to partake of water in lieu of the many other available libations. It was only 3:30, you know, and I’m not a college kid anymore. The White Goose Bar is a tradition on the salt. It originated with daily servings of home-brewed beer for the crew, but now includes a well-stocked bar available to other racing teams on the salt of proper age. No freeloaders, though. If you want to drink, make a donation to the kitty to keep the bar going for everyone else.

Allison Volk at the 200 MPH Club stand was nice enough to give me the updates to the membership list acquired since the start of this meet. Lynn Goodfellow, running in class B/DS, joined the club with a 240.062 record. Also joining the club this week was Donny Cummins by setting a 208.800 record in his D/BSTR. And Donny Ferguson III, who is already a member of the 200 MPH Club, joined the ranks of the 300 MPH Club today.

The wind continues to wreak havoc on the racing events this after. Racing restarted around 3:30, only to be shut down about an hour later when the wind speeds picked up again. The lines are on hold as I type this, with all eyes on the sky as racers await the passing of this little front. No rain so far, and we all hope it stays that way

August 12, 2007 Afternoon

Been out of it for a few hours, we are on a wind hold. Wind has been been from 11-18 mph, and very gusty. There is a wind storm coming thru Wendover that looks worse. So the courses are on hold, no racing. The SCTA is doing course repairs and course sweeps right now while on hold.

The course setup is going very well. Basically it's a first come first serve. This is due to both courses being long and short courses. This system on the two course scale is working perfect. And before the wind shutdown, everything was moving very smooth.

Will have some speeds for you coming soon. We are stuck in line with most others. My writer for this meet, Keilani, was on strike. We have been working all morning and afternoon and all she had to eat and drink was Monster Energy Drink which is a MAJOR sponsor of this event. I ventured over to the Schnell B/MP #9843 Team who were making some sandwich's and I asked if she could have one. They complied and we got her one, she is now feeling much better and is now off strike, she will be doing the next update.

You can check out current results page to keep you occupied. (Click Here)

August 12, 2007 Morning

Jon and I made our way to impound this morning around 6 am. The entire area was buzzing as people prepared their vehicles for record return runs. They got all of us in line and ready to roll at 7 a.m. sharp. Between my crew chief and tow vehicle responsibilities for #209, I was able to record some of the record return times. Here’s what I have for you for today’s first update:

- #641, class MPS-BF2000, Jason McVicar – driver. The record for this class was 136 mph. Yesterday Jason ran 197 mph, and the times I recorded today were 192 in the quarter, 198 in the first mile, and 204 in the middle.

- #1641, class MBG-1650, also Jason McVicar – driver. This class had an open record. Yesterday Jason ran 197 mph, and today his times came in at 189 in the quarter, 193 in the first mile, 195 in the middle, and 178 in the last mile where he shut it down. Jason qualified for two records and is back at impound.

- #2130, class G/GALT, Doug MacMillan – driver. Doug ran 168.9 in the quarter and 171.5 in the first mile before pulling the chute. The existing record for this class was 160 mph. Doug ran a 167 yesterday.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros., class CSC 1000, Derek McLeish – driver. This vehicle was going after an open record. Their speed yesterday was 161 mph. I caught two speeds over the radio for them today, 179.516 and 182.588. That should take care of the open record in that class.

- #608 Dauernheim-Biglow, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. The existing record for this class is 266 mph. Don ran 279.6 yesterday, but they were a turn-out on course #1. I see the vehicle made it back to impound a little later in the morning.

- #268, class APS-PF1000, Joe Amo – driver. The existing record in this class was 207 mph. Joe made it to impound yesterday with a top speed of 241 mph. Today Joe ran 214.977 in the quarter and 209.837 in the first mile before shutting it down due to some handling problems – described by Glenn Barrett as a “tank slapper.” An accurate description according to my later conversation with Joe. However, his speeds today were enough to get him back to impound for the record.

- #3350, class 1650 APS-VG, David Pilgrim – driver. David went 139.7 yesterday on an open record. His quarter and first mile times were both 141+.

- #1225, class 1000pp, Roosevelt Lackey – driver. Roosevelt went 186.987 yesterday in pursuit of a 185.882 record. Roosevelt’s times in the quarter and first mile today were both in the 188s.

- #931, class MPS VG 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul went 122 yesterday on an open record. I only caught the first mile speed for Paul today at 123.666.

- Ferguson Racing went 306 mph yesterday in pursuit of a 295 record. Don Ferguson’s times for today were 264.146 in the quarter, 276.069 in the first mile, 295.182 in the middle, and 300.486 in the last.

- #468 Goodfellow Crushers, class A/DS, Lynn Goodfellow – driver. Today’s speeds for Lynn were 222.347 in the quarter, 226.713 in the first mile, 236.576 in the middle, and 240.141 in the last. I don’t have Goodfellow’s times for yesterday, but it looks like there were going after an open record.

- #2626 STD Racing dodge pickup. Today’s times for the team were 184.942 in the quarter, 189.946 in the first mile, and 197.514 in the middle.

- #280 McMeekin Bros., class E/GALT, Don Williams – driver. Don went 218.773 yesterday in pursuit of a 216.44 record. Don’s times today were 192 in the quarter, 202.475 in the first mile, 222.760 in the middle, and 233.563 in the last.

- #859, class APS-gas, Cathy Butler – driver. Cathy went 133.2 yesterday on a 133.168 record. This record had been in effect since 1975. I say “had” because Cathy’s times were in the 138s this morning, setting a new record for the class.

- #363 Cook & Cook, class B/GALT. This firebird looked like it may have had some problems burning oil and was a turn out.

- #82, class B/CBGC, Jim Snyder – owner/driver. This vehicle was going after a 197 mph record. Jim’s times today were 194.752 in the quarter, 199.754 in the first mile, 206 in the middle, and 207 in the last.

That’s all I have for now. Good job everyone. Keep those records comin’!


August 11th, Evening 9:26 PM

Time for more updates from impound. This time the intrepid reporter was our beloved webmaster, Jon Amo. I am only responsible for the interpretation. After a full day on the salt, I wussed out around 4 o’clock and went back to the hotel for a shower.


- #4449 the Jesel pickup, class C/BMP, Jimmy Barton – driver. The existing record is 158 mph. Today Jimmy ran 241 mph. (Holy smokes! I think he more than qualified on that one.)

- #675, class XXO/GALT, Bill Harris – driver. My note-taker neglected to write down the existing record, but I can tell you that today Bill ran 183.597 mph.

- #1 Barnyard Bearcat, class F/GS, Jeanne Talbot – driver. The existing record is 221.490. Jeanne’s run today was 227.839. Jeanne was also the SCTA points champion in 2006, for you trivia buffs out there.

- #2130, class G/ALT, Doug MacMillan – driver. The existing record is 160.103. Doug’s run this afternoon was 167.718.

- #280 McMeekin Bros., class E-GALT, Don Williams – driver. The existing record is 216.44 mph. Don’s run was 218.773 mph.

A few other little fun facts from today: there were 285 total runs on the salt; six vehicles that spun out; two vehicles broke the 300 mph mark; the last bike of the day ran at 7:00 pm; and due to all the water by the access road, there was a 15-20 minute waiting line to get off the salt. Quiz your friends over dinner.

Skip Hedrick was the other streamliner over 300 (close to 301), and had parachute problems and some type of action was taken. The road onto the salt is still water, and really bumpy. Historically this generally gets worse as the week goes on and may just hinder the International course for future events this year on the salt.


August 11th, 2007 Afternoon 2:41 PM

Here’s what I have so far:

- #268, class APS-BF 1000, Joe Amo – driver. Existing record currently stands at 207 mph. Joe’s run today was 241 mph, including a sudden, brief detour directly through the 4 mile marker (oops!)

- #641 Scott Guthrie Racing, class MPS-BF 2000, Jason McVicar – driver. Existing record currently stands at 136 mph. Jason’s run today was 197 mph.

- #1641, class MBG-1650, Jason McVicar – driver. This class currently has an open record. Jason ran a 197 mph today. (And that’s not a typo. I think 197 was Jason’s lucky number today.)

- #859, class APS-gas, Cathy Butler – driver. Existing record is 133.168 mph, and that record has stood since 1975. Cathy’s run today was 133.2 mph. This was her first pass on the salt with this bike.

- #746 Broken Spoke Special, class A-VF 1000, Dave Iversen – driver. Existing record is 110.360 mph. Dave’s run today was 121.6 mph.

- #1225, class 1000pp, Roosevelt Lackey – driver. The existing record is 185.882, currently held by their team. Roosevelt’s run today was 186.987. Roosevelt will also be racing his second bike on the salt later today. And Roosevelt recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Very impressive!

- #931, class MPS VG 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. This class currently has an open record. Paul’s run today was 122 mph. Vehicle #931 is a 1937 flathead. This is Paul’s second year racing on the salt.

- #3350, class 1650 APS-VG, David Pilgrim – driver. This class currently has an open record. David’s run today was 139.7 mph. This is David’s third year on the salt with this vehicle. He has a car, too, that he plans to begin racing on Monday.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros., class SCS 1000, Derek McLeish – driver. This class currently has an open record. Derek’s pass today was for a 150 licensing run. He went 161 mph “on the brakes”. If all goes well, they plan to run as a car later in the week.

- #1952 “Old Crow”, class V4/BGL, Bobby Green – driver. This class currently has an open record. Bobby went 103.7 mph today. This is Bobby’s 6th year on the salt.

- #898, class AA/MP, Norris Anderson – driver. Norris currently holds the record in this class at 193.471. His run today was 197.2 mph.

- #66 BMR Racing, class D/GR, Alan Fogliadini – driver, Douglas Robinson – owner. The existing record for this class is 213.820 mph. Alan ran 214.219 mph today.

- #608 Dauerheim-Biglow of Flemington, NJ, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. The existing record for this class is 266 mph. Today Don ran 279.6 mph.

- #75 Ferguson Racing in XXO/FS, Don Ferguson III - driver. The exisisting record for this class is their own record of 295.222. Don ran 301 mph from the 4-5 mile and exited at 306 mph and is high time of meet so far.

That’s all I have for now. Sounds like there have been quite a few spins today on the courses. Great runs everybody, and good luck on your return runs tomorrow. I hope to see you all back in impound.


August 11th, 2007 - Morning


No more sleeping in for me anymore. Today is the first official day of racing. Jon and I arrived at the salt bright and early this morning. The two Amo bikes are in line on long course #1 and prepping to go.

The driver’s meeting was held at 9 am this morning. Here’s the brief scoop on the meeting (Please forgive me for any misspelled names – in an effort to get the update online as quickly as possible, I did not have time to verify. Some are outright guesses on my part, and that’s just how it has to be for now):


- Welcome one and all to the 59th annual Bonneville Land Speed Trials.

- Chapel service will be at sun-up in the impound area on Sunday morning.

- Scott and Dana Wilson from Monster energy drinks are sponsors for the event this year. Their sponsorship covered the cost of hats and shirts. They also have drink stations in the pits and racing line areas offering complimentary sport drinks. I’m working on one of their orange-colored juice drinks right now. Very tasty.

- Pick up your trash! Treat the salt like you would the floor in your own home. And if you throw garbage on the floor in your home, shame on you. Don’t do that here. (Not mentioned at the meeting, but something I want to include – please be considerate when using the port-o-potties and don’t leave any presents on the floor, seat, etc., for the next person. That’s just nasty.)

- Someone swiped the BNI sign last year. Double shame on you. Although the BLM did not hold the SCTA-BNI responsible for the theft, the BNI board presented Glen from the BLM with a $1000 check – the amount it cost to replace the sign.

- Larry Volk from the Save the Salt Foundation and the 200 MPH club spoke briefly. The foundation is still making efforts to get a mining agreement signed. Their efforts to preserve the salt are working, and the efforts will continue. Regarding the 200 MPH club, there is a booth set up near the registration area where you can get your tickets for the banquet this year.

- Dave Frieberger from Hot Rod magazine also spoke briefly. The January issue of Hot Rod magazine will have the coverage from Speedweek this year. Also, email Dave if you have any SCTA pics from the 30s and 40s. You can get his email address from the magazine. Dave also presented the top speed trophy. This year it went to the Burkland’s, with a top speed of 398.807. Way to go, guys!

- Prozac (Bob Sikes) spoke next. He had the honor of presenting the Bob Higby memorial trophy for 2006. This year’s recipient was Mike Cook. Receiving this trophy is an honor, and Mike is very deserving. Mike has been coming to the salt for approximately 40 years. He holds numerous records. During his tenor as SCTA-BNI President, he has established a solid safety-first reputation. Congrats, Mike!

- ERC is the spec gas for the event. Your tank must be sealed by an official. Thanks to Rick with ERC for the many years of support.

- Jim Latin and Mike Cook went to NHRA to request more press for this event. One of the roadblocks has been the lack of available rooms. Mike met with John Hanson of the Peppermill, Montego Bay, and Rainbow Casinos. Upon meeting with John, and conducting a board vote, the current plans for Speedweek next year are to start racing on Monday instead of Saturday. John agreed to release 500 more rooms for racers with this new schedule. They will also try to keep room rates the same as weeks prior to the event, instead of jacking up the rates and gouging some racers as certain establishments like to do. John also agreed to avoid scheduling any tournaments (keno, poker, golf, etc.) during speedweek. We want to make it so Speedweek in Wendover is THE event of the week.

- Mike Cook introduced the new President of the SCTA-BNI, Jim Latin. Jim thanked the staff and volunteers for getting the two new courses set up and completed in just one week. (a blue map of these courses can be picked up in the registration area)

- We will be running dual courses with both short and long course timing capabilities.

- Vehicles always turn to the outside of the course you are racing on. The middle area should be for emergencies only. If you pull to the middle and you aren’t supposed to, all you do is hold up the meet and irk everyone else in line. Plus, it’s dangerous. Pay attention.

- I am inserting another “pay attention” note here, as well. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR CB RADIOS. Numerous times a day, channels get jammed because somebody either sits on their mike or puts it who knows where. Please don’t do this. Much appreciated.

- We had over 500 pre-entries for the event this year. We all need to cooperate with officials so we can get everyone through in a timely manner.

- Course one gets into some deep mud past the 7 mile marker and you could very easily get stuck. If you need to more room, stick to course two.

- You have one hour after making a record speed to get your vehicle to impound. No lolly-gagging. Once you are in impound, you have 4 hours to work on the vehicle. If you get your record speed and end up in impound toward the end of the day, well, you’re sort of S.O.L. Racers, crew, and spectators must leave the salt at dusk. No exceptions.

- The pits open at 6 am. Impound will be cleared out by 7 am. Racing will start at approximately 7:15 with record runs going first. You must complete your backup record run on the same course you made the initial run. You start on course number one, you need to stick to course number one for your backup run.

- You must be on/in a licensed vehicle and be a licensed driver to operate any type of motorized vehicle in the pit area. No kids on scooters, etc.

- Don’t ride in the back of pick up trucks while traveling around the pits and racing areas. It’s illegal off the salt, and it’s not okay here, either.

- Racing is scheduled to start today at 10:00 am (and it did. It took me a little while to get this all typed up).


August 10, 2007

The sun and fun on the salt continues for day two. The weather so far has been phenomenal. If the diminishing “not-so-great” salt lake and the improved conditions in the pit areas aren’t proof enough, then my glowing cheeks and shiny pink shoulders should be. I’ve been coming to Bonneville since 1995, and I somehow manage to start the week with a sunburn each time. It’s practically a tradition.


Well, I am sitting in the impound area, but not reading the book as I had predicted earlier. I’m been making my way through the impound area speaking with the racers who made it here today. Some people had already left their vehicles when I started making my round, and some people pulled in after I sat down to type this, so I know I don’t have everybody. Sorry for anyone I missed. I’ll try and catch you next time.

- #388, class C/CPS, Mark Miller – owner/driver. Mark ran 159 mph on an open record in this class and will be making his backup run in the morning. This is the first time on the salt for this car, although not for Mark. You may know him best from the MRJ Racing truck he has had out here in previous years. Mark hopes to have his car over 200 mph by the end of the week.


I have a few more updates from my position at the starting line:

- #5050, Jack Costello streamliner, Nick Rock – driver. This is a very interesting vehicle, as the driver actually lays on his stomach while driving. They were going after an old 1972 Don Vesco record today. They went 155.054 in the quarter, 156.345 in the first mile, and 164.224 in the middle. I didn’t catch the last mile.

- #999, Ford Fusion – the electric car, Rick Byrnes, driver. This vehicle was a turn-out on course #1.

- #793, John Noonan motorcycle. John’s times were 226.684 in the quarter, 234.649 in the first mile, and 245.604 in the middle. He turned-out at the last mile.

- Pumpkinseed streamliner, Jim & Randy Travis vehicle. This vehicle was pursuing a 223.462 record, but turned-out early in the course.

- #7070, Costella motorcycle streamliner. This first pass was a shake-down run, with speeds only reaching the 80s.

- #268, Joe Amo’s 1990 1000cc Kawasaki motorcycle. Joe switched to course #2 for his run today. His speeds came in at 147.637 in the quarter, 152.949 in the first mile, 174.088 in the middle, and 175.369 in the last.

- #1212, the Kent Riches streamliner. This one was an early turn-out.

#998, class AA/FS, Mike Nish’s Royal Purple. This vehicle was pursuing an existing record of 373 mph. He only went as far as the 4 mile on this run, pulling in speeds of 309.401, 325.523, and 360.934. This makes him the fastest vehicle of the meet so far.



Inspections appeared to run smoothly today. Several more racers have now set up camp in the pit area. I see lots of new faces and recognize several familiar ones. The gang’s all here. And I must say, I love having two days of inspections before racing starts. Since Jon’s bike cleared through yesterday, my crew chief duties don’t officially kick off until tomorrow. I got to sleep in this morning – an uncommon treat during speedweek. Now I have a rosy disposition to match my skin. And Jon, my social butterfly, was able to take time away from the bike to take lots of pictures and visit the racers as they begin to settle in and ramp up for tomorrow.

One of the teams Jon talked to was the Ford Fusion crew (the hydrogen fuel cell car). I know this entry has drawn some curiosity. The crew was very hospitable, and Jon was impressed by the technology they incorporated into the vehicle. They’re looking to run 200 MPH and are anxious for their first run down the salt.

My vigil in the truck continues. I like to think of it as being poised and ready for action, but in reality I spend a lot of time sitting on my ass. I haven’t finished any new books yet, but my nails are a lovely shade of red. “Ruby Stilettos” to be exact. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on my reading throughout the rest of the week, preferably while hanging out with Jon in impound.

Jon and I had dinner last night with the Mayfield’s at the Paradise Grill in the Montego Bay. The food was so-so, but the company was great. I continue to be impressed with the interesting people I meet at Bonneville and look forward to meeting more. Good luck tomorrow everyone!



Dont Forget to check out the main Speeweek Page with pictures and results.
Main Speedweek Page

August 9th, 2007

Well, I could begin this installment of my Bonneville adventures by regaling everyone with witty observations of our 11 hour journey to get here – such as the last ditch attempt at freedom our two dogs made through the front door as we loaded our truck, or the broken toilet seat in a Rawlins, WY truck stop that almost caused me an embarrassing (and hard to explain) injury, but I digress. I know what the anxious observers really want to hear about. THE SALT.

We hit the truck stop at the Bonneville exit around 11 O’Clock, and made our way around the bend in the road. From that vantage point, the salt was dry without a puddle in sight. That view changed when we reached the end of the access road. If the “Flooded – 10 MPH” sign wasn’t enough to get our attention, then the standing water as far as the eye could see sure was. Luckily, Jon was driving, as I am not what you would call a “water” person. I’m certainly too big of a chicken to drive into anything resembling a lake. Upon entering the water, my best guess on the depth was 3 to 5 inches, depending on how far you wandered from the orange cones (or should I say buoys?) marking the trail.

The trail off the access road takes you straight south toward the Salduro Dike, before turning east toward the pits and courses. The water gradually tapers off from no solid ground in sight, to a series of islands of salt peeking through the water, then a patch of large puddles, and eventually no water at all. The speed limit for the entrance road reads the usual 55 MPH, although if you want to hold onto any existing dental work, I would recommend a top speed of no more than 15 to 20 MPH. The current conditions in the inspection and pit areas are what I would classify as sticky. As of this writing, we have not seen the marked courses, except from a distance, HOWEVER, AFTER SPEAKING WITH A BNI BOARD MEMBER, WE HAVE BEEN ASSURED THE COURSES ARE FIT AND SAFE FOR RACING.

I spoke with Jon and Nancy Wennerberg on the salt. Everything is a go for the annual Salt Talks gathering this year. Plan on lots of good food, great raffle prizes, and an overall evening of fun. And don’t forget to pick up one of the Salt Talks t-shirts. The artwork this year is fantastic. The big event is Sunday night at 6:00 pm at the bend in the road. Be there or be square.

Vehicle inspection did open today as planned. Racing is scheduled to being on Saturday morning. I’m working on this update as Jon’s motorcycle goes through inspection. I am the crew chief, tow vehicle operator, and now website contributor for the Landracing.com team – which is a fancy way of saying I spend a lot of time sitting in the truck. I hope to keep the updates coming throughout the week. To all you racers, families and friends out there – good luck, go fast, and drive safe.


Dont Forget to check out the main Speeweek Page with pictures and results.
Main Speedweek Page


August 8th, 2007

Volunteer Staff - Image Copyright SCTA-BNII think we all owe all the volunteers and SCTA-BNI staff a huge atta boy and girls. These people went to the salt, less then expected conditions and found us two great courses to have Speedweek. Scrubbing the intended 3 course system, which took months and months of planning. Speedweek is on and Landracing.com (me, Jon Amo and my wife, Keilani) are packed and ready to head out Wednesday night at about 9-10 PM hitting the salt AM on Thursday. Reporting will start when we arrive, pictures and commentary as usual. Video is an option this year, but we are short handed this year from a logistics standpoint from our normal crew.


Please bear with me on the updates, this year when the new site hit the internet we have a new website management system. And reporting layout will be a little different. We will still have multiple updates during the day and pictures at night as usual. The layout that will be different will be a daily reporting. Usually I have this in a table format and list recent on top. This will be good for the daily reports. Previous days will be a Article Index when you open up the full report. It will state something to the nature of - August 9th, August 10 etc etc. As the days go on you will see.

Dont Forget to check out the main Speeweek Page with pictures and results.
Main Speedweek Page

August 7th, 2007

The water at Land's End is receding. The weather is hot and sunny and should continue that way through the entire meet. The registration area, pits and impound area have been surrounded by fencing tape. The timing stand and start line is in place. Preparation efforts on the courses progressing nicely. We will be referring to the courses as Course 1 (West/left side) and Course 2 (East/right side). Initially Course 1 will be short with the possibility of being extended later. Course 2 will be a long course.


August 6th, 2007

Our crews have provided the following update from the hot and sunny salt: There will be two courses available for Speed Week 2007. They will be in the normal configuration of one long and one short course. The long course has been established and is being dragged. The short course will be established this afternoon and dragging will commence tomorrow. Currently the weather is hot and dry and is expected to remain that way through the week.

August 5th, 2007 3:59 PM MT - SCTA ADDITIONAL REPORT

The three courses we originally prepped for Speed Week are no longer available. Course # 1 is underwater with lots of potholes. Course # 2 is partially underwater, and course # 3 still looks somewhat usable.

Our advanced team of workers are very busy establishing 2 more courses on higher ground. We have found sufficient dry salt to accommodate our normal long and short courses.

Since we are basically starting over, we would appreciate your patience as there may be a need for changes to our original event schedule.

The weather forecast is promising, but there is always the possibility of more rain. Please check here for more updates as they become available.

August 5th, 2007 2:30 PM MT - SCTA Report

RACING IS A GO AHEAD... Pack your bags, pack your race car and hit the road we are racing at Bonneville. Latest is two courses will be used instead of the intended three. The rest of the story you will have to get at the drivers meeting on Saturday.

August 4, 2007, 8:55PM MT - SCTA Report.

Salt is pretty wet, going to assess it tomorrow and compare the water level with today to determine the reality of having an event.

August 4, 2007, 3PM - SCTA reports the following:

As of today at 3:00pm (PDT), there is standing water at the end of the road, and at the starting lines. There are also puddles on the courses. The SCTA/BNI board members are on their way to the salt and will be assessing the situation. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow (Sunday).

If there is any new information it will be posted here ASAP.


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