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August 10, 2007

The sun and fun on the salt continues for day two. The weather so far has been phenomenal. If the diminishing “not-so-great” salt lake and the improved conditions in the pit areas aren’t proof enough, then my glowing cheeks and shiny pink shoulders should be. I’ve been coming to Bonneville since 1995, and I somehow manage to start the week with a sunburn each time. It’s practically a tradition.


Well, I am sitting in the impound area, but not reading the book as I had predicted earlier. I’m been making my way through the impound area speaking with the racers who made it here today. Some people had already left their vehicles when I started making my round, and some people pulled in after I sat down to type this, so I know I don’t have everybody. Sorry for anyone I missed. I’ll try and catch you next time.

- #388, class C/CPS, Mark Miller – owner/driver. Mark ran 159 mph on an open record in this class and will be making his backup run in the morning. This is the first time on the salt for this car, although not for Mark. You may know him best from the MRJ Racing truck he has had out here in previous years. Mark hopes to have his car over 200 mph by the end of the week.


I have a few more updates from my position at the starting line:

- #5050, Jack Costello streamliner, Nick Rock – driver. This is a very interesting vehicle, as the driver actually lays on his stomach while driving. They were going after an old 1972 Don Vesco record today. They went 155.054 in the quarter, 156.345 in the first mile, and 164.224 in the middle. I didn’t catch the last mile.

- #999, Ford Fusion – the electric car, Rick Byrnes, driver. This vehicle was a turn-out on course #1.

- #793, John Noonan motorcycle. John’s times were 226.684 in the quarter, 234.649 in the first mile, and 245.604 in the middle. He turned-out at the last mile.

- Pumpkinseed streamliner, Jim & Randy Travis vehicle. This vehicle was pursuing a 223.462 record, but turned-out early in the course.

- #7070, Costella motorcycle streamliner. This first pass was a shake-down run, with speeds only reaching the 80s.

- #268, Joe Amo’s 1990 1000cc Kawasaki motorcycle. Joe switched to course #2 for his run today. His speeds came in at 147.637 in the quarter, 152.949 in the first mile, 174.088 in the middle, and 175.369 in the last.

- #1212, the Kent Riches streamliner. This one was an early turn-out.

#998, class AA/FS, Mike Nish’s Royal Purple. This vehicle was pursuing an existing record of 373 mph. He only went as far as the 4 mile on this run, pulling in speeds of 309.401, 325.523, and 360.934. This makes him the fastest vehicle of the meet so far.



Inspections appeared to run smoothly today. Several more racers have now set up camp in the pit area. I see lots of new faces and recognize several familiar ones. The gang’s all here. And I must say, I love having two days of inspections before racing starts. Since Jon’s bike cleared through yesterday, my crew chief duties don’t officially kick off until tomorrow. I got to sleep in this morning – an uncommon treat during speedweek. Now I have a rosy disposition to match my skin. And Jon, my social butterfly, was able to take time away from the bike to take lots of pictures and visit the racers as they begin to settle in and ramp up for tomorrow.

One of the teams Jon talked to was the Ford Fusion crew (the hydrogen fuel cell car). I know this entry has drawn some curiosity. The crew was very hospitable, and Jon was impressed by the technology they incorporated into the vehicle. They’re looking to run 200 MPH and are anxious for their first run down the salt.

My vigil in the truck continues. I like to think of it as being poised and ready for action, but in reality I spend a lot of time sitting on my ass. I haven’t finished any new books yet, but my nails are a lovely shade of red. “Ruby Stilettos” to be exact. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on my reading throughout the rest of the week, preferably while hanging out with Jon in impound.

Jon and I had dinner last night with the Mayfield’s at the Paradise Grill in the Montego Bay. The food was so-so, but the company was great. I continue to be impressed with the interesting people I meet at Bonneville and look forward to meeting more. Good luck tomorrow everyone!



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