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El Mirage

Article Index

August 11th, Evening 9:26 PM

Time for more updates from impound. This time the intrepid reporter was our beloved webmaster, Jon Amo. I am only responsible for the interpretation. After a full day on the salt, I wussed out around 4 o’clock and went back to the hotel for a shower.


- #4449 the Jesel pickup, class C/BMP, Jimmy Barton – driver. The existing record is 158 mph. Today Jimmy ran 241 mph. (Holy smokes! I think he more than qualified on that one.)

- #675, class XXO/GALT, Bill Harris – driver. My note-taker neglected to write down the existing record, but I can tell you that today Bill ran 183.597 mph.

- #1 Barnyard Bearcat, class F/GS, Jeanne Talbot – driver. The existing record is 221.490. Jeanne’s run today was 227.839. Jeanne was also the SCTA points champion in 2006, for you trivia buffs out there.

- #2130, class G/ALT, Doug MacMillan – driver. The existing record is 160.103. Doug’s run this afternoon was 167.718.

- #280 McMeekin Bros., class E-GALT, Don Williams – driver. The existing record is 216.44 mph. Don’s run was 218.773 mph.

A few other little fun facts from today: there were 285 total runs on the salt; six vehicles that spun out; two vehicles broke the 300 mph mark; the last bike of the day ran at 7:00 pm; and due to all the water by the access road, there was a 15-20 minute waiting line to get off the salt. Quiz your friends over dinner.

Skip Hedrick was the other streamliner over 300 (close to 301), and had parachute problems and some type of action was taken. The road onto the salt is still water, and really bumpy. Historically this generally gets worse as the week goes on and may just hinder the International course for future events this year on the salt.


August 11th, 2007 Afternoon 2:41 PM

Here’s what I have so far:

- #268, class APS-BF 1000, Joe Amo – driver. Existing record currently stands at 207 mph. Joe’s run today was 241 mph, including a sudden, brief detour directly through the 4 mile marker (oops!)

- #641 Scott Guthrie Racing, class MPS-BF 2000, Jason McVicar – driver. Existing record currently stands at 136 mph. Jason’s run today was 197 mph.

- #1641, class MBG-1650, Jason McVicar – driver. This class currently has an open record. Jason ran a 197 mph today. (And that’s not a typo. I think 197 was Jason’s lucky number today.)

- #859, class APS-gas, Cathy Butler – driver. Existing record is 133.168 mph, and that record has stood since 1975. Cathy’s run today was 133.2 mph. This was her first pass on the salt with this bike.

- #746 Broken Spoke Special, class A-VF 1000, Dave Iversen – driver. Existing record is 110.360 mph. Dave’s run today was 121.6 mph.

- #1225, class 1000pp, Roosevelt Lackey – driver. The existing record is 185.882, currently held by their team. Roosevelt’s run today was 186.987. Roosevelt will also be racing his second bike on the salt later today. And Roosevelt recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Very impressive!

- #931, class MPS VG 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. This class currently has an open record. Paul’s run today was 122 mph. Vehicle #931 is a 1937 flathead. This is Paul’s second year racing on the salt.

- #3350, class 1650 APS-VG, David Pilgrim – driver. This class currently has an open record. David’s run today was 139.7 mph. This is David’s third year on the salt with this vehicle. He has a car, too, that he plans to begin racing on Monday.

- #760 Team McLeish Bros., class SCS 1000, Derek McLeish – driver. This class currently has an open record. Derek’s pass today was for a 150 licensing run. He went 161 mph “on the brakes”. If all goes well, they plan to run as a car later in the week.

- #1952 “Old Crow”, class V4/BGL, Bobby Green – driver. This class currently has an open record. Bobby went 103.7 mph today. This is Bobby’s 6th year on the salt.

- #898, class AA/MP, Norris Anderson – driver. Norris currently holds the record in this class at 193.471. His run today was 197.2 mph.

- #66 BMR Racing, class D/GR, Alan Fogliadini – driver, Douglas Robinson – owner. The existing record for this class is 213.820 mph. Alan ran 214.219 mph today.

- #608 Dauerheim-Biglow of Flemington, NJ, class AA/GL, Don Biglow – driver. The existing record for this class is 266 mph. Today Don ran 279.6 mph.

- #75 Ferguson Racing in XXO/FS, Don Ferguson III - driver. The exisisting record for this class is their own record of 295.222. Don ran 301 mph from the 4-5 mile and exited at 306 mph and is high time of meet so far.

That’s all I have for now. Sounds like there have been quite a few spins today on the courses. Great runs everybody, and good luck on your return runs tomorrow. I hope to see you all back in impound.


August 11th, 2007 - Morning


No more sleeping in for me anymore. Today is the first official day of racing. Jon and I arrived at the salt bright and early this morning. The two Amo bikes are in line on long course #1 and prepping to go.

The driver’s meeting was held at 9 am this morning. Here’s the brief scoop on the meeting (Please forgive me for any misspelled names – in an effort to get the update online as quickly as possible, I did not have time to verify. Some are outright guesses on my part, and that’s just how it has to be for now):


- Welcome one and all to the 59th annual Bonneville Land Speed Trials.

- Chapel service will be at sun-up in the impound area on Sunday morning.

- Scott and Dana Wilson from Monster energy drinks are sponsors for the event this year. Their sponsorship covered the cost of hats and shirts. They also have drink stations in the pits and racing line areas offering complimentary sport drinks. I’m working on one of their orange-colored juice drinks right now. Very tasty.

- Pick up your trash! Treat the salt like you would the floor in your own home. And if you throw garbage on the floor in your home, shame on you. Don’t do that here. (Not mentioned at the meeting, but something I want to include – please be considerate when using the port-o-potties and don’t leave any presents on the floor, seat, etc., for the next person. That’s just nasty.)

- Someone swiped the BNI sign last year. Double shame on you. Although the BLM did not hold the SCTA-BNI responsible for the theft, the BNI board presented Glen from the BLM with a $1000 check – the amount it cost to replace the sign.

- Larry Volk from the Save the Salt Foundation and the 200 MPH club spoke briefly. The foundation is still making efforts to get a mining agreement signed. Their efforts to preserve the salt are working, and the efforts will continue. Regarding the 200 MPH club, there is a booth set up near the registration area where you can get your tickets for the banquet this year.

- Dave Frieberger from Hot Rod magazine also spoke briefly. The January issue of Hot Rod magazine will have the coverage from Speedweek this year. Also, email Dave if you have any SCTA pics from the 30s and 40s. You can get his email address from the magazine. Dave also presented the top speed trophy. This year it went to the Burkland’s, with a top speed of 398.807. Way to go, guys!

- Prozac (Bob Sikes) spoke next. He had the honor of presenting the Bob Higby memorial trophy for 2006. This year’s recipient was Mike Cook. Receiving this trophy is an honor, and Mike is very deserving. Mike has been coming to the salt for approximately 40 years. He holds numerous records. During his tenor as SCTA-BNI President, he has established a solid safety-first reputation. Congrats, Mike!

- ERC is the spec gas for the event. Your tank must be sealed by an official. Thanks to Rick with ERC for the many years of support.

- Jim Latin and Mike Cook went to NHRA to request more press for this event. One of the roadblocks has been the lack of available rooms. Mike met with John Hanson of the Peppermill, Montego Bay, and Rainbow Casinos. Upon meeting with John, and conducting a board vote, the current plans for Speedweek next year are to start racing on Monday instead of Saturday. John agreed to release 500 more rooms for racers with this new schedule. They will also try to keep room rates the same as weeks prior to the event, instead of jacking up the rates and gouging some racers as certain establishments like to do. John also agreed to avoid scheduling any tournaments (keno, poker, golf, etc.) during speedweek. We want to make it so Speedweek in Wendover is THE event of the week.

- Mike Cook introduced the new President of the SCTA-BNI, Jim Latin. Jim thanked the staff and volunteers for getting the two new courses set up and completed in just one week. (a blue map of these courses can be picked up in the registration area)

- We will be running dual courses with both short and long course timing capabilities.

- Vehicles always turn to the outside of the course you are racing on. The middle area should be for emergencies only. If you pull to the middle and you aren’t supposed to, all you do is hold up the meet and irk everyone else in line. Plus, it’s dangerous. Pay attention.

- I am inserting another “pay attention” note here, as well. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR CB RADIOS. Numerous times a day, channels get jammed because somebody either sits on their mike or puts it who knows where. Please don’t do this. Much appreciated.

- We had over 500 pre-entries for the event this year. We all need to cooperate with officials so we can get everyone through in a timely manner.

- Course one gets into some deep mud past the 7 mile marker and you could very easily get stuck. If you need to more room, stick to course two.

- You have one hour after making a record speed to get your vehicle to impound. No lolly-gagging. Once you are in impound, you have 4 hours to work on the vehicle. If you get your record speed and end up in impound toward the end of the day, well, you’re sort of S.O.L. Racers, crew, and spectators must leave the salt at dusk. No exceptions.

- The pits open at 6 am. Impound will be cleared out by 7 am. Racing will start at approximately 7:15 with record runs going first. You must complete your backup record run on the same course you made the initial run. You start on course number one, you need to stick to course number one for your backup run.

- You must be on/in a licensed vehicle and be a licensed driver to operate any type of motorized vehicle in the pit area. No kids on scooters, etc.

- Don’t ride in the back of pick up trucks while traveling around the pits and racing areas. It’s illegal off the salt, and it’s not okay here, either.

- Racing is scheduled to start today at 10:00 am (and it did. It took me a little while to get this all typed up).



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