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Repeat the Feat
El Mirage 2008

After John Noonan & Bob Moreland made history last year as the only team to capture both the points championships for cars and bikes for the SCTA points Championship they decided to once again try for glory and repeat the feat in 2008 as well.

This year started off great....

....with all four vehicles taking 4 spots in the top 10 and all of them setting records, first off was Bob driving the #1 car from last season. The Moreland, Noonan and Lux Turbo-Busa Velocity powered rear engine modified roadster ran the 1.3 mile dirt course and set a new personal best and recorded a new record of 185.197 from last seasons top speed of 174+ mph.

Second off was John running the #1 bike from last season, the Noonan/Moreland Turbo charged sidecar set a new record as well at 209.441 mph and now holds all three of the fastest sidecar records anywhere in the world at 209, 212 & 216 mph (in June John went on to set another sidecar record at 218+ mph)

Later in the meet... the #539 bike of Noonan/Derwin was ridden by John and set another record in the un-faired class of A-BG-1350 at a great speed of 223.331 mph and later during the event the bike was loaned to teammate Bob Moreland who ran 218 +mph his first time on a turbo Hayabusa and remember this was without any frontal streamlining! At that time that was the second fastest speed of the meet for the bikes.

The fourth record was also in the vintage20classes like the other roadster however in this car the engine is mounted in the front and sideways, and the entry name is Eyres, Moreland, and Noonan. Russ Eyres ran against the record set by the championship points winner from 2005 and reset the record from 135.414 to 144.085 this car also has a good chance at capturing a top spot at seasons end with regards to the SCTA points championship and was highly admired by the longtime SCTA roadster racers.

Coming in to the final race at El Mirage in the 2008 Season were Russ Eyres, Bob Moreland and John Noonan with his Turbo Hayabusa's, Bob was first in points, Noonan in 3rd with his sidecar and 5th with the unfaired (Yellow Submarine) Hayabusa and Russ was trailing in 6th with the other Busa powered Roadster.

After the first round was completed Bob had secured the overall SCTA points championship with his fastest ever lakes pass for the Moreland/Noonan/Lux rear engine Roadster at a speed greater than 189=2 0mph, this was great news for the team however John had also locked up the Motorcycle points championship with the unfaired Busa however in order to make for another great SCTA rule book cover they would have to get the sidecar a record over 201 mph.

Meanwhile Russ was busy running the other Roadster and also placed it in the holy grail of parking spots, in the SCTA IMPOUND area with a record of 146.099 mph on the existing 138.325 mph record! This would prove to cement the number 2 car position for the team and it was now up to John to once again make a run on the sidecar to attempt a record however team McLeish was not done yet either.

Bob, John and Richard Lux went over the sidecar from front to back to determine what it would take to run the 201+ to grab the #1 points position for the 2-wheelers and determined that since the dirt was not in the best condition and they were going to have to run in to a 14 mph headwind that lots of weight20would be added to the machine. Once it was added Noonans crew chief Michelle Derwin pushed the machine to the line for a hope at a second run.

Once John had the Turbo Busa powered sidecar in the line team McLeish was there as well trying to add valuable points that John would need if he wanted to have the top two spots in the bike championship, John took the sidecar easy off the line since his rig now weighed an additional 160 pounds from its previous run, the rig responded well and traction was better than the first run of 198 mph..as John went through the timing lights he saw a top speed recorded of 204+ mph and was pleased later to see that he ran 207.521 mph and locked in the 1&2 positions within the bike points. With this run and the later closing of the event with 5 racers waiting to run, the event was shut-down due to a fellow racer coming off his race bike at about 130 mph. (He is OK)

This gave the San Diego Roadster Club yet another club championship (3 years in a row) and John once again captured the fastest time of the year for the 2-wheelers with a top speed of 240.197 mph. (unfaired)

This makes it two years in a row that John Noonan and Bob Moreland have captured the (Car & Bike) championship and as a side note all four Noonan & Moreland vehicles finished in the top 4 positions with an unbelievable 1-2-3-4 finish. This would add eighteen 2008 El Mirage records for the team total for this year. Look for John and Bob to once again hit the dirt hard in 2009 with several records and personal bests.

A special thank you to all of the friends, sponsors, volunteers and club members that made this all happen.

Crew Chief Michelle Derwin
Richard Lux Master fabricator
Velocity Racing Turbo Systems 859-885-3223
Web Camshafts 951-369-369-5144
Millennium Technologies 920-893-5595
CP Pistons 949-567-9000
Orient Express 631-231-6552
Cometic Gaskets 800-752-9850
Bobs Garage 760-510-1628
Airtech Streamlining 760-598-3366
Tiger Racing Link
Robinson Industries Transmissions
Carpenter Racing cylinder heads 856-753-1555
American Performance Engineering (APE) 661-256-7309
Worldwide Bearings.com 800-575-3220 Dave
Nick Diblasi Fabrication Work Link
Robinson Industries
Paint by Jake of SDRC
MDR 760-489-9144
San Diego Roadster Club 2006, 2007, 2008 SCTA points champions

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