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October 2nd, 2007 PM

Today was just a great relaxing day on the salt. I forgot that just because its cool is no reason to underestimate the burning of the sun. Yeah I got a little red today.My smile though was just ear to ear all day talking with the other salt flats racers. Lots of inspections, both car and bike. Saw a lot of bikes getting marks on their inspection sheets which led to hack saws and customizing in the inspection line. The weather was calm almost all day only with light breezes and mild temps. Just right for some good racing. The course was reported to be very very smooth and hard.

Wednesday is first day of racing. Pits open at 7 am and drivers meeting at 8 am with racing beginning soon after. (estimated at 9 am)

Charles Nearburg brought two liners which are known to the landracing community as Ken Walkeys and Earl Woodens. The Old Walkey liner has been repainted and both have had a lot of new work done to them. Both are named Spirit of Rett, which is a tribute to his late son, Everett Charles "Rett" Nearburg, who died in 2005 from a rare bone disease. So as a tribute to the new owner of the liners and his son, we as a community need to refer to them properly as Spirit of Rett. (Old Wooden car is running A/GS, and the old Walkey liner runs in A/BGS) As the reporting goes on about these cars that is the best way to tell the difference. He is shaking the cars down at this meet, because after World Finals he will be a participant in the private FIA meet following the World Finals event. Wonderful bunch of guys.

Another interesting vehicle which has been sitting around the rafters for awhile is Leo Hess’s motorcycle streamliner. Don Vesco built the chassis for this liner in about 1996 and until recently has been in the rafters. The body of the bike was off the original Millinium Falcon motorcycle streamliner which Leo has some test rides in year ago. The motor is the Top Fuel Harley motor 163ci, running a healthy dose of nitromethane. They attended BUB’s a few weeks ago with intentions of making a pass, however some minor details still had not been worked out at that time. It is now ready to run.

Roger Lessmanis back with his AA/BGS running on Natural Gas. Another entry is Rick Vesco’s rebuilt #444 car has developed four more cylinders since the WOS meet and is to my limited memory of seeing the car was in C/GS class. More Wednesday when racing begins. Enjoy the pictures in the photo gallery.

October 2, 2007 AM

I hate Wyoming. I have driven this route since coming to the salt. It’s the most direct way and it just plain sucks. I found that when traveling through Wyoming It doesn’t matter the time of year, it’s always cold and windy. I can see why they have a high suicide rate there. I sustained 40+ mph winds the whole drive through Wyoming and going past the continental divide there was snow on both sides of the road. Coming into Evanstan I had strong rain and snow mix almost to a white out coming into Utah. If it wasn’t the lure of fast cars and bikes and the people I would have given up on that drive many years ago. I watch movies going though Wyoming and movie selection is a very critical. This time I picked out Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Anger Management. Too keep my boredom to a minimum I pick usually high explosion and loud explosion movies. They keep the awareness at its peak, along with the Monster Energy drink and a couple coffees’. I picked a funny movie in Anger Management just to keep my sanity. I did get to try my new laptop as the movie player this time instead of my portable DVD player. Like most laptops the screen visibility sucks in high light so I had to wait until the sun was behind me before I could try it. This laptop is the one that replaced the one that failed me at World of Speed, and If you read my reports on World of Speed you know the story about that. Short story on that, laptop failure, taken apart on bathroom sink and in the early hours of morning in was in un repairable pieces in the parking lot. This new one even came with a dandy little remote control. Did I mention I hate Wyoming.

So at 7:59 pm I pulled into Wendover. High winds and looked like some storm clouds moving out of the area. Low temperatures made it a very chilly night. Today at 8 am it was a dead calm in town and 41 degrees. This meet should provide extremely good air for naturally aspirated cars and bikes for the meet. I see in the forecast wind, hopefully if the wind stays down. If that happens I see some good gas records falling. I am on the way to the salt… Today is inspection day on the salt Stay tuned.


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