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Author Topic: "E" Gas Coupe Build  (Read 121285 times)

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Re: "E" Gas Coupe Build
« Reply #390 on: July 06, 2013, 11:52:57 AM »

Roof flaps do not change the contour, they are flush with the top.


Where did you get the 35% from?


Dan, I should have been a little more clearer, I wasn't referring to the flap itself but the 50 or so rivets that hold the flap box to the roof that change the contour of the roof and the gap (break in the roof line) that is created from the recessed flap hinge.

I think Vic was anticipating a possible new rule. :evil: Its an RMR thing.  :-D Tony
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Re: "I" Gas Coupe Build
« Reply #391 on: February 09, 2019, 09:45:40 PM »
Take a read through any of the motorcycle magazines that report on road racing if you want further information on what the computers can do with EFI and other engine parameters.  They ECU is connected to all sorts of inputs including GPS - so the ECU can vary the tune up according to location on the track (out of a sweeping left turn onto a long straight might be different than out of a hairpin connecting to a short straight and then downhill, etc).

And NASCAR hasn't learned how to do that yet?