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Author Topic: ECTA records /2, /4?  (Read 12226 times)

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Re: ECTA records /2, /4?
« Reply #60 on: April 22, 2011, 12:43:07 AM »
I just see the logic in making your bike faster in the class it belongs. There is alot of bragging rights, I would assume gratification knowing that your smaller engine is faster then all the higher classes. Ask Rick Y. about his streamliner, his record in G/BGS (352 mph (up to 2.0L)) is faster then every class all the way up to engine class B (337 mph (up to 7.10L)) with engines FIVE times his size. There is much respect for that, and reading about it.  Of course that is just an opinion.

I guess it's just how you view, or your passion for the sport. I guess I have a good grasp on the history of the sport and what it stands for.  Some like the records, others just keep fine tuning in the class they belong and go faster. I have always felt an accomplished racer is one who earns the respect from their peers. I guess it could be by the one who holds the most certificates or the one who goes fine tunes and goes faster. To each his own. Great job all racers no matter the orgranization. Scott Guthrie said it best years ago, that in order to acheive the record you must first break the record, then you must know who previously held the record and tell about their machine.

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Re: ECTA records /2, /4?
« Reply #61 on: April 22, 2011, 05:33:53 AM »
For me its the points race.I do not enter the points race. I am entered into the points race.At the end of the year there is a number and finishing position next to my name. If I do something I try to do my best. That means breaking records that are soft to get maximum points.
The ECTA is a young organization and I know who set what records . I  run in the 350 class because those records where set by Tom Shafer to win a points chase. The 250 records where set by folks I know. I don't just try to take all the records. I only care about top speed. So I enter in a soft 350 class that no one cares about and try to get max points.But the real race is for speed. In the mean time the record book gets filled up. There are no open records and the records that are there are faster every year .I never run on a record that is someones only record in the book.
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Re: ECTA records /2, /4?
« Reply #62 on: April 22, 2011, 06:00:32 AM »
While I run up in class, 650cc-750cc, g-bg, I always start the year of in what class we are 650/G.  Once I move that record up, I'll move up to a higher class.  I have a couple of friends that are 750cc riders and it is a nice competition to push them.  I even had one of them get a 650cc bike so he could push back.  Man, that's racing, that's where it is fun, that's like side by side drag racing or 40 guy's on the track roadracing.  The Chase for Speed is an awesome experience, but when you can throw some good one on one competition in it also.  That makes for a fun weekend.
As far as tear downs you can look all day and find we are a 636cc and 998cc.  I tend to believe that the cheaters are few and far between.  They are theere, no doubt.  That's the nature of life.  I remember many years ago when Yamaha had an FZR Challenge series with the winner getting a 1 year factory ride.  Jamie Hacking one that and became a well known figure in American Roadracing.  I competed in the series.  At the end of the 1st race the WERA officials impounded the top 5 finishers and did an unannounced teardown.  This happened at all the regionals and nationals.  Competitors were unaware it would happen.  Everyone was found to be legal.  I personally like the protest rule.  We used it in roadracing.  I had to pull my bike apart on 3 different occasions, but each time left the track with an additional $500. 
I think a man I respect a great deal said it best in this thread.  We don't own any record.  Someone will come along and beat it.  Best of luck to all in their next event.
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