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Texas RX8 (1.3L Rotary)
« on: January 17, 2011, 06:43:26 PM »
I started this project in June of 2010. I will keep this short and sweet. The objective is to build a N/A RX8 that breaks 200mph. Some of these mods are for AutoX and Track meets, and others will be for Bonneville.

These are the original Seller Photos:

These are the photos shortly after I cleaned her up. She was a disaster inside and out:

Heres after the lights were replaced. Red led interior lights are whats used along with the illuminated shifter. All of which are JDM OEM.

Interior Lights:

Illuminated Shifter:

This is after the calipers were repaired. The original owner painted them red, all I did was fix them because he used spray paint and ruined them. The brake pads were replaced with Hawks Performance+. The Brake Lines were replaced with Steel after they had a ton of failure.

Caliper Painting:

SS Brake Lines:

The clutch was replaced with a Mazdaspeed HD clutch(no photos sorry forgot), and SS clutch Line: