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Author Topic: Volunteer for 2010.  (Read 1983 times)

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Volunteer for 2010.
« on: November 16, 2009, 07:55:36 AM »
Hello All,
I'm Wes Archer from Maine.
I have been into cars, trucks and snowmobiles for the past 30 years.  When there is no snow I like to find other fun things to do.  Last year I found just such a thing.  My eight year old son and I took a ride up to Loring Air Force Base to watch the LTA-LSR.  Things started of kind of slow and my son was begging to leave.  I told him that I just wanted to walk through the pits and staging lines to checkout the cars.  We stayed about another two hours, he had so much fun taking pictures of the cars, talking to the drivers and watching the cars leave the start.  The crews and drivers were great, many would see that he was trying to get a picture and would move away from their own cars.  They showed respect for his eight year old questions and the nice lady from Jurkowski Racing even offered to let him set in the race car.  We will be back in 2010 and hope to bring the 'Cuda, that we crashed in three years ago on the way to his daycare, to run time only.
I plan to come up for all three days and I am volunteering my time during those three days to help in any way that is needed.  I am a project manager at a steel fabricator and machine shop in the Bangor, Maine area if the LTA needs any of that type of service proceeding the event.


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Re: Volunteer for 2010.
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 05:53:00 PM »
 Dear Wes,
  "When there is no snow I like to find other fun things to do."
I guess that just leaves August ?
Seriously, it's amazing the questions we had from people  all across the country about what to expect in Maine. Do I need a Passport, can I drive safely at night w/o hitting a Moose, do blackflies eat people , like that.
This letter epitomizes (always wanted to use that word) our Land Speed Racing Sport.
A guy and his son attended our event, met our kind of people, saw all our vehicles and racing, had a great experience, and wish not only to attend next year, but want to volunteer. This is the answer to did we do it right ?
We'll again be accumulating a volunteer list, asking in the future how much time and what experience they have, and we will need lots of help, just like this year.
Wes, you made my Day.
Watch these lists/forums,get a RuleBook to see what that 'Cuda needs to run our Runway. 
See you and your Boy  at LTA/10.
Bob W