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Author Topic: Safety  (Read 4034 times)

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« on: February 05, 2009, 12:33:48 AM »
This section probably should have been my first posting on this site. But like I said, hopefully we're all going to learn something from this site, myself included. This section is going  to be about safety. I know it sounds kind of boring.
I'm going to try to list some things that I feel are important. I know I haven't covered everything. If someone would like to post something please feel free to email me at willieworld@hotmail.com. Probably the most important thing, other than not getting killed, is eye protection. You probably should wear eye protection everytime you are working in your shop. You don't have to be beating  on something to get something in your eyes. You could be working under a car and get rust or dirt into your eyes. And while we are at it, it might be a good idea to protect your hearing as well. You can do that with something as simple as earplugs. You should have at least two fire extinguishers in your shop or garage. In your shop or garage, if at all possible, should have two exits, on opposite walls. If there are doors and they lock, when you are working you should have them unlocked so if something bad happens you will be able to get out(or help will be able to get in). If you work in your shop alone like I do, and it is not attached to the house, it would be good idea to have a cell phone. That way if you get into trouble you will be able to call for help.
You should have a good first aid kit and you should know how to use a tourniquet. You should have an eye wash kit and ice if possible. You should wear some kind of leather high top shoes with your pants over the top to keep out hot metal and sharp objects. You should not wear loose clothing  or gloves around any kind of spinning, cutting or turning equipment. If you have a long beard or long hair, tuck it in. Keep your shop floor clean and don't run hoses and cords all over the place.
Keep flammable liquids in a metal cabinet away from sparks. Keep a metal garbage can around with a metal lid on it. Theres probably alot more. If you guys can think of any, please write me and I will add them to the list.
Be safe   Willie Buchta