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Author Topic: Australia folks - can you help me find a ute?  (Read 1249 times)

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Australia folks - can you help me find a ute?
« on: August 27, 2008, 04:04:46 PM »
I am looking for contacts or information on finding a ute.  Want an early 50's or prior Chevy or Ford, unless I find something extra special.  The reason for the Chevy or Ford is they use the same basic chassis and sheetmetal (at least from doors forward) as the US versions.

My wife loves them and this is for her, we were actually going to take a vacation to Australia and find one to ship back as a souvenir Nov of this year, until the exchange rate made the trip too expensive.  I have opportunity to share in a shipping container coming to US in about 1 month.  The shipping is leaving out of Sydney NSW, although for a good car it may be worthwhile to haul it to Sydney.  The 40 ft container can hold three cars and I would split the costs 1/3 for me, and 2/3 for the other person.  Saving me and him on the shipping.  Does not have to run, but that would help.  Really just want a decent body without large rust repair needed and mostly complete car, the drivetrain can be missing, not worried about that as I will most likely do a V-8 swap.

I have been looking at ebay Australia and TradingPost.com, do you know of other sources?  Or have any friends or aware of any that might be for sale or thinking about selling?  Thanks for any help, Terry

I can be PM'd here; e-mailed at chevy38_454(at)yahoo.com, substitute the (at) with @; or my phone is 925-961-0462 evenings and weekends.  I appreciate any help for contacts or potential cars for sale i can follow-up on.
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