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Author Topic: Introduce Yourself  (Read 1619833 times)

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Introduce Yourself
« on: March 19, 2008, 12:02:05 AM »
My name is....drum roll please.......Michael Lueders.

Who am I ?



Rocket guy

Cook and honorary crew member car #77- No Nitro Hammond

After reading some of the other posts I feel I could add more info.
I grew up, partly, in Southern California. We used to play and camp at El Mirage..a lot. Rockets, dirt bikes, car surf etc. Some how I made it to adulthood. On several occasions we watched cars run. I spent a fair bit of time working in cabinet shops and building aircraft components for my dad. He worked with many talented individuals in the aircraft world and I grew up in aviation workshops and at airports. I have always loved racing and speed to the point of one of my sharpest memories is a very stern warning from my dad about my propensity for speed and my ultimate longevity in this world. I loved speed, still do. I have always dreamt of Bonneville and as a kid collected models, posters or whatever regarding the salt flats. To the point of when helping a friend move to Provo from Santa Rosa back in 89 and making him stop the rental truck on the shoulder of HWY 80 so I could fill up a 32 ounce cup with "the world's fastest salt". I rode with that 7-11 cup very near to me all the way back to CA and portions of it sat on my desk until 2002. I would play with it from time to time always dreaming of going fast or being a part of the Bonneville experience- the place of greatness.   

I always have been somewhat active within the motorcycle scene. I used to compete in trials events..truly as far from Bonneville as any motorsports could get.  I also got involved in the local road racing club, the AFM and then off road events. Now bear with me this is going somewhere!  I PROMISE!!

During all of my life my family has been very active in photography and image capture. We ran 16mm and super 8 gun cameras on the wings of planes and "buzzed" the Santa Monica pier on several occasions with my dad. I did still photos and more importantly got into video. I developed early on-board camera systems back in the mid 90's and ran the systems with considerable success. I've had some of my images on national broadcast TV and made the cover of a couple of moto mags with some pics.

Now we tie all the pieces together..told you it was going somewhere!

A friend of mine said there is a lady he thinks I should meet. She like motorcycles and is also single..oh, great a blind date!! Well..we meet and started to hit it off. Our second date was dirt biking where I clearly remember being worried if she could keep up only to have her blow by me when I looked over my shoulder..hmmn this could really work. She did the same thing as Sears Point during a track day a while later. I was passing on the outside of T6 on supermoto going around a couple of liter class sports bikes and around me goes this red blur all the way out in the marbles..holy cow what an amazing pass!!..Then I recognized the lady who had just passed me. I laughed, hooted and hollered so hard I missed the next shift coming out..she was gone. The lady?...Jeannie Pflum.

So to tie it all up..met the love of my life..stumbled into my life long love of Bonneville..get to take tons of cool pics..get to run on-board camera systems and get to launch some cool rockets too. Pinch me!!!

To me Bonneville is not just a flat spot on the Earth, a race venue or the best collection of the coolest people you could ever hope to meet. Yes, it is all that...but to me Bonneville is proof that God wants us all to be happy..all we have to do is follow our dreams and be true to our hearts.

Bonneville is truly a special place to me and I am truly blessed to be able to just hang out with everybody...truly blessed indeed. I say my thank you's every morning!

Sorry for the long post..
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Introduce Yourself
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2008, 12:07:36 AM »
Not sure where this will go. I will start it off.

I am Jon Amo owner/webmaster of Landracing.com.

I have been coming to the salt since 1992. Following my older brother Joe's lead, his first year was 1991.
I first started a website on Land Speed Racing in 1993 under amoproductions.com, it was my first attempt at web programming and one thing lead to another and in 1997 I launched Landracing.com. It has gone thru many changes thru the years and a loyal following followed. I started doing updates and pictures live on the website in 1998, on a terrible dial up connection at Motel 6. As the technology progressed I was able to start doing live updates from the salt I think it was in 2001.

I started racing my own project in 2001, and still racing it today, and like many trying to get my entrance into the Exclusive 200 MPH Club with my 1992 Kawasaki ZX6 project.

I am a Master Auto Tech by trade and do website material, landracing.com, as a hobby and it sometimes feels like a full time job for the Land Speed Community. Keeps me out of trouble, and it sure is enjoyable.

I say welcome to the website and I hope you can be apart of the action here. Ask questions, join the discussions and just have a good time and I think you will get the same enjoyment as many others by being here.

Jon Amo

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2008, 02:08:01 AM »
Hi! Otto here, alive and well.

Thanks Jon for addressing the problems on the list. It will be refreshing to post without the concerns of a personal attack on ones mechanical knowledge. I've been off for a year. Did I miss anything? LOL

Myself, I'm rebuilding the SB2.2 engine in Ankle Biter and doing away with boring Nascar Legal specs. The 12-1 compression is bumped to 15-1. This should give the engine a chance for compression at the 5000' Altitude of Bonneville. The 980 CFM 4150 carb gave way to a 1130 cfm Barry Grant Dominator. The cam specs changed from the Nascar Michigan circle track specs, 275/280@ .050, .743 lift, 114 lobe sep and 106 ICL in the engine to something more suited for top end. 284/292@.050 duration, .792/.770 lift, 112 lobe sep and installed in the engine at 112 ICL. I scored some 03 casting date Hendrick heads that flow 415 on the intake and 265 on the exhaust. I'm hoping to huff and puff my way above 275 mph this year.

I'm also starting a Nostalgia Drag Race organization in NM. We're going to race Nostalgia grudge races locally in Albuquerque and around the State, TX and Colo. Anybody with a "Nostalgia drag car" will be encouraged to race. Presently the majority of the cars are 1930 thru 1940's chopped coupes and Roadsters. No cars newer than 1965 are allowed in the nostalgia class. I'll be running my 30 Model A coupe with a Lenco 4 speed and a 448" Rocket block SBC, SB2.2 heads, normally aspirated engine. It should dyno above 1000 HP and put the coupe in the 8's.



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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2008, 02:53:55 AM »
Glad to have you back otto, you have alot of good information to share.


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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2008, 03:19:22 AM »
G'day from downunder, Tiny is the nic, I got the LSR bug about '96 while a member of Phil Cvirn's team, as he chased (and got)the ellusive 150 MPH on a HD shovel.
I hang around with a bunch of salt addicted weirdo's from Silverton NSW who tend to shove engines where they don't usually belong, in the quest for speed.
 I get my jollies modifying small honda singles , and mating parts from anything I feel will help me hit the magic "ton" on a 175 cc 4 stroke single one day , why ? , because I can ?
Tiny (in OZ)
I would prefer to make horsepower, rather than buy, or hya it, regardless of the difficulties involved , as it would then be MINE

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2008, 04:03:28 AM »
22 years of messing around at the Salt and still don't have 923 finished.  But I'm getting there slowly.
I've usually been found hanging around Doug King or wherever there are flatheads and arduns and broken pieces thereof.
Proud to be one of the original Roads End Gang from 1986 when I got roasted by Multy for letting my kids shoot their bb guns at the salt.  It ain't easy being a mechanical engineer around there.  Absolutely no respect.  But what the hey…..it bought groceries.  And got me a nice lazy retirement.
Ed Weldon 
Captain Eddie's Day Old Fish market - Home of the Bonneville Salt Fish
Featuring the miracle of modern mechanical refrigeration.
Los Gatos (on the far side of the mountain), CA
Captain Eddie's Day Old Fish Market -- home of the Bonneville Salt Fish
Featuring the modern miracle of mechanical refrigeration.

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2008, 07:14:08 AM »
Well, I'm Armond, I've been coming to the salt for the last 10 years or so, also got the chance to attend the first MUROC and meet a lot of great folks.  Mostly, I hang around with the Inliners.  Built and tuned Ray Hedstroms XO/VGC when he set a record back in 2000.  Currently I'm fabing and tuning for Leo Santucci while building my own XO/GR.  Nice to be here.


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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #7 on: March 19, 2008, 07:34:26 AM »
Dan Warner - first trip to salt in '63 with Bob Noice and Paul Stanley, missed one meet since.

I am currently the head impound guy for SCTA-BNI at all events. I also oversee the impound for USFRA when at the WoS. I am a member of both the Bonneville and El Mirage 200 MPH clubs made possible with the generous efforts of Jim Knapp and Lee Kennedy/Terry Kilbourne/Gerry Musil respectively.

One thing I would like to say about LSR is: first and foremost it's all about the people. You will not find a nicer group of dedicated racers in any other form of motorsports. I have been around racing all my life, my dad was in the business, and I would not trade the relationships I have made in LSR for anything.

Thank you Jon for your efforts with the site so far, I am sure the rebirth will benefit the community in years to come.


Offline Malcolm UK

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #8 on: March 19, 2008, 07:54:34 AM »
Malcolm Pittwood here - using the sign in of Malcollm UK as I live in the 'old country' of England.

I organise Land Speed Record attempts here in the UK and overseas.  This has included private time on Bonneville and on the 93A road out of West Wendover, Tunisia as well as various venues on airfileds in this country.

Still hold four endurance records from 2000 as part of the Volco squad  - 12 hours, 2000 miles, 5000 kilo and 24 hours.  May get broken this year in an attempt I am organising for a new racer.

Have had the pleasure of meeting folk at Maxton, Bonneville and El Mirage when visiting the USA - spending time with organisers as well as racers.

Not certain whether I will get a car onto the US dirt and salt (and concrete perhaps Keith T) as I wish - elder daughter has chosen to wed this year - and my main racing sponsor (Jane) has still to agree terms (LOL).

Just so everyone knows, I am not employed by Bernie and I do not speak for the FIA but within the new forum rules I will defend International LSR whenever necessary.
Malcolm UK, Derby, England.

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #9 on: March 19, 2008, 08:17:11 AM »
Sure glad to have Landracing back - Thank you Jon for all your effort.

    My name is Pat Kinne, my first trip to the Salt was 1963 with Don Johnson and Jeff Shipley and a Blown 300" Fuel Chrysler in real lakester. Don got in the Bonneville 200 MPH Club with a 255 mph speed and I was hooked.  I missed a few years since but have not missed any since 1986.
    My brother Mike, my father and my own son along with Roy Fjastad's engine put me in the 200 MPH Club in 1990 in our driveway built Monza. Roy let me drive a few of his cars over the years with some sucess, and I have lived my dreams of 1963.  It took over fourteen years but we finally got my brother his Red Hat in Roy's roadster in 2004. What a long time to wait for pay back.
    I have had the honor of being on the Bonneville 200 MPH Club Board of Directors for the past 9 years and have seen the Club grow to its current stage.  Any questions in that department - feel free to ask. Nothing makes me feel just how special Bonneville to the racers quite like handing a new member his Red Hat and T-shirt - thats real joy.
    Jonathan has asked me to participate in the Tech section of the site and I am happy to do so.  I am no mechanical wizzard but I do know some, this forum is full of very bright people.  Never be to shy to ask what seems to be a simple question, this site can save a racer a good deal of the frustration that comes with trying to put your dreams on the Salt. - Pat Kinne

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2008, 08:28:37 AM »
Greetings to all. Great to have the site back (thanks Jon ) My name is Jerry Berry (yes, that`s my real name) I`m 50 yrs. young, eak out a living building street rods, have a perfect wife named Patti and a female shop cat Fred. ( named after automotive royalty, Fredrick Duesenberg) I`ve lived in Grand Rapids my entire life and am looking forward to having the only `liner in town. Hobbies include: Anything w/ 4 wheels; metal shaping:metal fabrication and bike riding. Thanks again Jon ( and who do I contact about advertising on the site) ?   Jerry :evil:
I`d never advocate drugs,alcohol,violence or insanity to anyone...But they work for me.

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #11 on: March 19, 2008, 08:51:48 AM »
Glad to have the form back, thanks Jon.
Iam a lurker mostly, enjoy reading the form for info.
Been going to the salt since the late 60's. Crewing on car 422 the last few years.                 SB
push truck driver

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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #12 on: March 19, 2008, 09:04:53 AM »
Steering and Suspension Moderator---Thanks for letting me participate Jon!

Wm. T.(sparky) Smith
I followed hot rods thrugh mags untill mid '60s---went to B'ville first time '69 helped Chauvin Emmons (his first trip with his 27 T with its 427 CanAM eng---what an experience, borrowing tires, gears, ect ect trying to qualify for long coarse)for several days untill his crew showed up on Thurday night.  

Left hot rodding untill '99 when I read about the salt pumping, decide to go check it out--was very excited to find out the were running trucks. When I returned to Dallas did some research---asked around---discovered Landracing.com and LSR list--decided to build a turbo BBC because I had sold trucks my whole life..  On the list I met Skip Higginbotham and the "Yellow Rose of Texas" who was living in Bastrop, Tx. at the time..

Decided to be an enginge parterner instead of building my own truck..drove to Bastrop 217 miles from Dallas about 80 weekends over the next two years. First year, '00 we ran as BBC/SBC dualAA/GS.  Next year we ran a AA/GL set a 267.452 record on a 270 MIN.
NO HAT.  Skip moved to Paharumph, NV.  I had no car.. Bought a little car out of the ECTA that Keith Turk told me about---spent the next two years rebuilding.

Moved to Phoenix in '04, joined the Gear Grinders, finished the car in '05; ran first time at El Mirige in Nov. Ran 219. on a 220 minimum NO HAT!!!!!!!!At El Mirige if you don run above the min. they dont post as a record.

Good News! The FORUM is back & the guys from back east finally broke our '01 AA/GL record at 271. so I will not have to deal with the "MINIMUM"---YEAH!

We will be posting our building efforts of our AA/?L & our AA/PP  AzTexMotorsports.com
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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #13 on: March 19, 2008, 09:14:59 AM »
First thanks to Jon for the website and the forum, I really missed it ythe short time it was down.

My name is Fred Vance, I live in Bulverde Tx, just north of San Antonio. I have been a mechanic all my life, cars, bikes, tractors.Young guys are "technicians" us older guys are "just" mechanics. I did a lot of drag raccing in the '60s, road racing motorcycles in the '70s &'80s. In '78 I built a turbo 650 BMW and ran at Speedweek. It didnt work too well, my little gold plaque for top speed of the week says 88 mph. I didnt get back to the salt until '91 and have been spectating ever since.

After WF last year I decided to build a bike and try and get a red hat, I am building an '07 busa to run 1300 P/P class. It will be box stock this year, just want to get it tru tech and get long course qualified. Will go for the record next year.

Looking forward to Speedweek!! O yeah I just joined SDRC and will be crewing on C/FR # 453.
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Vance&Forstall Racing
WOS 2011 235+MPH
Engine by Knecum, Tuned by Johnny Cheese.
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Re: Introduce Yourself
« Reply #14 on: March 19, 2008, 09:37:34 AM »
Ray the Rat here.

Taylorsville, Ut.

Sometimes known as Ugly Truck.

I take a lotta photos...like last year's WoS:

and World Finals

I'm wrasslin with some server issues at the moment.  I think I've got things right...I guess we'll find out with this post

Ray the Rat
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