Easyrider Streamliner`s Horsepower?

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Some small size streamlined MC data from the 60's.

  50cc Kreidler (THREE cubic inches).  Single cylinder, supercharged by a Wankel-like blower. 137 mph two way average. 15 claimed horsepower. Frontal dimensions published 20" by 29".

If those numbers are accurate, it would need 47hp to go 200

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Went back to my Kreidler notes:

Fastest ONE WAY run was 228 KPH -abt 142 MPH- that was in '77 with a 21 HP machine, still 50cc or 3 c.i.

Budfab guys are gettin' close!

and this one is 58 theoretical HP for 200

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now who was the guy that said you couldnt go 200 mph with 40 hp take one step forward
       willie buchta

Willie, now it is your turn... who is the guy that said you could, so far I haven't seen anyone say or show it is possible, haven't heard from the 7070 guys yet, but I'll guess they are easily above 40 HP

I wonder if that is the same guy who after studying the wind tunnel data told Sam he needed 93 HP to go 325.

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Then there was the next time I paid attention, when Derek McLeish rode his 'liner (or was it the sidecar bike?) powered by a similarly tiny motor -- and "won" the prize by virtue of having been towed/poushed up to 100 mph or so by the push truck.  But the little motor was running and contributing to forward movement as the bike went through the traps.

I don't recall what they were timed at, but the story I was told was that the motor reduced the rate of deceleration!   :-D

D.lMacLeish has the record on 2cc @ 58.239mph.  My recollection is that his "liner" made two passes for that record and it is averaged over a measured mile.  The actual speed the push truck got it up to is shrouded in mystery and BS.  The rules have been changed to protect future contestants.  I believe on the second run, after much protest amongst the two other competitors with 2cc R/C motors that the liner was required to pull away from the push truck under its own power.  Three years have passed and I don't really care all that much other than I have a tremendous amount of admiration for that teams ability to creatively interpret the rulebook for a significant win.

You know you're racing when they rewrite the rule book to even the playing field for others.  As racing organizations go the SCTA/BNI people do a pretty good job of letting us race.  Thanks again to all of the volunteers.

When listing horsepower; are we talking shop horsepower?  Presumably measured or corrected to sea level and standard temperature; or Bonneville horsepower? 

Due to the poor air and heat; on a normally aspirated engine it could be reduced by 20% or more.
My guess for the power of the 350cc Yamaha in the 7070 is 85 at sea level   200mph requires about 14% less power than 210mph so 73hp @ 200mph or approximately 400hp to go 350mph or 600hp to go 400mph or...

As most of us know, making horsepower in the shop is the easy part, doing it on a hot day at Bonneville is a lot more difficult than anyone ever anticipates.

We had a one way run at the 07 Bub Event of 137.262 over the mile @ 91 degrees with a density altitude of 7339ft.

For the last two years at the Bub Event, engines less than 50cc are still calculated as having 50cc for the Cash Prize in the Top MPH/cc ratio.


OK, stepping up. I may have misread all the hp posts but, no where do I see 40 hp on any of the 200 mph speeds. I'll even give your low toned friend Eric's 20% to go 200. Please point me the the page the record is listed on.



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