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Author Topic: CL 77 brngs -392 hemi  (Read 1590 times)

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CL 77 brngs -392 hemi
« on: December 14, 2006, 11:13:34 PM »
 :-Ddon't know if anybody is building 392 w/ stock rods anymore but having run out of cb513p brns and not very happy with the fed micros that fell apart{ seems as though the micro part wasn't stuck to the steel back very good} I took 665p cl77 { 426 hemi} and using a rod for jig in lathe narrowed them up and presto genuine cl77 for 392.:: narrowed up  the side that goes against its partner rod                        to the point  the tool just kisses the rod  i/2 shell which cuts the cap shell 1/2 to the width of a 513p + .010  - no need to switch brng  1/2 around and narrow  other shell as long as you pay attn that there is now a rod  1/2 shell which is wide and a cap 1/2 shell which is narrow.  wide  1/2 in rod is no problem as there is a reduced radi on crqnk journal and you get full brng  width on journal on top side. aditional benny is the cl77 are a lot cheaper  & better quality. think this trick would also work on  thecb527p also but didn't have any to see, the 527s would give a little less oil clearence as shells are thicker.if rod bore size won't get you to where you need to be..
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