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Author Topic: Wanted: 2-KB or BAE engine blocks, & 2- 4.375" Stroke Billet Crankshafts  (Read 584 times)

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The blocks specs are as follows:
Standard deck height, Standard Cam height, Standard cam journal with 1.8 lifter spacing and .904 lifters.
1/2 inch head bolts. Prefer a 4.280 bore,  Blocks can be dry or water,  Blocks must be able to take a KB front cover bolt pattern.

Also need 2 - 4-3/8 inch Stroke, 2.75 Main journal,  Billet crankshafts with standard snout and double key-way.

Parts are for 426 hemi style motors. No junk Please, would prefer new old stock if possible. Old blocks were Stage VI Keith Black hemi blocks.

Contact Marlo 503-678-2six7eight. 10AM-4PM, Pacific Standard Time.
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