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Author Topic: Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life,  (Read 2113 times)

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We missed you too, Chris.
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I usually nuke 'em right away, but thought I'd let this dude run for a post or two before sending him to landracing.com heaven.

He'll be gone soon enough.


For some reason I don't think he will like landracing.com heaven.

But I have been chanting, get rid of this guy, get rid of this guy,
get rid of this guy. I hope my chanting works as I feel better already.

Tom G.
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Needs to join the propster for eternity :?
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OK boys, chant together now
Good salt Krishna Krishna
Good salt Hair Krishna
Good salt Krishna Krishna
Good salt Good Salt
Good salt Krishna Krishna
Good salt Good Salt Good salt Good Salt

Johnboy told me to kill him, squashing him like a bug.... well I'll do it as soon as mother Krishna tells me to
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I have seen the OP's load of crap on 2 other websites - one a guitar maker's forum, and the other was a forum devoted to Ford Rangers.... He gets around, but he's wrong on all counts.
"Act your age, not your shoe size". - Prince

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AC  do you mean to say that he is on something other than cool aid
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