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Author Topic: 2 weeks ---low bucks 2019 Brit. Bikes Museums/Isle of Mann "bucket list" Tour  (Read 12532 times)

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Can I also suggest that if anyone flies into London Heathrow that there is the Brooklands Motor Museum which is on the site of the original banked Brooklands Track. Not only does it have race cars etc but it is also an Aircraft Museum as well. It is about 30 mins from Heathrow. Right next door is the “Mercedes” museum as well and it has a really cool hotel as well. The hotel is not ‘low bucks’ but you can also go play with the “mercs” for a day....cross county, race track ....it’s called the Mercedes driving experience.

Going north towards Birmingham there is the “National Motorcycle Museum”......it has just about everything you can think of.

A little late now for this year but try to include the “Goodwood Festival of Speed”. Held in the home of Lord March it is one of the best events to atttend. 100,000 people a day attend. Trust me....they have everything from bikes to nascar to F1. All the major stars come. Richard Petty etc etc. I am happy to help advise if anyone wants to come and I can put you in touch to get tickets.

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed falls in July each year - the weekend is selected to allow the F1 drivers and teams to participate (as much as their sponsors allow). There is a competitive element on the speed hillclimb but for the most part it is a great show.

These dates for the FoS fall between the IoM TT and Manx weeks. There is a museum on the IoM which includes vehicles (I have not visited).

Nothing to do with motorbikes - the water speed records week on Coniston Water is at the end of October, in 2019 the dates are likely to be 28th October to 1st November.

As for the Museums, the two key ones are indeed the National Motorcycle Museum on the edge of Birmingham and the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu (South of Southampton). Then the list grows depending upon interests and how much you want to see in one place. The fastest car in the world is in the transport museum Coventry, the motor vehicle centre of the UK, and a short drive to Triumph in Hinckley. BABS is often in the Pendine Museum of Speed in the summer, Pendine is in South Wales. Donington Park in the East Midlands houses the best F1 car collection anywhere and is a 'stones throw' from Norton. Cumbria and the Lake District is 'focal' for many locations of Campbell (Malcolm and Donald) memorabilia (Lakeland MM already mentioned and Ruskin Museum in Coniston). [The Capital, London houses the main Science and Arts Museums but there are other locations too]. 

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If anyone is interested about Goodwood Festival of Speed. Please go to. www.goodwood.com all the info is on there plus they broadcast live streaming.  Have fun.