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Author Topic: New Vintage Project, 250cc M-VG, Reconstruction of a 1933 French Jonghi 350  (Read 51582 times)

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One of you said he was missing this thread...

So just one more post to say it took a long time to refresh it all after last August but it is now back together after a complete last nut and last bolt dismantle...

Not restarted it yet, but soon... It's also back in French livery, ie no SCTA/BNI rear fender or pan on the flywheel!!!

But it's not a full goodbye to Bonneville... I will start soon a new set of cycle parts for my 900cc KHK supercharged engine so I can have a last go in the 650cc MPS-VBF class at, hopefully, the next Speed Week...

Read all about it here later!!!

Goodbye my friends,

Flat Head Forever

...What exactly are we trying to do here?...

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Thanks. What a beauty :cheers:. I hope it still gets used in anger now and then :clap.