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Author Topic: Fire detection in rear engine streamliner  (Read 9892 times)

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Re: Fire detection in rear engine streamliner
« Reply #30 on: December 22, 2017, 03:26:36 PM »
I had an incident at SpeedWeek this year. I made a run in my AA/BFRMR. After the run, I got out of the car and noticed smoke coming out the lovers on the deck lid. It wasn’t billowing but just the same. As the rear of the car is fully enclosed, it was a helpless feeling. Yes I could have set off the suppression system, but the smoke was starting to fade and if I set it off it would have ended my race week.
When we got the car back to the pit and took the panels off, we realized it was the wrap on the turbo piping curing. The car now has a small fire door on the body that I can open with my gloves on to quickly check before setting off the fire system.
Next we will install an automatic trigger system for the suppression system. It’s not just the streamliners
with this issue.
To cover the rules the drive will still need to have the ability to trigger the system. A warning system is cheap to build with some normally open furnace snap switches & a warning light.