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Author Topic: Counterfeit Parts  (Read 3789 times)

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Counterfeit Parts
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:33:54 AM »
So I open my new Hot Rod Magazine and read an article on counterfeit parts. One of the examples is a MSD 6AL box. In 2011 as I was rushing to get my Speedweek program together I bought a few eBay items as spares. After reading the article I started thinking and remember I had a MSD 6AL in my spares box. I just dug it out and as I suspected its a FAKE! It has the same serial number as the fake MSD box in the Hot Rod article. Then I remember a conversation I had with a very experienced LSR racer in 2010. He said that he had a guy in China that was making him some knock-off Carillo Rods. He said they were perfect down to the logo etching on the rod.

The point is, we are all trying to stretch our racing dollars but there are times when we just have to step up and buy from an authorized retailer.  I am not knocking eBay I buy and sell a lot of stuff on their site. However, I would caution all to be suspicious of surprisingly low prices on "new in box" parts from individuals. Especially if the seller has more than one of the same item up for sale. Retailers like Jegs, Summit and Parkland Autosport have requirements to represent manufacturer's products with integrity. In the long run buying from a real retailer can be a better bet for your buck.  "Caveat Emptor"

Now, I wonder who is running those knock-off Carillo Rods?


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