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Author Topic: Possable SpeedWeek event. Brit Bikes welcome  (Read 17444 times)

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Re: Possable SpeedWeek event. Brit Bikes welcome
« Reply #30 on: July 27, 2015, 06:37:42 PM »
Once again. Apologies for another double post. There are just at least 2 threads going with the same cause. Sorry

Ok LSR Family, here is what’s going on with the proposed SCTA Mojave Mile event.

The survey ended yesterday at 5pm and at that time we only had  84 total Participants, who said they
wanted to run at this event. We also heard from several racers, that they were not able to fill out the
survey and that there were glitches.
Furthermore we have found out, that many local Southern California SCTA members were not even aware
of the planned event. Somehow the e-mail, which we sent out through our office on Monday did not reach
all the members. On top of it we are getting bombarded with e-mails and phone calls from people, who have
already signed up for Mojave. Saying they  want the event, even if the would have to pay a little more money.
Most of them mention, being willing to go to $525.00 from the proposed $425.00.     
(BTW. I believe usually it costs $550.00 to run the Mojave Mile with MKM)

So, attached you can see the list of all the cars and bikes, which have signed up for the Mojave event.
Below that, it gives you all the SCTA Mojave Mile details one more time.

If you are not on this list, but you thought you’ve signed up, call or e-mail me.
If you are not on this list, but you would like to run at this event, call or e-mail me.
If you are on this list and willing to give a little more to make this event happen, call or e-mail me.
If you are willing to help out and support or sponsor this event, no matter how much, call or e-mail me.

We are going to give it until tomorrow morning, before the final decision will be made.
My cell number is  (714) 287-3014 (24 Hours),  e-mail address is  VintageRaceCar@aol.com 
and I am Mike Spacek, one of the whipping boys over at the SCTA. Thanks

List of Cars:

47, 60, 68, 181, 198, 214, 222, 326, 386, 402, 425, 515, 522, 624, 627, 671, 688, 729, 755, 917,
939, 958, 1166, 1250, 1360, 1660, 1930, 1952, 1968, 2704, 3800, 3934, 4010, 4021, 4483, 4555,
5300, 6407, 6706, 7550, 7552, 7720, 7800, 8282

List of Bikes:

113B, 1141B, 1180B, 1219B, 1356B, 1433B, 1671B, 1856B, 2107B, 2227B, 2230B, 2442B, 2718B,
345B, 35B, 361B, 372B, 424B, 48B, 536B, 613B, 654B, 68B, 938B, 940B, 941B, 945B, 947B, 949B,
956B, 957B, 964B, 978B, 982B, 991B, 995B, 9966B, 997B

Dear SpeedWeek Competitor,

As the President of the Southern California Timing Association and this year's Bonneville SpeedWeek Race Director
it was very difficult having to admit, that there was just not enough good salt to run on. No matter how long we
would've waited for Mother Nature to cure and dry the salt flats, SpeedWeek was just not going to happen this year.

We are very much aware of how much effort every one of you Competitors has invested in the building of your race
vehicle. Many of you have spent years getting ready for an event like this one. Then finally comes the moment, where
you get to ship and transport your race vehicle to the event you have planned for, just to find out it has been cancelled.

Having taken a closer look at our SpeedWeek Pre Entry list, it has made us realize how many overseas competitors have
already shipped their vehicles and they are currently sitting here in Southern California with no where to race.Furthermore,
looking at social media and some of the popular racing forums it has come to our attention that there are also many more
landspeed racing vehicles that would like to have an event in August.

The board was considering having an event at El Mirage Dry Lake, but last Friday the BLM closed it due to rain and there
is not enough time for it to dry. Our racing association has spent decades looking into other venues as an alternative to
El Mirage without much success.

After days of consideration, we contacted the Event/Race Director of the Mojave Mile to see if there was a possibility
to have a landspeed race at their facility. We are excited to report that there is an event date available the same
weekend that SpeedWeek was scheduled to begin.

This letter is intended to notify you of a survey that we are conducting to find out if this is feasible. We would need
a minimum of 130 confirmed pre-entries with a maximum of 160 total entries. All SCTA & BNI members that are interested
in participating at this event are welcome to fill out a survey form. However, all of the SpeedWeek Pre-Entries will be
considered first.

The survey link will be posted on the website's Home Page under "News Flash". The survey will end on Sunday,
July 26th at 5:00 pm PST. (USA) - Click Here to go directly to the form

Spectators are limited due to the venue.

Event Info:

1. Location would be Mojave Airport in Mojave, Ca.

2. Registration would be Thursday Afternoon, August 6th

3. Inspection would be held Friday, August 7th starting at 8:00 am

4. Driver's Meeting & Track Tour would be on Saturday, August 8th at 7:30 am

5. Racing would be Saturday, August 8th from 8:00 am to dusk and Sunday, August 9th from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

6. The Entry Fee is $425 due to the expense of renting this private track, especially on such short notice. You can
apply your $425 SpeedWeek Pre-Entry refund check for your entry to Mojave Mile. We will not be charging an Additional
Drivers Fee at this event. Each Competitor will receive (1) Timing Tag, (2) Event T-Shirts, (2) SpeedWeek 2015 Participant
Hats and (5) Event Armbands.

7. All Drivers/Riders need an Event Armband to enter Airport Property.

8. All Competitors must be an SCTA or BNI Member.

Race Track Info:

1. The runway is 12,500' long x 200' wide.

2. The race track will be 1 mile with a 132' laser trap.

3. The run out/shut off is 1.3 miles.

4. All Race Vehicles must comply with all of the current SCTA Rulebook Rules. Including but not limited to Vehicle
Classes & Safety Requirements. I.E. All cars are required to have a minimum of two rear brakes, etc.

5. All vehicles competing in car classes with an established El Mirage record of over 160 mph are required to have
one parachute.

6. All confirmed pre-entries will be contacted by an SCTA Official due to the specific requirements for the brakes,
parachute, tires, etc.

Looking forward to your responses,

Bill Lattin
SCTA President / Race Director