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Author Topic: Ford BA GT Ute  (Read 6032 times)

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Re: Ford BA GT Ute
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2015, 06:58:53 AM »
My first reaction is that it may not be a great idea on an engine that is to run at near max hp for several minutes, you will be concentrating heat in the combustion area and may be seeing temperatures that the engine cannot live with.

One option that I have seen is to run the cooling system with water in it at a very high pressure, 150-200 psi. This pressure will actually act as an external force on both the cylinders and heads to assist them in resisting combustion pressures that you will see when making high blower assisted horsepower. This requires complete sealing of the block, pipe plugging the expansion holes and dry decking the heads and of course all high pressure/temperature external plumbing and all gasket seals replace with viton O rings. This method was used by Electromotive Engineering on their turbo Datsun straight six engines in the early 80s. They were making 1000 hp+ from an approx 200 cu inch Datsun 300 ZX straight six and they were reliable!


Running for that length of time, (more than a few seconds at WOT) with those power levels will need some sort of coolant in the heads to remove the rejected heat, IMO.    Even the billet drag stuff I've seen, on methanol, can get "Melty" on a "hot" run.    Adding NOx only adds to the rejected heat load.     Probably going to need at least a "thick deck" head, or a thicker casting overall.

You will be able to run a filled block though.   Piston oilers will be required as your oil will be the "coolant" for the bottom end.

Use "Wills rings" and O-rings to seal the cylinder head to the block, OR, solid copper head gaskets with wire O-rings and receiver grooves.    You might want to explore other coolants Vs water, unless your sanctioning organization requires H2O.   As Rex has pointed out, water at extreme pressures, can work.    The "complete cooling system" needs to be reworked for extreme pressures.
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Re: Ford BA GT Ute
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2015, 07:30:03 AM »
A note about solid blocks. They are running a lot of fuel through them to help keep them cool. Most over 40 gallons a pass. And some of those don't carry enough fuel to run the full 5 miles....

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