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Author Topic: '05 Hayabusa for sale  (Read 904 times)

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'05 Hayabusa for sale
« on: March 23, 2014, 05:54:32 PM »
I don't have one -- but a fellow here in Marquette does - and he wants to sell it.  Here's what I know of the bike -- and his contact information.

It's a 'Busa - 2005 - with about 9,000 miles, he says.  Pretty much stock save it's got a Yoshi pipe ( I think that's what he said ).  One bit of scratch where it was rubbed against the garage door or something.  I have not seen the bike save one time on the side of his driveway last autumn - don't have much memory of what the condition was/is.  He's a handful of years older than me and is frankly sorta scared of the bike - that's why he wants to sell it.

He's a retired used car salesman, so don't expect it to be a walk in the park to buy it cheap.  But also -- he's been trying to cash out of the bike for nearly a year and might be willing to take less than his asking price just to have it off his mind.  No, I DO NOT know what he's asking for it -- that's up to you.

Here's how to find him:  luckyp2501@gmail.com    His name is Pete Henricksen (no "D"), and he says he's not a computer whiz - that's why he's not writing this posting by himself.  If you're interested in the bike -- email him.  If he doesn't have photos - I'll get some from him and post them/email them to you.

There you have it.  Get in touch and buy a used 'Busa.
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