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Author Topic: FUEL FOR FALL EVENT  (Read 1256 times)

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« on: August 25, 2012, 08:07:37 AM »
Hello All,
We have a last minute change in fuel suppliers this fall.  It will be Renegade fuels instead of VP. 
Here is what they are bringing. (as well as pump gas.)

Pro hot rod 102---99 octane/unleaded  sg.745  10:1 @ 7500RPM
Blue Haze---105 octane/leaded  sg.730   13:1 @ 7500RPM
Pro 110---108.5 octane/leaded  sg.718  14.5:1 @ 8000RPM
Pro 112---109 octane/leaded  sg.716  15:1 @ 8500RPM
Pro 114---112 octane/leaded  sg.728  15:1 @ 9000RPM
Pro 116---114 octane/leaded  sg.715  16:1 @ 9500RPM
K-16---118 octane/leaded  sg.716  15.5:1+  oxygenated
Pro120NOS---120.3 octane/leaded  sg.710 16:1+ nos/blower
Pro methanol
pump premium
thes fuel will be available in two ways either by the 5gal pale or pumped in to a can from sealed drums by the gallon
Renegade/VP Reference guide
hot rod 102/street blaze
blue haze/VP red
Pro 110/C12
Pro 120NOS/C23

If you have questions, please contact Nick James - dcr103@live.com
Tim Kelly
Race Director - LTA
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