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RUNTS Buell build [road to 200mph]
« on: January 22, 2012, 04:15:19 PM »
hello everyone, Runt here. finally starting to build the 1st bike in my quest to run 200mph. what we are going to do is take my sons 2002 X1 Buell white lightning and get it ready to run in the p/pp-1350-4 class, maybe the m/pg-1350-4 class.  this will be the platform that we will start our quest. so as far as a bike build diary it may be a little start with. however we have already aquired a 1998 Buell S1 white lightning chassis for the future. so in the next few weeks we will start posting pictures.

since we are new to this we will be open to any and all suggestions.

todd dross and donna timney have been a great help as well as others so far, thanks donna for helping with the number search ''2662'' and todd for the class direction.

well we got alot to do in a short time. 1st official team meeting next sat. pictures to follow

Jim ''RUNT'' Miller
Breed MC Race Team
LSR division
Bike number ''2662'
p/pp-1350-4 / m/pg-1350-4

who would have guessed it would take so long to go so fast for such a short time?

2012 Wilmington mile
April meet,
p/pp-1350/4 record, 132.601mph

September meet,
p/pp-1350/4 record 139.915mph [bump]
p/pp-1650/4 record 142.364 mph
p/pp-2000/4 record 140.009 mph
p/pp-3000/4 record 144.511 mph

2013 Wilmington mile
July meet,
m/pg-1650/4 record 137.278
m/pg-2000/4 record 136.695

Sept meet,
p/pp-1350/4 record 141.1986 [bump]

2014  Wilmington mile
May meet
p/pp-1340/4 record 142.5855 [bump]