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Author Topic: Inline-four crankshaft  (Read 216698 times)

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Re: Inline-four crankshaft
« Reply #495 on: October 02, 2019, 10:50:44 PM »
Yeah, I'm certainly considering the Loring July event. I believe I'm in pretty good shape for the inspection.
I hope to get my fire systems changed from foam to FE-36 this winter- I hate the thought of trying to exit the cramped cockpit if it were full of slippery foam.

Late note: Wow- don't know how I missed it, but rules (both SCTA & LTA) REQUIRE(!!) a Halon-like agent in the driver's compartment. I'm glad I was planning to change it this winter anyway. Bottle is on its way to FireFox to be filled with Halotron-1.
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