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 on: April 21, 2019, 12:38:07 PM 
Started by SPARKY - Last post by SPARKY
Ran in to my fellow 299 red hat Club member Monte Wolfe at Skip Higginbotham's "LIFE CELEBRATION" we had a great visit and I asked him what was going on with him and his reply, "Well I go see my Dr. and then I just go wherever he keeps sending me".  sad

If you know Monty and would like to say hello give him a call 

 on: April 21, 2019, 12:31:19 PM 
Started by SPARKY - Last post by SPARKY
Drove to Pahrump yesterday for Skips celebration of a life  what a fun, informative 2 hours: Joyce, daughter, Joyce's son Robbie who nearly all his life called Skip his dad,  brother Bob family on and on.

Mrs Polson who Skip was the crew chief for their top alcohol drag boat,  on and on---the bottom line he had an extremely varied professional and racing career. 

Gary Allen's widow Kathy was there. Gary supplied the front eng. and drove the dual eng AA/GS when I was the rear eng partnerin 2000 . The next year I was the driver and we set records when the hat mins were G 270 and  F 280

 on: April 21, 2019, 11:31:38 AM 
Started by manta22 - Last post by manta22
Thanks for the advice, guys. I'll re-lash my valves to the cold values you suggest. After warm-up I'll re-lash them to Crower's recommended values.

When I was thinking about the relative expansion of the aluminum block vs a steel pushrod, I reasoned that aluminum expands more than steel so that the clearance closes up. I didn't consider that the rocker arm reverses that!

Somehow I overlooked the fact that there was no cam thrust button installed in my initial engine build. I remember seeing it somewhere back then, a steel needle bearing button, but it didn't get installed! I'm sure that accounted for the cam gear rubbing on the inside of the timing cover. It was not too serious but it may have been one source of some aluminum debris in by bearings. Needless to say, this afternoon I'll order a cam button if I can't find my original one.

If the cam moved forward, it must have also fouled up my ignition timing. Hmmm.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

 on: April 21, 2019, 11:11:16 AM 
Started by velocity - Last post by manta22
Howard, I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to meet you. Many people here in Tucson told me about "someone who raced at Bonneville" and as it turned out they were referring to Howard Nafzger. I wish you the best, Howard.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

 on: April 21, 2019, 10:50:28 AM 
Started by racergeo - Last post by SPARKY
George the rule book says mag or points. Computer rule 2.Q rule applies what ever that allows or prohibits.

 on: April 21, 2019, 10:45:50 AM 
Started by velocity - Last post by SPARKY
Howard  Sparky here---Thanks for the great visits we had down South  I sure enjoyed and appreciated your "insights"!

   I write this after just returning from a celebration of Skip Higginbotham's extremely broad racing career. Had a great catchup  vist with Monty Wolfe as we recalled our 299.Huh Red hats!

 on: April 21, 2019, 10:20:44 AM 
Started by bvillercr - Last post by bvillercr
One step forward and two steps back is common while working on race cars.  Last Year we didn't race but we needed to get our fire bottle certified to race this year.  One of our bottles needed to be replaced and we found out yesterday the new bottle was a little bigger which means more fab work.

Date of cert...

Grind time...

O2 sensors installed

Not shown is one of our temperature sensors that we had to drill and tap an old bung to fit the new diameter sensor.  I'll get a photo of it today.

 on: April 21, 2019, 09:21:49 AM 
Started by thefrenchowl - Last post by Koncretekid
I have a 3/8" S.S. threaded rod which has been turned down to the root diameter, around 5/16", which applies the required preload on the tapered roller bearings.  It does not impair my vision.  The only problem is loss of peripheral vision between the sideline flags which I believe are 1/4 mile apart.  With a bit of side wind, this can unknowingly move the bike across the course.  The event I now attend (World of Speed) has a centerline painted on the course which keeps me aligned.


 on: April 21, 2019, 09:02:12 AM 
Started by velocity - Last post by Cris Shearer
Sorry to hear you are on your last run.  We have felt privileged to have been there for you on the salt.  Your long course salty friends.  Ed & Cris Shearer 

 on: April 21, 2019, 07:50:58 AM 
Started by wobblywalrus - Last post by ggl205
About a couple of weeks ago I looked for something in the top drawer of a tall roll-around tool box.  Then I looked in the bottom drawer for something else and stood up and hit my head against the bottom of the top drawer.  A day or two later I was having a hard time focusing on a weld at about 11:30 AM.  Then I took the dog for a walk in the park at noon.  One eye was starting to go blind.  Immediately I went to the eye doctor.  It is a delaminated retina and they did surgery two days later.  Part of the process was draining the goo outta the eyeball and going inside with lasers.  Then the orb was filled with nitrous oxide.

One eyed welding is awful.  All I can do now is to tack things together.  The gas inside the eye messes up the focus and I cannot run a decent bead.  Now the eye is half full of water and I can see fine through it.  It is like being a frog with half the vision below water and the other half above.  The eye is getting better and maybe it will be back to normal in a week or so.       

Bo, from one retina separation sufferer to another, it ain't no fun. I had that gas proceedure too and was supposed to keep my head tilted so the bubble could put pressure on the damaged area. I felt like a walking bubble level. Again, no fun. Prior to the separation, I had both retinas welded more times than it took to build my car. I asked the doc if blows to the head (I had several really bad ones) caused the detachment. He said no, I just have thin retinas. Who knows when it will happen again. I feel for you, man.


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