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 on: September 19, 2018, 05:06:11 PM 
Started by SaltFlatBike - Last post by John Noonan
Still available?

 on: September 19, 2018, 03:52:53 PM 
Started by Rex Schimmer - Last post by Duke

One question; how did the car handle compare to the year before?


This was one of the positive things from the meet.  As we were running on the long course, I had a chance to get quite a bit more seat time in the car as compared to Speed Week last year.  The handling was VERY stable.  So much so that when we blew a front tire on our last run, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't looked at the wheel and seen that the tire was off the bead!  I'm bet that some of this can be attributed to the better salt as compared to last year,  but I am sure that most of the improvement has to do with the work that my dad did on the rear axle over the winter.

Another thing that worked well was the new shift linkage.  Last year the shifter used a morse cable, and pretty much felt like you were shifting through mud.  I was surprised every time I caught a gear on the first try.  I also had to use the clutch to shift, which made them pretty slow.  With the new linkage that I made over the winter I was able to bang gears with a little lift off the throttle and no clutch...such a nice feeling compared to how it was before.

As my dad said, we have a solid list of "to do's" before next year.  I hope that we can get done what needs to get done and actually be able to get somewhere near the record.

 on: September 19, 2018, 02:48:31 PM 
Started by ggl205 - Last post by Happy Pappy
^^^^ditto ^^^^.

 on: September 19, 2018, 02:17:09 PM 
Started by woz - Last post by Rex Schimmer
The Flashpoint car was next to us in the pits and I had the opportunity to check it over after its crash. The chassis is built especially strong and did not appear to have any sever structural damage, obviously it will need a tear down and inspection but it "looked" straight. Lots of brackets and minor parts where destroyed including both of the wings and their supports. All of the body panels are junk. Bob had what appeared to be a helmet induced bruise above his eyes and I will bet he was sore! I was really impressed on his qualifying run, 451 out the back that thing really has some motor! So glad to see him walk away from the crash, a comment to their design and fabrication ability and to the SCTA safety rules.


 on: September 19, 2018, 01:59:16 PM 
Started by Rex Schimmer - Last post by ggl205
Rex, one thing I have learned about LSR; you ALWAYS have a list of things to do or change no matter how well prepared you think you are and that list continues until you hang up,your driving shoes.

One question; how did the car handle compare to the year before?


 on: September 19, 2018, 01:26:22 PM 
Started by Rex Schimmer - Last post by Rex Schimmer
Glen, It was great seeing you and especially great to hear you announcing from the timing stand. Sounds like the meets for old.

OK now for the "real" story
We finally got the ignition to work, maybe, but the car would fire up and sounded pretty good. We made 6 runs (I think) each one just a little bit faster but none of them close enough to get John and Stainless,the Bockcar boys , to concerned about their I fuel lakester record. Our best speed was in the low 160 range, it would pull to 8000 and then just lay down and we needed to be seeing 11,000. It did seem to respond some what to main return jet changes which has started me to thinking that we may have a fuel pump problem. Which goes along with our plan for next year which is to send all of the Kinsler injection stuff back for an over haul. I am thinking that maybe the pump is laying down on us. Our other thinking is to up date the ignition, probably with new, and different coils and moving it from its present position, mounted in the "dark hole" on top the the transmission case, and move it to some place back on the chassis. It cannot be good for the ignition box to be bolted directly to the vibrating and hot engine. Also with the ignition mounted on Lord mounts and out in the open we might actually be able to work on it! We are also going to a new coil set up probably the Ford coils that are popular and mostly more rugged. We are also going to pull the motor and send it back to Engine Dynamics to have them just do a good look through as we did run a little lean one time. Then we are going to run it on some sort of dyno, don't know exactly were or what kind of dyno, I would prefer a real engine dyno Duke really doesn't care, but we want to be close on both the barrel valve and the main jet and ignition timing before we run again next year.  Duke and I are both making lists of "things to do for 2019" and we will discuss and combine the lists over the next few weeks.

Some things we learned at the WOS:
1. Many people have said this and it is SOOO TRUE: It ain't as easy as it looks!! and that is a real "No $hit" saying. We thought we were ready and we weren't even close.
2. Be ready when you get there. Spending 2 days of only 4 race days chasing an electric gremlin is not the plan.
3. We thought we brought every thing and if it wasn't for our good friend, Steve Nelson, we would literally not have been able to run. More pre meet planning is needed especially for pit operation.
4. Having Duke for my partner is so special as he is smart, detail oriented, and works like a dog!! Even after what we both would have called a not very successful meet we still can still say we had a great time!

Duke and I talked this morning before he left for work and he thinks that we should do both the SCTA and the WOS meets so we will get a chance to redeem ourselves

It was a great time, meet Tom Borcher, AKA the Koncretekid, what a great guy but I think that he needs to change is name to Mr. 149.99. His class record is 150.17 and he ran 149.991! So close.
I saw Neil's (manta22) black beast there and think he got a run but I never got time to go over and talk him. Next time I saw it was on the trailer in the hotel parking lot. Sorry I missed you Neil!

Time to get things cleaned up and the car unloaded. The salt was so hard that my truck hardly has anything on it!!


 on: September 19, 2018, 12:50:09 PM 
Started by QikNip - Last post by gnomenator
WOW! What a year on the salt!! I think we all owe a great BIG  THANK-YOU  to Monte, Carlos,BJ, all the new starters , and every person connected to the effort that is put out every year so us 'adult-children' can come out and play !! In my short(11  yrs) time on the salt, I would say this was one of the biggest and best events!! Everything when pretty darn smooth and the USFRA people deserve our graditute for a job well done.  cheers :cheers:THANKS to all! See ya next year ! cheers

 on: September 19, 2018, 12:46:50 PM 
Started by woz - Last post by desotoman
Congratulations Team Vesco on the record and fantastic speeds you attained especially in the 2 1/4.  cheers cheers cheers cheers

Sorry to hear about Flashpoint crashing. Glad to see Bob is OK. Wish the tire would have stayed up to get the record. Here is to hoping the chassis and motor are not hurt to bad, and that you will be back.

Congratulations to all of the other racers who set records at WOS.

Tom G.

 on: September 19, 2018, 12:15:42 PM 
Started by typo41 - Last post by desotoman

After Sunday, the Sales trailer stopped taking our calendar, it was not that we ran out, in fact we increased the print run knowing how great the salt was going to be. They stopped because they got a boat-load of the Ron Main/Jim Leggitt, color page calendars to which each photo page placement was sold to the teams.


Did you bring this up at the last board meeting, and if so what did they have to say? You do give the SCTA a percentage of the sales correct?

We do NOT (I just caught this typo)  'sell' placement into our calendar, (just ask my account) we select photos based on team effort and good images. We also don't share on Social Media to get pat on the backs. We struggle to place what we think is correct, and we wait until the racers 'find' themselves. The smiles from the teams just warm our hearts, but if they knew they would be in, it would be anti-climatic.

I applaud you for your standards on the calendar. That is the way it should be.

Tom G.

PS. I personally will not buy a book or calendar that people have paid to be in. That whole idea is just disgusting IMO.

 on: September 19, 2018, 12:10:57 PM 
Started by 4-barrel Mike - Last post by floydjer
Marybeth introduced me to her  brother who had flown in from Europe for a visit...I asked if she met him at the airport and she said...." No...I`ve known him since he was born"

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