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 on: Today at 10:26:23 AM 
Started by gkabbt - Last post by manta22

"Monster sponsored Speedweek for a while, but do any of us have it in their fridge, or even an empty can rolling around on the floor of their car or garage?"

Yes, their sponsorship worked on me. Now I'm addicted to Monster Absolutely Zero. Good stuff. Maybe their big black tent blowing away in a windstorm that last year had something to do with their dropping sponsorship... or maybe not.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

 on: Today at 10:22:44 AM 
Started by gkabbt - Last post by Seldom Seen Slim
Ransom:  How cool of you to have managed to gather some "real" support.  You've gotta be one of the few that have had so much success.

Most of us have heard of the "big" names you mention, but that your local shop gives you so much is worthy of some note.  Thanks for telling us.

 cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

 on: Today at 09:52:12 AM 
Started by gkabbt - Last post by RansomT
Hmmm?  I now starting to realized how blessed I am as it pertains to LSR sponsorships.  I am associated with a individually owned small motorcycle performance shop here in Lexington (H&H Racing).  The shop has 1 full time employee (owner/mechanic), 1 part time-me (the tuner/electronics), and that's it. Small jobs like tire mounting tires, machining, etc.. is farmed out, but only under the careful watch of the owner.

At any given time in the shop, other than my LSR bikes, we have 2,3,4 or more bikes that LSR.  Granted a lot more drag bikes are worked on, but an LSR presences is in the shop.

Other than H&H Racing listed above, I have 2 other sponsors that directly or indirectly help pay for actual racing expenses outside of products; Ignite Race Fuels and KPMI (Kibble White).  I have 4 sponsors that "give me at no cost" products that I actually use; Brock Davidson Performance (whole bunch of stuff), Tiger Racing, Alisyn Oil, and Wizard of NOS.  Then I have 5 sponsors that I purchase products/services from that are greatly discounted (below dealer) Galfer USA, Worldwide Bearings, Vortex, Rider’s Discount, and Cooper Performance.

 on: Today at 09:37:36 AM 
Started by JimL - Last post by floydjer
Snap-On for wood workers...All tongue and groove work.................................

 on: Today at 09:36:57 AM 
Started by 27D/MFR - Last post by jet966
...and if I'm reading this right, it's a 'Fee Free Day':

-Glen 966B

 on: Today at 08:37:43 AM 
Started by JimL - Last post by Seldom Seen Slim
Did those dykes come from -- ready for this - Snap On Tools? cheers cheers cheers cheers

 on: Today at 08:29:44 AM 
Started by JimL - Last post by floydjer
So...I`m guessing you and those dykes got that fixed lickety-split.............

 on: Today at 08:28:44 AM 
Started by floydjer - Last post by floydjer
What would you name a camel with no hump???...Humphrey..

 on: Today at 07:44:34 AM 
Started by arieb - Last post by arieb
Hello all,

I have been looking into the history of the various Arfons Green Monsters, at least the Land Speed Record ones rather than the drag racing cars, and am stuck on one single "sponsor decal" where I have been unable to find any picture clearly and legibly showing that particular oval logo.

The one I am talking about is on the right side of the car on one of the rear panels of the cockpit (where the cockpit slopes down towards the body) just above the Ed Snyder name.
On the left side of the cars the same spot shows the Mobil flying Pegasus, and on some fuzzy pictures the one on the right looks like a shield on two crossed flags. Saying that makes me think of the USAC logo, but it is not the same as the USAC logo I know of in 1965. I have attached a couple of the photos that I do have.

I am aware that a lot of these logo's were handpainted and could differ from the official version. I am looking for a clear and legible picture of that one detail and I hope someone may be able to help me out here!
Thanks in advance for any help!

 on: Today at 06:56:34 AM 
Started by gkabbt - Last post by fordboy628

Did you seriously just use the term ROI and Land Speed Sponsorship in the same sentence? If there were even a 1% ROI we'd all have sponsors. 

Yeah, I seriously used ROI and LSR in the same paragraph.  grin

I actually sat through a panel discussion at PRI a few years ago, touting the financial potential of Bonneville to those in the racing industry.  "Landspeed Louise" wrote an article about it a few months back in the PRI trade magazine.

I suppose if you run a 400+ mph car, a sponsor might be interested in associating with your effort - but I walked away from the discussion and the article unconvinced. 

For every LSR engine a shop sees, they'll see dozens, if not hundreds, or possibly thousands of drag, road racing, dirt track or modified street engines come and go through their shops.

I'm always amazed when anybody gets a sponsorship deal in this sport, and here's why -

Think about the demographic of an average Land Speed Racer.  Most are permitted the privilege of ordering discounted breakfast specials at Denny's.  Is this a demographic anyone other than a supplemental Medicare insurer would want to capture? 

When was the last time any of us bought a product because we were made aware of it via an LSR event?  I think it's safe to say that the Big 10 Championship game at Lucas Stadium has done more to raise awareness of Lucas petroleum products than LSR.

Monster sponsored Speedweek for a while, but do any of us have it in their fridge, or even an empty can rolling around on the floor of their car or garage?

Start with Bonneville - world renowned - and held in higher regard overseas than in the States.  To that point, the ONLY sponsorship interest I was even remotely able to draw into a sit-down was a brewer in England.  That ended abruptly when I explained the BLM wouldn't likely countenance a beer-vendor at the event.

Why would a company offer up cash to support an entry into an event seen by fewer than 10,000 people in a busy year, half of whom are associated with other participants, when that event is spread out over 30 square miles of inhospitable wasteland, on 3 or 4 separate courses, and not even broadcast on a 3rd tier cable network, nor accurately covered by media in any form, save Slim's webcast?  Did I mention that most of the spectators leave after the second day of a seven-day event?  Did I mention that the surface is deteriorating?  Did I mention that it's been rained out twice in the last 4 years, with no possibility of rescheduling?

I'm a fan of ECTA events, but realistically, any potential for a sponsor decreases precipitously when you move to a track without an established pedigree or cache.  Bonneville's been around for 100+ years - Wilmington came and went in five.

And as nice as Wilmington was, any given 1/3 mile clay oval in any Midwestern state on any given Friday night will outdraw an ECTA event.

There's just not enough pairs of eyes to warrant the expense. 

So yeah - I think LSR is largely unsponsorable - and I am happy for those who have worked the magic of convincing anybody that there is any potential ROI in this sport.

OK . . .   Sooo, this is what I know, in order.    Based on my experience of 46+ years in various segments of the "Racing Engine Industry".

I sat through the same "discussion".   My impression was that the speaker(s) knew little about the financial realities of running the "average" racing engine shop, ie, they were marketing people.    Successful sponsorship at the lower levels is dependent on ROI.     If there is no ROI for a small business, THERE IS NO REASON TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY "PROGRAM".     Big corporations, different deal.    BUT, my experience is that "they" want ROI also.    Corporations only provide "free lunches" to their employees, and not so much anymore.    It's about "belt-tightening" and "profit-taking".     Go figure . . . . .

40+ years into my "career" and I had never seen, or had firsthand contact with an LSR effort, UNTIL CHRIS CONTACTED ME.    And that contact was just a "shot in the dark" seeking rare information.

In the majority of shops where I've been, there is NO LSR presence.   NONE.    And in the shop where I currently am, which is drag and street centric, THE ONLY LSR PROJECT IS THE ONE CHRIS & I "DRAGGED IN".   They are happy to be associated with a record setting effort, but there just is not enough business available to chase the "local" competitors.   And I'm talking competitors from a 3/4 state area here.  They have drag customers that come to their shop from as far away as Georgia and Florida.    Now I know that there are several LSR efforts in Wisconsin and Illinois.    What engine shops are they using? ? ?

It's not like they were unaware of LSR, AND, Bonneville is held in high regard.    BUT, their only exposure was to the top end, high dollar efforts in magazines and perhaps on WIDE WORLD of SPORTS.  And let's face it, those efforts are either concentrated in southern California or in small "pockets" of LSR activity scattered across the country.

And as far as camping is concerned, I did it when I was younger.   Now my old bones cry out for a shower and a comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of a day in the "wilderness".    If you think I'm cranky normally, you don't want a piece of me after a restless night!!!

JMO and 2¢ . . . . .

 cheers  Dead Horse

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