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LSR General Chat / Re: Other International Sites
« Last post by stay`tee on Today at 03:11:45 PM »
And the Dry Lake Racers Australia are holding their 30th Speedweek event on Lake Gairdner in South Australia, March 2020,,

Already a proven LandSpeed venue  8-)
El Mirage General Chat / Re: El Mirage October November 2019
« Last post by racergeo on Today at 02:58:37 PM »
  John Wylie put a couple videos he made this week at El Mirage on YouTube. These are the best overview of the track and the whole racing experience including in car footage that I have ever seen. I hope you guys check it out and give him a thumbs up. :cheers:
Health, Welfare, and Passings / Re: Rob Freyvogel/Carbiliner #496
« Last post by SPARKY on Today at 12:38:50 PM »
Linda and I were in New Castle Pa Thursday through Sat  for a mine family reunion I had several family members ask about Rob who lives right down the road!! They knew we both  raced on the Salt!!
Health, Welfare, and Passings / Re: Rob Freyvogel/Carbiliner #496
« Last post by tauruck on Today at 11:34:06 AM »
Thanks Sue. We're praying.
LSR General Chat / Re: Other International Sites
« Last post by RichFox on Today at 11:00:15 AM »
I have heard many times that there is a much better salt flat on the other side of the Silver Mountains. But no good way to get there. Although Western Pacific laid railroad tracks there. Never seen it myself, But if so it seems easier to pioneer a road then go to the India/ Pakistan border to run. (Hint. Bring your AK)
Here's the newest post from Sue Freyvogel:

I was searching the YouTube archives for something to post today, and thought some of you may enjoy this video from Century of Speed. I believe from January 2014. My apologies, I do not know who produced the video so I cannot credit them. It was not Carbinite LSR. Feel free to add the producer to the comments if you know, I like to give credit where credit is due! It?s a bit on the longer side and does show a few other cars that were at this event.

Late last evening, the wintery weather hit the area of Salt Lake City where I went to get out of the hospital for a while. That slushy rain-snow mix was falling, and the cold was chilling to the bone. I felt for the folks that were at the college football game! The weather is not much better at home, which is okay since we aren?t quite ready to transfer there anyway.

Rob had a head CT on Friday to check if the drains placed last Monday had done their job. The doctors were pleased with the results and clamped the drains. He will need another head CT, probably tomorrow, to see if the fluid is accumulating again. Then next steps will be decided after seeing that CT. Temperature is back down to normal with the addition of antibiotics to his treatment regime.

 Still opening his eyes a good deal of the time. Not moving his arms yet. We have seen more movements of his legs, particularly the right leg. Primarily reflex movements, but we have noticed a few times that he SEEMS to be moving the right leg on command. Not enough to say with absolute certainty, but I will take it!

The prayers from around the world are moving this mountain! Slowly we are seeing progress, and each little step forward keeps my hopes up. The steps back can be expected, and I have been praying for patience and courage for all of us that are involved in Rob?s journey as we experience the ups and downs. God has been providing all that I need on a daily basis ? sometimes minute by minute. For that, and for each of you, I am thankful.

Sue and Family
LSR General Chat / Re: Other International Sites
« Last post by Malcolm UK on Today at 04:08:17 AM »
The report on Andy Green's world site inspection in 2008 was written up by the 1K Club in their newsletter. The project was looking for an alkali mud playa, but Andy did go to many salt flats. No mention of India or North Africa. He and the team researched 30 sites and 8 were in the USA. The David Tremayne book on Bloodhound "The Science behind the Speed" contains a chapter which names some of the locations visited. Remember that Bloodhound is 'free rolling' vehicle on metal wheels, not a 'Bonneville' wheel driven entrant.
LSR General Chat / Re: Other International Sites
« Last post by Malcolm UK on Today at 03:59:33 AM »
I organised a single vehicle speed record attempt on the Chott in Tunisia in May 2005 for Primetime Land Speed Engineering, who took their electric streamliner e=motion on a trailer all the way from the UK. We broke a ten year drought in the area (for which we received thanks at an Embassy reception in the Capitol) and the track just broke up. Tozeur is the nearest 'City' and had a great hotel complex.
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