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Title: Bike Tech at Opening Event
Post by: MiltonP on February 25, 2018, 10:05:53 AM
Hi folks!  Look forward to seeing you soon.  I don't know if Steve has lined up any new bike techs but I will be 'keeping my promise' and will be working tech for at least the first event.  I am pretty sure at least a few of our other past techs plan to be at the event.  Just a few items I wanted to note, based on the old rules, for those planning to run;

Safety comes first and evidence of your intention to be safe matters.  We grant single-event waivers on various items but if you show up without having made any effort on the important items, you won't be running if they can't be corrected at the track.

Safe riding gear is critical.  Helmets should be Snell or ECE certified, not just DOT, either 2010 or 2015.  Gloves should be full leather and over the cuff, not shorties and some slider protection is desirable.  The track is not grooved and shouldn't catch nubs.  Boots should be 8" high.  We have allowed work boots but I think they are poor choices between the laces and the tall toe sections.  Leathers should be one piece or have a full circumference zipper.  Going 175 plus should have a back protector that is more substantial than a trimmed piece of foam pad.  Please don't show up at line with your favorite 30 year old shredded gloves and boots.

The bike.  Most important items are good working brake(s) and properly rated tires for your class that are no older than ten years.  Steel valve stems, not steel sleeves over rubber stems, are required at 175 and up and smart at any speed.

The two items that require some real effort are kill tethers and chain guards.  I never waived ignition kill tethers.  They should to be positioned for the pin to release easily, 45 degrees vertical to the rear.  Chain guards should extend to the rear far enough for a board perpendicular to the ground to touch them.  The board should hit the sprocket first.  It should extend forward as far as possible over exposed chain if there isn't solid framework there.  It should be solid and sturdy meeting the 3/32 steel or 1/8 Alum specs.  If you made an effort, you can get waived on some aspect but don't show up with no evidence of an effort.

If anything I have posted doesn't jibe with the new management they should feel free to post both here and on the Facebook page where I will repeat this.