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Title: 2018 Schedule
Post by: bearingburner on October 23, 2017, 11:11:36 AM
Any thoughts on a 2018 Schedule?

Title: Re: 2018 Schedule
Post by: edinlr on October 26, 2017, 01:05:16 PM
Here's some initial talk from their Facebook page.

"The biggest problem with a May event is the overnight temperatures are very low. Limestone Me. at 46.90*N is further north than Fargo ND 46.87*N, Montreal 45.50*N, Quebec 46.82*N, Halifax 44.64*N. The nesting period locks us out from Mid May thru Mid July. Last year it snowed after Memorial Day which really eliminates the spring event as too inclement. Under consideration for the Maine Event is to request approval for the week after July 4th. That would be July 12th-16th. Harvest Event August 30th-September 2nd."

With the new events her in Arkansas, it will be hard for me to opt for a 1600+ mile trip each way, than for an easy three hour drive to Blytheville.  For anyone living in the south or west of Pittsburg, the Arkansas venue will be much closer than Loring.

Title: Re: 2018 Schedule
Post by: RidgeRunner on October 27, 2017, 08:11:29 AM
     I'm not a facebooker, so a big thanks for the link.  It helps in planning on how much time we have and how deep to dig into the car before the first meet of next season for it.  

     Much as I'm looking forward to getting down to Arkansas [never been down that way before and it's only 1/2 the distance to Bonneville], reality says the car needs a lot more improvements to make any long tows worthwhile.

     Looking forward to the next Loring whenever that might be.