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Title: Bonneville Motorcycle Records
Post by: Dean Los Angeles on August 26, 2006, 01:58:01 PM
From the unofficial Bonneville records. Sorted by speed.

Number Entry Name                         Engine  Body      OldRec   NewRec   Driver/Bike
1150B  Arrow Williams                     500CC   S-BF      211.400  214.979  Honda
6171B  Beairsto Racing                    1650CC  APS-G     206.915  212.096  Suzuki
268B   Joe Amo / Team Amo                 1000CC  APS-BF    205.689  207.173  Kawasaki
731B   Falkner Livingston                 1350CC  APS-F     199.153  205.965  Suzuki
2145B  Spyke Bob Moreland                 UNLIM   APS-PG    179.619  203.687  H/D
1164B  Scott Guthrie Racing               1650CC  A-BF      182.754  200.199  Suzuki
6411B  Scott Guthrie Racing               1650CC  A-BG      168.227  193.963  Suzuki
615B   Cycle Barn - Falkner / Livingston  1650CC  P-P       189.312  191.802  Honda
641B   Scott Guthrie Racing               1350CC  A-BG      0        190.912  Suzuki
935B   RH Leppan                          1000CC  P-P       182.759  185.882  Agusta
3555B  Tri-pod                            2000CC  SC-PBG    168.196  174.868  H/D
276B   D. Randall Parker                  750CC   P-P       162.969  170.974  Suzuki
7896B  S & S Cycle Perkins                2000CC  A-PG      165.496  169.966  S & S
1896B  S & S Cycle - Perkins              2000CC  A-PF      157.010  169.309  S & S
67B    Yankee Engineuity                  750CC   A-PF      163.623  167.542  H/D
854B   Bob Moreland Crew                  1650CC  SC-G      0        166.463  Suzuki
930B   Speranza Racing                    1350CC  SC-PF     152.713  153.748  H/D
650B   Falkner Livingston                 650CC   MPS-BG    0        153.191  Honda
5050B  Costella Compton                   125CC   S-F       137.399  151.481  Swede Tech
966B   Wheel Tramps RS250                 250CC   A-G       138.075  142.824  Honda
6091B  Goldwing Lyon Kim                  2000CC  M-BF      128.595  140.295  Honda
620B   Texas Rocket                       3000CC  P-P       0        139.132  Triumph
9666B  Wheel Tramps RS250                 250CC   A-F       130.898  138.075  Honda
7127B  MPH Racing                         750CC   MPS-PBG   136.127  136.997  BMW
448B   Wally Kohler                       750CC   SC-G      127.555  135.686  Suzuki
3351B  Bonneville Bobber                  1350CC  A-VG      0        132.338  H/D
3358B  Bonneville Bobber                  1350CC  MPS-VF    0        130.960  H/D
1448B  Gary McMillan                      750CC   SC-F      110.613  130.871  Suzuki
609B   Goldwing Lyon Bobbie               2000CC  M-BG      0        129.629  Honda
3350B  Bonneville Bobber                  1350CC  APS-VG    0        128.241  H/D
1358B  Bonneville Bobber                  1350CC  A-VF      0        127.931  H/D
1127B  MPH Racing                         750CC   SC-PBG    0        126.954  BMW
408B   Full House Mouse 2                 650CC   A-VF      113.873  124.176  H/D
1921B  Paul Friebus                       1000CC  APS-VG    120.905  121.363  H/D
227B   Tim Cyrus & Family                 350CC   MPS-PG     98.443  121.267  H/D
746B   Broken Spoke Special               1000CC  A-VG      119.585  120.504  Indian
1931B  Paul Friebus                       1000CC  APS-VF    0        119.929  H/D
271B   R. Nelson MDR Airtech              500CC   A-PBG     0        119.382  Honda
435B   Seldom Seen Slim                   250CC   APS-BF    0        116.076  Kawasaki
1478B  Seldon Seen Slim                   250CC   A-BF      0        113.987  Kawasaki
931B   Paul Friebus                       1000CC  A-VF      0        110.360   H/D
1227B  Tim Cyrus & Family                 350CC   M-PG      98.443   108.106  H/D
1547B  McGuire HD Special                 350CC   APS-PG    0        101.365  H/D
7301B  Kenneth A. Leaf                    500CC   A-PG      83.066   99.778   Buell
7302B  Kenneth A. Leaf                    500CC   A-P  1    0        98.208   Buell
1599B  Wheel Tramps BSA                   500CC   SC-VF     77.461   83.148   1948 BSA
1371B  William Paolovcin                  1350CC  P-PV      0        81.620    Indian
599B   Wheel Tramps BSA                   500CC   SC-VG     51.819   81.582   BSA
5007B  David Anderson                     500CC   P-PV      0        81.398   BSA
948B   Zeglin - Moody                     250CC   A-VG      0        75.965   Triumph
1370B  William Paulovcin                  1350CC  SC-VG     0        75.639   Indian
732B   Lackey and Sperry                  750CC   APS-PBF   0        75.496   Triumph
6211B  Goldwing Lyon Bobbi                500CC   MPS-VBF   0        69.427   Triumph
621B   Goldwing Lyon Kim                  500CC   MPS-VBG   0        65.971   Triumph
571B   Darold Cummings                    100CC   MPS-PF    0        65.257   Gilera
574B   Darold Cummings                    100CC   MPS-PG    0        64.916   Gilera
576B   Darold Cummings                    100CC   M-PG      0        61.622   Gilera
579B   Darold Cummings                    100CC   M-PF      0        61.137   Gilera
1217B  Corporal Sam                       100CC   P-PP      48.718   54.190   Honda
1137B  William Paulovcin                  50CC    M-PF      0        53.782   Honda
137B   William Paulovcin                  50CC    M-PG      0        48.939   Honda
5293B  Langsam Express                    500CC   A-VG      0        35.299   Express
5292B  Sloan Express                      50CC    APS-VG    0        34.754   Express
5291B  Memory Lane Motors                 50CC    M-VG      0        34.243   Express

My hat's off to any one that sets a record. But I am also very competitive and wonder how many were quality records. The toughest one out there has to be the 50cc S-BF NSU record of 121.700 mph. It may not be able to be broken. The current safety rules would make any attempt a pretty heavy vehicle for 3 cubic inches.

I look at all of the records for that cc class and the ones above and below to see how competitive the record is. I also look at the car streamliner records to see how the same cc class does.

Interesting to note that out of 64 records, 33 were running against no record. 45 records were pushrod, vintage or sidecar.

5 records were more than 20 mph faster than the exisiting.

Paul Friebus broke the record by .458 mph. That's cutting it close!

I'm not dinging anybodys record. It's tough to break any record, and if you want to build something for a class with no record, great. Let someone else go out there and try to break it. I broke an existing record years ago and then we sat down and looked at the record book for an open record, and set that one too.

The Arrow Williams record is the fastest of the week. Cool to see 500cc going over 200. But my competitive nature wonders how 40 years of technology and a turbocharger is only 2 mph faster than the 1958 Triumph 500cc S-F record. The Lingua Brothers K/BFS streamliner (that's a car mind you) went 223 in 1991. There's a high water mark for you.

Same thing about Ack Attack going 338. Absolutely amazing. They will break the record yet.

The team is lucky that Jack Costella and Rick Yacoucci aren't trying for the record. Jack! Are you listening?

351 mph with a car on 2000cc, 331 on 1500cc, 313 on 1000cc. Stunning. The first two on gas. Just three of a bunch of records they hold.

Instead of setting obscure car records that only the landracing nuts know about Jack and Rick should break the absolute motorcycle record that everybody knows about.

Jack! Are you listening?

Title: M/C records
Post by: Seldom Seen Slim on August 26, 2006, 02:51:41 PM
How competitive is are the records we set?  Well, first of all, if getting trophies for the mantelpiece is important, we did the right thing -- we found open records and ran on them.  Four runs = two records = two trophies.  So yeah, we chose "easy" targets.

But then, we managed to go faster on the return run in each class, so we used what we learned from the first run and applied that on the second one.  When you qualify on an open record and all you have to do is putt-putt-putt down the course (saving the motor) on the return -- putting a few additional percent on the first run shows we were trying to do better, not JUST get trophies.

There's more to our madness than just getting pretty hardware, though.  We've got some long-term goals, and we need to work towards them.  We did so, successfully, and we learned at least as much as we hoped we'd learn this time, and even made some progress in other aspects of the effort to achieve the goals (I speak guardedly here -- don't want to let too many cats out of the bag).  We might have been able to pick up a bit/bunch more speed at SpeedWeek with lots more parts to swap out and lots more runs -- but we went home with a running bike in the trailer, not a broken one from trying one thing too many.

We had a fine time, we got to see just about all of our friends, we enjoyed the ambience of Woderful Wendover, and we set some records.  Most people never get a chance to set a record.  End.

Title: Bonneville Motorcycle Records
Post by: joea on August 26, 2006, 03:04:13 PM
I thought  the Arrow bike fell and didnt get the time
in the correct mile.........

fastest of the week...............looking at results......

Ack bike liner went overf 320mph for many miles....
338+ exit speed........possibly fastest timed run
EVER for a bike..................

there was  999cc  siton bike that went over 246.........245 +
for 2 miles............

so trying to compare other years and events/conditions to
only select runs this  year is tough.........there is always
more to the story..............

Title: bonneville motorcycle records
Post by: Glen on August 26, 2006, 03:16:19 PM
The Arrow team did not get a record. They qualified in the las t mile and crashed in the last mile on the back up run. You cannot use two different miles to avg. the record.

Title: Re: Bonneville Motorcycle Records
Post by: JohnR on August 26, 2006, 03:26:23 PM
Quote from: Dean Los Angeles

5293B  Langsam Express                    500CC   A-VG      0        35.299   Express

That one is a typo. It was a 50cc and Yacoucci was riding it. Looks like he was trying for the outright slowest bike record and just missed it.

Title: Bonneville Motorcycle Records
Post by: joea on August 26, 2006, 06:10:19 PM

a 250 cc OPEN bike on GAS set a higher record than:

a 2000cc open bike blown on fuel...........
a 3000cc production bike............
a 750cc partially streamlined, pushrod blown .......
a 1350 cc partially streamlined vintage on fuel...........

these folks recieve a certificate that says "world land speed record"..........

this speaks to current motorcycle class proliferation, and motorcycle
rules changes/class changes/records getting shuffled around in a manner
that is ludicrous.........and also speaks to rationale behind 2 club trying
to maintain integrity of what the club stands for.............

some say any record is a tremendous achievement...........

its an achievment........the degree of which is in the eye of the

Joe :)

Title: joea and Scott - Just for the Record
Post by: JackD on August 26, 2006, 10:00:44 PM
Seem to have some ideas that are going to be part of their records and should be part of your learning curve.
That is where the roots are safe and not under a rock. :wink: