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Author Topic: Top Speed Shootout - Unofficial Run Logs  (Read 11330 times)

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Top Speed Shootout - Unofficial Run Logs
« on: September 23, 2008, 11:23:09 AM »
The players:


 #    Team                                               Pilot           Class
      Buckeye Bullet II (H2 fusion) - Car
411   Burkland family 'liner - Car                       Tom Burkland
      Mormon Missile (Duramax diesel-powered 'liner)     Andy Green
998   Nish Family 'liner - Car                           (currently down - swallowed a valve)
715   Speed Demon - Poteet/Main - Car                    George Poteet   F/BFS


 #    Team                                               Pilot           Class
      EZ Hook
899   Top 1 Ack Attack - Bike                            Rocky Robinson  S-BG
1320  Full Blast Engineering/Kuryakyn - Bike             Leo Hess        S-PF3000

The following is an unofficial list of the runs being made. This information is being derived from the on site reports in this thread. These are not the official event results just what is being seen and reported from the pits!

                                                   Entry     Kilo     Mile      Exit
Date     Time    Vehicle                           Speed     Speed    Speed     Speed   
22-Sep   14:06   Speed Demon                       381.000   386.28   386.199   390.560 
Status: Qualifying run - some smoke from
engine in pits & front tire change needed

22-Sep   15:03   Speed Demon                                          ?? ? ??           
Status: Shut down at the six, smoke coming from 
the car. Confirmed fire damage at engine, lots of melted
wires & such. Engine inspected for record certification
Record "unofficially" reported at 345.522 mph!

22-Sep   16:35   Mormon Missile                    234.000   227.57   227.529   227.717
Status: Broken belt, no return run today.

22-Sep   17:51   Burkland family 'liner            267.000   260.00   260.000   253.000

23-Sep   08:50   Top 1 Ack Attack Bike             336.872   325.49   325.105   312.954
Status: Running on 350 record didn't qualify.
Hit by wind gust, leaned hard to miss
lights/sign shut down early.

23-Sep   09:17   Full Blast Engineering/Kuryakyn   175.260   180.59   179.408   179.786
Status: Shut off at 7, back under power then
engine off coast down.

23-Sep   11:35   Top 1 Ack Attack
Status: Slowed at 4 mile, no times reported. Vehicle being checked for possible repeat run

23-Sep   11:35   Mormon Missile
Status: Started at 10 1/2 then stopped. Pulled body panels for quick check. Awaiting possible rerun.

23-Sep   12:15   Mormon Missile                    292.111   300.47    300.211   307.919   
Status: Shut down at the five. Looks good!

23-Sep   12:50   Mormon Missile                    310.      308.075   307.876   321.   
Status: Pilot; Curtis Halverson
"That should do it!" 200 Club 300 Chapter,
Dan Warner reports that the prior SCTA
engine seal is still good for the record!

23-Sep   13:23   Top 1 Ack Attack                  341.186   342.720   342.766   344.510
Status: Successful run. Bike in pit.
Dan Warner in route to witness turn around prep.

23-Sep   14:01   EZ Hook - Sam Wheeler             311.114   336.331
Status: Shut down early, chute out on course
(Shake out run?)

23-Sep   14:57   Full Blast Engineering/Kryakyn
Status: Bike coasted to the 6 1/2 couldn't get it to shift.

23-Sep   15:22   End of Day
Runs are done for the day. No teams are prepared to run at this time. Runs will resume in the morning.

                                                   Entry     Kilo     Mile      Exit
Date     Time    Vehicle                           Speed     Speed    Speed     Speed

24-Sep   07:55   Top 1 Ack Attack                  333.      337.655   338.503   346
Status: Successful run. Bike in pit.
Dan Warner in route to witness turn around prep.

24-Sep   09:45   Top 1 Ack Attack
Ack attempted a run. Only made it short distance and shut down with a drive train problem.  Bike will return to pits

24-Sep   10:45   Burkland family 'liner            389.375   403.     403.      417.172
Status: Little chute opened, big chute did not! 
Booking past the pits at about 100 (it looked like). 
Tom revving the dickens out of the motor trying to
get into lower gear to stop it. Darn near locked
'em up trying to stop.  Stopped about a quarter
mile from the zero.  LOTS OF EXCITEMENT!
Engines wouldn't shut down, so Tom waited --
then made the decision to stick a fire extinguisher
into the air scoop, squeeze the trigger,
and that stopped the engines.
Going to make a try at the 1 hour turn around.

24-Sep   11:06   Mormon Missile                    288.      299.153   296.415
Status: Chute out in measured mile.
Slow roll off but seems fine.

24-Sep   11:24   EZ Hook - Sam Wheeler             352.278
Status: Chute out in middle of timed mile.
Went off course and didn't trip the lights on the
way out, so the run was aborted. Reportedly
had to veer off course due to being on fire.
Speed of 352 makes his run the third fastest bike run ever

24-Sep   11:53   Mormon Missile                    342.879   334.      334.034   
Status: Chute out at seven, appears on fire
Rescue rolling. Driver out of car. The driver, Lynn Goodfellow,
was flown to SLC burn center with burns to the hands and head.
Reported to have 1st & 2nd degree burns with serious burns to
the back of his right hand. This run netted a record of about
315 MPH earning Lynn his blue hat with an entry to the 300 MPH
Chapter of the 200 MPH club!

24-Sep   15:34   Full Blast Engineering/Kuryakyn
Status: Bike under power then coasted down engine still running, turned out.

24-Sep   15:45   End of Day
Racing is done for the day.

                                                   Entry     Kilo     Mile      Exit
Date     Time    Vehicle                           Speed     Speed    Speed     Speed

25-Sep   08:40   Top 1 Ack Attack
Status: Bike slowed at the ten, stopped on track, engine off.

25-Sep   12:41   Speed Demon                       246.252   248.767   248.731   251.142
Status: Successful run.

25-Sep   13:10   Speed Demon                       245.698   248.220   248.178   250.566
Status: Successful run.

25-Sep   13:43   Speed Demon                       250.904   253.601   253.544
Status: Successful run.
Record speeds of 250.917 Kilo, 250.053 mile pending certification

25-Sep   17:05   Full Blast Engineering/Kuryakyn      
Status: Leo Hess piloting the bike attempted a run apparently didn't make it very far down the course and the bike reportedly went down. Preliminary reports are that Leo is out of the bike and conscious with a possible compound fracture(s) of the leg.

25-Sep   17:09   End of Day   
Runs are done for the day. Top 1 Ack Attack plans to run first thing in the morning pending favorable conditions.

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Re: Top Speed Shootout - Unofficial Run Logs
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2008, 01:37:04 PM »
The UNofficial mile record speed for the Speed Demon has been reported as 345.522 mph.  It's unofficial until certified by the FIA folks, and the number probably won't change -- but untio the certify it -- Ihave to use to "unofficial" word.
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